Lets Talk Face Masks + My Weekly Face Mask Routine

If you follow my insta stories, then you know that I take my face masks seriously. You might have also noticed that I have a pretty consistent face mask routine. Face masks have become a must for me in my skincare routine. Quite frankly, If you aren’t into face masks, you should be. Face masks pose some incredible benefits to your overall skin’s health.

We all know what a face mask is. You apply it on your face, you leave it on for 10-60 minutes (depending on the instruction) and you let it do its work. Pretty basic process yet it has some incredible benefits that no other skincare product can have. Face masks also come in different forms. There’s sheet masks, powder masks and of course cream masks which come pre-mixed and ready to use.

I started using face masks religiously this year and I have noticed some amazing changes in my skincare. My goal for this post is to share the benefits of face masks, share my healthy face mask routine and hopefully, this will help you create your own face mask routine.

To have a healthy face mask routine and reap the benefit of face masks, you must identify your skin concerns and then find masks that are formulated for that purpose. Some main functions of face masks include:

  • Brighten

Certain face masks are infused with ingredients that brighten skin. These ingredients help lighten skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation. They also may contain antioxidants that protect you from sun damage.

  • Nourish and/or Hydrate

Many people (yes even those with oily skin) suffer from dehydrated skin. When we wash our the face and put our skin through so much stress, we often lose our skin’s natural sebum and some key nutrients in the skin. Masks can contain ingredients that nourish the skin, restore nutrients and moisture to skin and enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture. The result is a healthy vibrant, plump young looking skin. These masks are usually marketed for all skin types.

  • Clean and refine pores /Detox & Purify

Environmental pollutions and contaminants often clog and affect the overall appearance of our skin. Although we cleanse every day, a deep cleanse is so still needed for most people. This is what masks that clean and refine pores do. I added detox and purify in this category as well because purifying and detoxifying masks give you that deep clean and take this cleans a step further. Purifying and detoxifying maks do exactly that; they purify your skin from impurities and detoxify clogged pores. People with large, clogged and congested pores can benefit from this mask.

face mask routine for healthy glowing skin

  • Calm, soothe, or heal irritated skin

A lot of people have really sensitive skin. Masks can often help calm or soothe irritations. Sometimes we overdo it with our skincare routine and just need to give the skin a little TLC. Masks formulated to calm, soothe and heal skin often also contain anti-inflammatory properties. They soothe breakouts, reduce redness and other symptoms of skin irritation. They may also help balance skin’s Ph and bring it back to optimal level.

  • Control Oil & Treat Acne

Many masks are designed to help balance skin’s pH which in turn can prevent the overproduction of sebum -skin’s natural oil. This is helpful for those with oily skin. When your skin is overproducing sebum, it can increase your chances of getting clogged pores. This, in turn, can cause acne.  With these kinds of masks, you keep your skin balanced while treating acne and zits.

  • Delay Signs of Aging

Some face masks are infused with ingredients that help reduce fine lines and signs of premature again. These ingredients usually also contain antioxidants to fight free radicals that age skin. They often contain ingredients that help resurface the skin such as retinol, acai berries extracts.

                                    Now on to creating a healthy face mask routine…..

To get the best benefits for your face masks, you must decide what your skin concerns are. I say focus on your top three skin concerns and try to treat those. This prevents you from overdoing it with your face masks. Also, it is critical to understand what your skin type is and which key ingredients are best for your skin type.

For me: My top three face maks needs include: Nourish/Hydrate, Clean Pores/ purify, and Control Oil. I also love to brighten my skin. So with these in mind, I set my face mask schedule. Many face masks are good to apply 1-3 times per week. In order to enjoy the benefits of different masks, I mix and match my masks. So you can mix and match face maks depending on your need.

For my face mask routine, I typically apply a mask every other day which turns to be three times per week- the optimal number for most. On a typical week, I would apply a mask on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Monday: Hydrate/Nourish

Wednesday: Control Oil/Purify/Clean Pores

Saturday: Brighten.

This is usually what my week in face mask looks like. As someone with oily skin, it might be tempting to do more of the oil control masks. However, keep in mind that people with oily skin tend to use a lot of oil-free products throughout the week. So that already is helping you control oil on a day to day basis- no need to overdo it.

To avoid writing an epistle, I will create a part two to share exactly which masks I use for each of these categories and which masks I would recommend you to use for each category as well as which ingredients to look out for in your masks for each of the above skin concerns.

how to create  face mask routineI hope this post is helpful to you! Please subscribe to my blog to be notified of part 2. You could also follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I will always publish new posts alerts.


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