This Week: Inspiring Links, Reads & Loves #2

weekly inspiring reading If you tuned in to today’s “episode” of inspiring links after reading last week’s, welcome back! I got such positive feedback about this and I am definitely excited to continue to share these weekly installments. Last week’s post included articles that have caused such positive stir up in me.

This week, I was reminded that there is a relationship we have with clothes often times, this relationship with our clothes can be toxic. Interestingly, I have felt this way and that was one of the reasons why I  am doing the one year clothe shopping ban. She put a name into what I was feeling; explaining that we indeed often seek validation from our clothes. She also offers some tips to start thinking positively about your clothes. Must read for everyone!

simple inspiring tipsThis post on the most important question you’re not asking yourself was a great reminder of why I am embracing a slow and intentional lifestyle. In other posts, I’ve written, like this one on tips for new vegans  I mentioned how knowing your WHY is important! This post explores that. Knowing why helps you delve deeper and deeper into the heart of the issue.

I stumbled upon this post on The Diderot effect which basically shows that “the acquisition of new possessions is never a singular event. Each new purchase often creates a spiral of consumption that leads you to acquire more things”

Lastly, I enjoyed reading Erin’s Zero Waste progress reportWhile I have made some simple eco-friendly swaps, her post showed me other simple swaps that I have been wanting to make (especially with toilet papers.)

Can I just say that I’ve been getting a lot of comment on my skin? my coworkers won’t stop commenting on how buttery and clear my skin is. Someone even asked me what makeup I was wearing when  I had absolutely no makeup on. While my skin isn’t perfectly as clear as it used it, It has done soooooo well since my reactions. I still have some dark spots that I am trying to clear up but for the most part, My skin is getting back to where it used to be. I’d attribute this to partly to eating healthy and exercising. I’ve been loving going to the gym and being consistent with it. I enjoy the soreness post workout. ha!

simple plant based recipeIf you follow me on Instagram, you know I post a lot of food photos on my insta stories like this one- a vegan french toast I made for breakfast. This is because, for one, I learned product photography by photographing food. Secondly, When I first decided to give veganism a try for one week, I never thought it’d be something I’d consider doing for the rest of my life. So I enjoy sharing my journey to eating more plant-based with people. I just want to show that plant-based foods don’t have to be boring. Sharing food pics and simple recipes on Instagram has become one of my favourite things to do. Perhaps, in my next life, I’ll be a food blogger.









That’s about it for this week! Be sure to check out Chapter one of my journey to try to change my life in 365 days! I am super excited for this! And I think I even more excited that Oreoluwa is in on this too! She’s someone I truly admire (even though I’ve never met her in person) since I stumbled on her blog.

Enjoy this new week and be sure to make it productive!



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