Why I Started Blogging

Writing this post is so surreal! It means I have a blog and that in itself is insane to me. When I decided to launch this particular blog, I had many questions. My biggest question was whether the blog-sphere was already too saturated. There are millions of blogs out there, it was important for me to know if there was space for me in the blogosphere. Would people care about what I write? Will people value my opinions? These are some of the many questions that ran through my mind when I decided to launch this blog. Eventually, I realized that starting a blog was more for me than it was for anyone else. This blog would be a tool for so many things for me and so at some point, putting in the effort to actually make it work was a no-brainer.

I first attempted blogging 6 years ago. I was actually a communication and journalism major and wanted to tell stories with the blog. I deleted the blog because I just wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to make of it. A few years later, I created another blog and deleted it soon after. Again, I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it or the fact that people were actually interested in reading what I was writing sorta freaked me out. I Created another blog in 2015/2016 and was actually interested in keeping it going, that blog eventually became ASAKEMI. So this blog has been in the making for about 6 years. Finally, we are here!

My main goal for 2017 was to grow as a person.  I wrote down a couple of things that I wanted to focus on, things that I believed would enable me to become a better version of myself. It included things like: be more creative, share more, read more, do more, inspire, aspire, Think, motivate, write more, etc. I knew to achieve these things,  I would need an avenue and explore and share. I considered youtube, but I knew that I am way too shy for the camera so blogging seemed most appealing.

Anyways, all that blah blah aside, here are the key reasons why I started blogging:

Be (more) creative: I was a creative child. I enjoyed drawing, knitting, sewing and just creating things. I have since lost some of that creativity or maybe it’s hiding somewhere and needs to be harnessed again. I knew that with this blog, I will be forced to do a lot of those things again. About a year ago, I fell in love with photography. I don’t plan to be a professional photographer, but I definitely want to indulge in everything photography. Taking pictures for this blog is definitely one of the avenues that’ll soothe and arouse my creative side. It’s amazing how much goes into making a good shot. The planning, actually shoot and then editing are some of the ways that’ll test and boost my creativity and I look forward to that.  Currently, I use both stock photos and some taken and edited on my iPhone. I am hoping to invest in a goooood camera and eventually use only photos planned, shot and edited by me for this blog. More so, the art of curating great content and collaborating with others is one I look to.

Step out of my comfort zone: Okay! I am a shy and introverted person who would walk through life alone rather than mingle and actually meet people. Knowing this, I figured blogging could help me in some way. I could be wrong but I somehow think blogging will take me out of my comfort zone and stepping outside my introverted bubble is something I am looking forward to. With this blog, it’s inevitable that I will be cultivating relationships. These relationships will be mutually beneficial thus pushing me to grow as a person. Being known freaks me out especially online where people you have never known can know so much about you. I try as best as I can to maintain some sort of anonymity but with this blog, I will be forced to not be as anonymous as I am comfortable being online. However, I have so far learned that I can still share meaningful contents and genuine opinions while protecting my private life like I want to without necessarily feeling like I am hiding or for fear of being judged.

To be a better writer: I love to write. When I was 14/15, I had envisioned writing my own book. I just enjoyed the art of writing but never felt encouraged to do so because I just didn’t think I was good at it. I still haven’t perfected my grammar (which can be awful at times) and all those intricate aspects of writing and. I have a bestie who is a writer. She writes so well and is so great with words. She has helped me edit a couple of essays, literally transforming the junk I send her to masterpieces. I KID YOU NOT. Check out “Oge Writes” here. I have lived long enough to know that practice does make perfect and so I realize that the more I write, the better I will be at it. Blogging seemed like the perfect tool for this. I could write not just for myself but for other people to read as well. With this blog, I hope to develop my own unique writing style.

Build Confidence: In order to actually share my experiences here, I have to be confident in the work that I am doing and the content that I am sharing. I know that through this blog, I’d get to meet people, forge relationships and share my opinions. These all require a great deal of confidence. To have people look to me for some info, and actually respect my thoughts on certain things, life choices, products etc is a confidence booster. This is not to be confused with depending on people for approval. To be able to look back at how much my writing has improved as this blog grows, to see how much I have found my voice and seeing just how unique I am as an individual will definitely enhance my confidence or the other way around who knows?

Read more and Improve my critical thinking: I know it sounds odd wanting to improve my critical thinking via blogging but believe it or not, it can happen. In order for me to churn out good contents, not only will I need to read more but, I have to think and think well. I hope to utilize this blog to address issues that are important to me such as sustainability, green living, and toxic-free lifestyle and just documenting my natural hair journey. Writing about those topics would force me to read more about them and actively think deeper and more critically in order to form my own opinion. What a mess it’d be to actually write about issues I have zero knowledge about.

I wanted to live more intentionally: I wrote Journey to Wholesomeness in 2015. I have been on this journey of wholesomeness for about a year now. I was beginning to think more about my life, what’s important to me, what shapes my views, why I do what I do, and how my life not only affected my immediate friends and families but my community and the world at large. I started paying more interest to what I eat, what I wear letting go of fast fashion, embracing sustainability, caring about the individuals who actually make my clothes, understanding the plights of the farmers who produce my food. With blogging, I am able to live more intentionally and also feel some sense of accountability as I strive to encourage other people to do same. Here, I can share my experience and learn from other people’s experiences. That’s why I wanted to be sure that this blog is not just a blog for people to stop by, read and go but one that it is one that is very interactive.

I wanted to develop healthy habits and actually commit to something: I am not the best at time management. I can get bored and disinterested fairly quickly. Blogging seemed quite illogical considering the fact that I already had a lot more going on. However, I am interested in working on time management, commitment, focus and developing good habits. I’m not a commitment-phobe neither do I have a big problem completing tasks that absolutely need to be completed but I have noticed a trail of things started by me but never completed. I make myself feel better by following the thought that I am a “starter” and not a “finisher”. The older I get, the more I desire to actually finish what I started. with blogging, I can commit to things; to being more consistent. I can commit to produce 1-3 posts per week, I can commit to going out every Saturday to take pictures for my next blog post, I can commit to meeting potential collaborators. That is huge!

To Write and Review My favorite things: My sister always said tells me that one day I will wake up and have no skin on my body because my skin vanished from all the things I put it through. I don’t think I put my skin through so much stress so I definitely think she’s being dramatic ?. I love trying new things especially skincare and haircare products. I have recently been amazed by the sheer volume of nontoxic versions of these products available out there. The world of green beauty and skincare is crazy big. With this blog, I hope to indulge. I want to be able to buy products, use them and recommend them. Friends ask me for recommendations all the time so I am quite excited to be able to share things I love with my friends and others who come across my blog.

So these are some of the key reasons I have summed up for why I started and will continue blogging. So far, I am enjoying it. Does this make me a blogger?

If you have a blog, I’d love to learn why you started blogging.



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  • I do not know if i can absolutely sum up why I started blogging yet, but I know that just like you, its more for myself than it is for others.
    It forces me to think some more. The creative process evokes a delight within me and draws me closer to my creative years as a child.
    I hope it helps me overcome my sudden laziness and tendency to gloss over matters.
    Good hearing your thoughts. Perhaps I’ll write a similar post someday.


  • Asake! I cannot believe how alike you and I are.
    Like yourself, I tend to get bored easily, I was creative as a child and growing up I so longed to write. In fact I have half-written two fiction stories in my spare time – just for practice and as a creative outlet before I found blogging.

    But not only that, I aspire to be more creative, push my boundaries, adhere to a commitment and to just … be the best version of my self.

    I am so delighted to here that you are well and truly committed to Asakemi now (ignoring the 6 years!!) – I hope you find the happiness and fulfillment you are looking for. I’m certainly hoping for just that. To pave a life that is an absolute joy to live!

    • yesssss!!!!! Thank you so much, Linda! I certainly hope so. I’ve already experienced some things that’d normally send me back to my shell but I am committed and will not bulge.
      You’re such a delight!