Simple Vegan No-Bake Cacao & Oats Bars

Vegan No-Bake Cacao & Oats Bars Hey Y’all

I am so excited about the prospect of writing a food post. I love food, we all know this! If you’re not following my food account on Instagram, be sure to follow! I post food pics and some simple recipes every day. Today I’ll be sharing this simple homemade Vegan No-Bake Cacao & Oats Bars recipe.

If you know me, you probably know by now that I absolutely oats- rolled oats to be exact. I eat oatmeal pretty much every day. On rare occasions, I skip it to eat something else like a smoothie or a pancake. I love oatmeal for so many reasons, it’s packed with micronutrients and some amazing minerals that the body needs to thrive on a daily basis. One of my favorite things about oats is that you don’t have to just enjoy it as oatmeal, also know as porridge. The possibilities are endless for increasing your oats intake!

My first attempt at finding new ways to enjoy oats was back in 2015 when I was looking for a quick but healthy snack option for work. Back then, I settled for the store bought granola bars. Vegan No-Bake Cacao & Oats Bars Eventually, I got sick of them and when I looked at the ingredient in one of the boxes, I realized they are things I already have in my pantry. So, I whipped out my baking pans and made my first oatmeal bars in 2015. It was so tasty! Since then, I have made regular granola bars and balls for snacks and sometimes for breakfast.

I’ve enjoyed my baked bars until my friend gave me a no-bake granola bar. I was kinda shocked that I had never made a no-bake bar. I’m certain tho that the main reason why I have not tried making one is that I don’t like overnight oats. I was nervous that the no-bake bars would taste like overnight oats. The ones my friend gave me tasted so good so I attempted to replicate it.

I’ve posted the recipe below.  I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to substitute any of the ingredients that you want. Use your favorite nut butter and nuts. Substitute for your favorite sweetener if you’d like.

This can be enjoyed as a snack, but it is also packed with proteins and nutrients that make it sufficient as a meal. When I’m in a hurry, I put a couple of bars in a bowl, pour in my almond milk and enjoy it as a cereal. It’s so rich and delicious. If you love chocolates, you will enjoy this! Oh, if you’re allergic to nuts, please feel free to take out the nuts and just enjoy it as is. It tastes just as delicious with or without the nut. My favorite nut butter to use for this is my homemade almond butter. It’s super simple and easy to make as well.

Simple Homemade Oats bar Vegan No-Bake Cacao & Oats Bars

I hope you enjoy this recipe! If you do make yourself some, tag me on Instagram; I’d love to see.

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