This is What Minimalism Means to Me

this is what minimalism means to meAbout a month ago, I wrote about my minimalism journey and Why I am becoming a minimalist. The post was an overview of some of the things that sparked my interest in Minimalism over the last few years. That post didn’t seem to go into detail on what minimalism means to me which is what I will try to address in this post.

As I’ve progressed with my journey to living intentionally, I have had to really think about what the endgame of all of these is for me. Yes, I have made giant strides with the things I decluttered to embrace simple living and setting simple living goals for this new year but I still need to be reassured of what this all means to me. 

I have bluntly asked myself, “why am I choosing this lifestyle?” many times. What does it really mean to me to embrace a life with fewer things? What difference does it make? You see, minimalism is subjective; you can choose how minimalist you want to be and in what areas of your life you want to prioritize minimalism. As I grow, a lot of the things I know about minimalism changes. They’re either completely overhauled or just fine-tuned to something better. I love that and I find it very exciting. My minimalism is not about being able to easily count the items I own. Quite frankly, I will never be that minimalist who is able to count exactly what she has and that’s okay. That is not what minimalism means to me. 

To keep this post short, I’ve tried to sum up some of the most important aspects of the life I’m embracing that simply highlight exactly what minimalism means to me…

Appreciating What I have and Learning what it means to have enough

In the world of consumerism where all we do is buy buy buy, there’s very little opportunity to actually stop and be thankful for the little you have. Moreover, in our current “buy buy buy” world, there’s a difficulty in knowing exactly what it means to have enough. I wanted to be okay with having enough and not feel the constant pressure to continue to accumulate things. 2) Having less is okay.

Minimalism to me means that I am fully aware of the fact that it’s absolutely okay to have less. Having less doesn’t mean I’m poor, neither does it mean that I am depriving myself of anything. On the contrary, having less means that I am truly appreciative of the less that I have.

But… minimalism isn’t just about having less things but it’s about being happy with what you have.

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It’s all about the experience

Minimalism has pushed and is still pushing me to experience life to the fullest. To live life without letting fear and my possessions hold me back. Minimalism is a constant reminder that things don’t make me happy and that things may not last for ever but experiences do. So I am forced to create experiences for myself, for those I love, with myself and with my loved ones.

Moreso, the fewer things I have, the less time I spend looking after or cleaning them. Rather, I invest that time into experiences that actually add value to my life.

Learning the value of quality

From a young age, many of us learn the phrase “quality over quantity”. But how many of us truly value quality? For me, minimalism means that I truly only keep those things that are of high quality. So I seek out quality over quantity in my life. Be it in things I buy or even the friendships in my life. No longer am I sad that I only have a handful of friends, but I am grateful instead for the few friends I can count on. I am able to invest better in these things and people in my life because there’s just not many of them to overwhelm my commitment. 

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Live in my home and not use it as a storage space for things

Have you ever noticed just how cluttered your kitchen counter is? I am always amazed by how much we have converted many spaces in our homes into storage spaces. So many car garages are used to store stuff rather than being utilized for their ideal purpose. For me, having fewer things means that I am fully able to enjoy my spaces and not see it as a mere storage facility. When I started cleaning out the things I had, I discovered just how much things I was saving for later. That dress you have been saving for years waiting for the perfect girls night out. The jewelry you’ve saved for that nice romantic date. I am not a high heels girl yet I had tons of shoes stored in my closet- never worn.

My bedroom is not just a spot to store my clothes and shoes but a haven where I actually rest my head. These little things matter!

Joy Redefined 

I discovered “minimalism” in the days when I was in a ‘not so happy’ place. I wasn’t happy with a lot of the things happening in my life. My journey to minimalism and conscious living was catapulted this year by my desire to find Joy. Even though I wasn’t necessarily lacking anything, I wasn’t truly happy.  It hit me that all the material things I owned and thought would make me happy never truly made me happy. Now I am relearning that I do not need to depend on things to make me happy. I am finding my happy in more substantial things like spending time with family and friends who matter to me and finding so much joy in little experiences here and there.

Be Eco-friendly

One of the true benefits of minimalism and what makes it resonate so deeply with me is that it is a conscious effort to being eco-friendly.  The less I consume, the less waste I produce. This makes a huge difference and I am super happy that I am contributing in my own little way. I have had people tell me “you can’t save the world with this lifestyle”. They’re right. I can’t save the world. I don’t plan to. However, I can choose to reduce the mess I contribute to it. 

That’s it. I probably rambled a little bit. hahahaha. But now you know a little bit why I take simple living seriously and what it really means to me. Looking back at where I was last year and where I am today, I can confidently say that this lifestyle is one of the best decision I have made for myself.

Are you a minimalist? considering minimizing some areas of your life? Share your thoughts in the comment.

my story: what minimalism means to me.

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  • I wish I could be a minimalist, but I don’t know how to get rid of things! I purge almost every season, but I still get overwhelmed and overrun by clutter – and it’s not even that I buy anything that much either. It just accumulates. I love how you say minimalism is joy redefined, though, and that you only keep quality in your life – whether it’s a pair of shoes or good, solid friends.

  • Minimalism is definitely something I’m embracing this new year. I’m trying to declutter my life, space and wardrobe. I also think minimalism is different for everyone and there’s no particular way to doing it. Thank you for this post!

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  • Such an awesome post about minimalism and what it means to you. I think it’s good that you mentioned everyone’s minimalism is different.

    I reduced our household (family of 4) waste from 3 bags a week to 1 bag a fortnight and started a compost and trying to minimise soft plastic. I’m the only minimalist in our house which is ok we all agree on waste and reducing it along with buying quality items.

    The only thing that isn’t minimalist is my yarn stash which is currently cluttering up the office, i hate the clutter but it brings me joy and I knit everyday. I do wish to have less yarn so the office isn’t cluttered up. Now I have decluttered etc I spend less time cleaning I can knit the things I wanted knit and bought yarn for the yarn that’s cluttering up the office.