Some tips to help you slay your Goals in 2018

reflecting on old goalsStill in the spirit of ushering in the new year and being excited about new goals and new beginnings. I thought I’d use this opportunity to share some of my tips on how to be more productive. I don’t know about you guys but I’m so ready to slay my 2018 goals. It’s one thing to set goals and want to get them accomplished, It’s another thing to know how to slay your goals. (Excuse my “slay” language, I caught the word late in 2017 and need to get it off my system -_-)

If you’re anything like me, then you struggle with being productive. Procrastination should be my middle name- my parents must’ve missed this when I was born. However, I am committed to making a change and that is why I am putting this post together. I know that if I do put this post together, it will force me to hold myself accountable as well.

So here are some of the things I have done and will continue to do this year to slay my goals. PS: my 2018 Goals list is massive. ah!

Reflect on 2017/older goals

Before going forward to new goals, we must take the time to analyze previous goals and ask ourselves some tough questions. Which of your goals did you achieve? What worked for you in 2017? What didn’t? What did the journey to achieving those goals teach you? If you could do things differently, what would it be? You must sincerely answer these questions before moving forward. This will prevent you from making the any of the same mistakes in this new year.

Below: My guiding words for 2017. I looked at this and realized I was wanting too much. For 2018, I toned it down to just 4. 

Fix that self-rejection/ self-hate

I’m sure you weren’t looking forward to reading this one on this list. It’s however so important. I am currently reading Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst and it’s giving me a lot of “ouch” moments. One main reason why moving up in life is hard is because we do not forgive ourselves for past mistakes. We hold ourselves hostage over our own mistakes.

When you look at the things you’ve done wrong in previous years and the opportunities it costs you, do you get angry and think badly about yourself? It’s time to let it go and forgive yourself. It’s okay to feel guilty and regret certain things but you must now let it become detrimental to your progress. Learning How to Deal With Regret & Guilt is so important. I wrote about that in 2017 and found that post to be helpful to many of my readers.

Be Disciplined & Check Your Habits

Habits can make or break our goal achievements. Simple habits such as poor eating habits can affect our energy and stress level which in turn affects our productivity. Which habits do you need to improve on? Do you actively track your habits? It wasn’t until I started tracking my habits that I realized just how messy they were. Get a journal and get trackin’. I track my habit in my bullet journal- I’ll share my bullet journal layouts with you guys in another post.

Get organized and Plan

I can’t tell you just how important this one is. I read a quote somewhere “failure to plan is planning to fail” and I couldn’t agree more. For most of my life, I didn’t really plan. When I did plan, I didn’t plan well. If you’re new to planning, I find that using a paper planner works best. Buy a simple planner or a notebook and utilize it. Write down your goals and then set actionable steps to achieving them.

Set our your big goals, then you’ll need monthly, weekly and daily tasks that all work together towards achieving said goal. Document your progress too. Which brings me to the next point.


It’s so important to make sure that you’re tracking your progress and documenting your journey. Keeping a journal is beneficial for so many reasons. check our my must have planners and journals for 2018 One of my favorite things about having a journal is seeing how much progress I’ve made over time. When you accomplish and document little tasks, it also helps boost your confidence in those days where you feel like you barely accomplished anything.

how to slay your goals

Brain Dump- Constantly

I first learned about the concept of brain dumping last year and I must say, what a relief! A brain dump is basically transferring things from your brain/mind to other mediums- most common medium is paper.

What you are basically doing is just letting everything flows out in writing- thoughts, plans, ideas, concerns, everything. What this does is, it helps you clear the clutter from your mind. I find this to be very helpful. For most of my life, I carry everything on my mind. I never write down my ideas or plans, I planned in my head. Over time, you confuse yourself and stress your self our from overloading on clutter in your mind. Writing them down also lets you see them and know which ones need to be worked on, which ones need to be abandoned, which ones need to be prioritized first.

That’s it! If you can master most of these tips, you’ll be way on your way to accomplish your set goals and living your best life!

How to achieve your goals in 2018

Until next post……


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  • I, too, love the brain dump concept ever since I read David Allen’s book (it’s a great one by the way). Closely related is his 2-minute rule – everything that can be done in 2 minutes or less we should do, instead of delaying it. The reasoning is pretty simple – otherwise those thoughts or unfinished tasks just remain in our minds, causing constant pressure and annoyance – better to get them out of the system.
    I’m sure you’re going to slay your goals in 2018. xx