The Journey to a Conscious and Minimal Lifestyle

I am at a place in my life where I have learned contentment; a place where I appreciate simplicity and desire “living simple”. Today, I am even more convinced that having too much “stuff” has done more harm than good to me. With that, I have finally found happiness in living a beautiful life while having fewer things. I am on the path to becoming who you would call a “minimalist”.

The journey to where I am hasn’t been a smooth one. However, I want to succinctly share why I became a minimalist. To make this post as succinct as possible, I’ll just the events that triggered my desire to live consciously and embrace minimalism.

Pursuit of happiness

Over the last two years, I have tried my best to pay attention to what truly makes me happy. I realized that not only was I depending on other people for my happiness, but I was hoping my material possessions would make me happy. However, no matter how much clothing items and shoes I had and how many bags I added to my collection, I was never truly happy. When I finally started letting things go, that was when I saw glimpses of true happiness. I found happiness in less, in creating memories and in just being. It was inevitable that anything I had in excess needed to go!

Quest for easier decision making

I am a perfectionist. Unfortunately, my perfectionism also comes with indecisiveness. I have a hard time making simple decisions like picking out outfits for the day. I am not into fashion at all, and I don’t pay too much attention to how I look. As long as I am presentable and comfortable, I’m cool with it. Having a lot of choices and options make my decision making even harder. My solution to this was to eliminate the unnecessary need for choices. That meant, reducing how many clothes I had to choose from every day, and keeping every aspect of my life as simple as possible.

A love for minimal aesthetics.

As a young girl, I loved colors. For me, colors were my subtle way of being noticed since I was always too shy and lacked the confidence to make my presence known. Now, I am realizing that I really don’t care to have a super colorful closet or an apartment decorated in bold colors. In contrast, I am very much in love with solid, neutral colors. I love everything neutral and dark-hued. The subtleness and simplicity of the minimal aesthetic speak to me.

why i became a minimalistphoto credit: avenue lifestyle

Finding my personal style

I have always admired people who know and embrace their personal style. This is something I haven’t had the opportunity to do. I find that I pretty much wear the same kinds of clothing every day and my other selections are all over the place. My desire to find my style and find things I love and enjoy made me realize that I love anything that’s minimal and could be easily mismatched. I find myself gravitating to around 5 colors that can easily be combined. Moreover, I was sick of the fact that even though I had enough clothes to wear something different for over a year without repeating an outfit, I still never seemed to find what to wear. It just didn’t make sense. So I wanted to have things I loved and only keep things I truly enjoyed having.

Rejecting fast fashion and supporting food producers

Last year, I came across Fashion Revolution and documentaries that opened my eyes to the jaw-dropping world of fast fashion. I was horrified by the conditions of factory workers who make our clothes. It was shocking to learn of how they have to live, are maltreated and underpaid in order for us to buy cheap clothing. I became very conscious of who made my clothes. And had so many questions about who grows my food.

Shopping consciously and living sustainably became an utmost priority in my life. Why should anyone have to go through such terrible conditions just so I could have cheaper products? It just didn’t make sense to me. So with everything I purchase now, I make sure that I am thinking of who made it and where it came from. Living minimally and shopping consciously meant that I am willing to pay more because I believe those who make these items deserve to live good quality lifestyle just like I do.

Knowledge of Quality vs Quantity

One of the main reasons why I (and most people) accumulate so many things is because these things are so cheaply made and easily acquirable. But the reality is that they come with a price. People have to literally suffer just so we could afford to own these items. Funny enough, those who make them can’t even afford them. For me now, it became less about owning 10 cheaply made white tees and more about owning 1-2 of quality made tees that will last me a while not shink or deteriorate after one use/wash. I’d rather spend $100 on a nice shirt that’ll last me years than spending that $100 buying $10 shirts here and there just for the sake of having multiple clothing items. We often think these sustainable clothing are expensive but in reality, if we save and invest in quality items rather than owning multiple of the same items, we can afford to live more sustainably.

I’ll stop here to prevent this post exceeding 1000 words but I hope you enjoyed and are inspired by this. The journey to minimalism and living an intentional lifestyle that brings you joy doesn’t happen overnight but it is something that can be done starting with one single step.

Let’s chat: Are you a minimalist? Conscious consumer? Are you desiring to me? Where are you on the journey? Not started? That’s fine too. Let me know your thoughts below.

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  • The same thing happened to me me when I began to learn about the reality of fast fashion. I found myself not wanting so many THINGS once I learned where they came from. Do you have any favorite slow fashion brands? I’m familiar with many of them but have stuck to purchasing mostly second hand items and haven’t actually purchased much from slow fashion brands just because I’m not quite sure where to start.

    • Yay! I love how knowledge transforms our perspective. I don’t have any slow fashion brand that I particularly love. I’m not too big into fashion so I just focus son getting anything I need from a thrift store. it’s more eco-friendly. But I already own so many clothes, I don’t anticipate shopping much for clothes. Thrift stores are a great place to start. Also following some instagram accounts who focus on fashion would be a great option. Just search slow fashion hashtag on instagram.

      • I’m the same way with just buying second hand. I feel like I can find almost everything I need or want in stores like that! Plus it’s much easier on my wallet lol. I do love the idea of supporting the businesses that have began making clothing ethically and consciously, I’ve got my eye on a few things from Miakoda New York and Live Fashionable but haven’t got around to purchasing anything yet.

  • I totally appreciate all you’ve said in this piece! I definitely relate to being more mindful of where I’m buying my clothes and my food. It’s easy to get complacent and just go with what is convenient, but when it actually hurts other people in the world and myself, it’s not worth it. I’m slowly adopting more and more of that lifestyle because I see how important it is and ultimately more fulfilling 🙂

  • I think I agree with everything you write here (what a surprise:)) I’m sure your journey and words will inspire a lot of people! xx

  • I understand what you mean about the conditions clothes are made in terms of the workers etc. I love colours but I find I’m drawn to earthy colours as well. I started my minimalism journey in may, I still have a lot to get rid (by donating, gift or reusing if possible to make gifts) of things. I started a journey to zero waste about 4mths ago.

  • It is cool that you have become more aware of who makes your clothes. I typically don’t think about it which is bad. I definitely side with quality over quantity. I hate junk and see no reason to have a ton of clothes in my closet. I find myself once a year throwing out clothes I no longer like or have never worn.

  • How interesting! I can relate to many of these points but what really stands out (and I never thought of as much) is the colors! When I was a teenager I used to wear all kinds of crazy colors since I felt that it reflects my personality better than gray or other neutrals. Besides that, whenever I slowly started wearing more of a gray (which from all really is my favorite!), I started hearing some confused comments and felt like I’m giving away myself and just getting into “boring”. It’s been a few years since that and now I’m definitely embracing all the neutral colors and loving them all the way.

    Thanks for an amazing article!
    Ieva //