Ultimate Green Beauty Essentials For a perfect Summer Glow


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I just noticed this post is quite long after typing and editing. So please grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read *wink*, keep in mind that all products mentioned here are All natural/Organic as that’s what this blog is all about.

Yesterday was First day of summer here in America and I was very excited for it. This is the year that I’m taking my summer glow seriously. haha. I’ve always wanted the perfect glow every year but haven’t really invested in it or cared.

Getting the summer glow and just skin that glows, in general, depends on a lot of factors. These factors include healthy eating, active lifestyle and then there are products for skincare and makeups. For this post, I’m sharing my handpicked essentials to give you the perfect summer glow. These are products that I have tried, used and loved. They are products I will be using religiously this summer and beyond because let’s be honest, glowing skin isn’t just a summer thing.

Let’s get started…..


Healthy eating is key to clear and glowing skin! I am a big fan of “eat your skincare”. A huge part of our skincare is in our diet. I have noticed the difference in my skin when I eat healthy vs when I am not eating very clean. So this summer, my goal is to eat as healthy as possible! Farmer’s market makes it easier; you can buy affordable fruits and veggies for relatively cheap.  So take advantage of all the summer fruits and veggies especially those that are great for your skin like blackberries, kiwi, oranges, pawpaws, and strawberries. All of these fruits are packed with anti-oxidants which make them great for good skin. If you want a post on all the foods to add to your diet this summer, leave a comment below. 

Then there is this Rooibos Tea from My Red Tea. Natalie at Sustainably Chic first mentioned this tea and I got super amped to try it. I’m adding this tea to my summer essentials because it is a powerhouse! I will do a different post reviewing this tea and it’s benefits but this thing is amazing! It contains so many ingredients including Zinc. It also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is amazing for exfoliating the skin to give it a fresh, clean and glowing look. I wrote more about AHA in this Finding The Best Ingredients For Your Skin Type post. It makes so much more sense to be drinking my AHA from a natural source. YES PLEASE!


The Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser ($78) and the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask ($58) are also part of my essentials. If you follow me on Instagram (you should, btw ?) then you would know just how much I use these two products. I’ve reviewed both products HERE . This cleanser is my number 1 cleaner. It doubles as a cleanser and a scrub for me. If you read the review on my blog, you’d see why it’s a must-have for me. The face mask does as it says! It leaves you with a beautiful instant glow after each use. I use it at least twice per week to give my skin a clean, clear, fresh and glow finish. I love it!

The Sea Minerals Mist ($38) and the Blemish Balm ($44) from OSEA Malibu are literally on my holy grail list and rightfully so. I’ve also reviewed these two products HERE. The sea minerals mist is perfect as it works as both a hydrating mist and a toner for my skin. Both of these products leave my skin so moisturized and hydrated but never greasy! I am yet to find any product that works so well on my skin. I use them independently or together. Either way, they are great and a must have.

Of course, there’s the Dickinson’s Pore Perfecting Toner (~$6) which is also a holy grail for me and appears on my Instagram fairly often. I use this thing every day! It’s the only toner that leaves my skin feeling clean but never dry. I’m including it because toning is a major component of a good skincare routine. If you cannot afford the Osea Malibu Sea Minerals Mist, this is a great alternative for you. I use both products every day! This is just a toner but the minerals mist does so much more. However, if you’re on a budget, you can make it through to the glowing skin land with this alone as your toner.

Face oils and body oils haven’t always been my thing until I encountered the Skin Owl Body+ Oil ($46)  and the Akar Skin Desert Face Rescue Oil ($90). These two oils, I got from my Arts of Organic June and May beauty box. I have since fallen in love! I am so glad they came in the beauty box for just ($39/month) because I am not yet where I’d pay that much for a face oil… just being honest!

Nonetheless, these two leave the skin feeling so hydrated but without grease. I haven’t reviewed them yet, it’s coming (phew, the to-do list is growing). The face oil is very lightweight and packed with awesome organic ingredients including vitamin A and E! I used it as alone without a moisturizer yesterday and my skin felt so moisturized, I was shocked. The body oil gives a very luxury rose gold finish. you’d notice the glow but without looking like you’ve been dipped into a grease tank.


Ladies, if you do not currently use a face brush in your routine, I need you to get it! Face brushes are so great for the skin as they work as tools for exfoliating. Think of all the bristles in the brush vs your fingers. The face brush works well to give you such a good clean. It thoroughly cleans deep into the skin, helping you remove the dirt and excess oil trapped in pores.

I just reintroduced this tool to my skincare after abandoning it from over a year. What a difference it’s been already! There are tons of them out there and they all seem so expensive. I personally use the Spin For Perfect Skin from Vanity Planet. There are lots of coupon codes online that give you over 70% off the listed price. You can also purchase it on Groupon for less than $25. I use this on my skin once a day mostly at nights.

In order to avoid this post from looking like my capstone project, I will end the post here. I’ll have a part two including makeup that’ll help enhance your summer glow. To clarify, you don’t need to buy everything in this post if you cannot afford to. I will try to scout for more affordable product options for anyone reading this and on a budget. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I will be posting them there as I find them.

I’d love to know. What are some of your summer skincare essentials and why do you love them? I’m always looking for products to try so leave a comment below and let me know!

Xo, Asaake!

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