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I’m super excited to launch this series that I will be starting on the blog. Many of you who follow me on Instagram know that I love to share some quotes that inspire me on my insta stories. If you ever wondered where I get those quotes from, they’re mostly from articles that I read. I decided to start this series where I share those articles with you guys! Yay.

Each week, I come across incredible articles. Many of them obviously inspire my journey to embrace a slow life. Also, I used to enjoy sharing monthly favorites posts that contained organic skincare products that loved throughout the month. These posts were sometimes hard to write because by month-end it’s easy to forget the products I loved at the beginning of the month. With this weekly roundup, I can share the products I’ve discovered and loved.

Simply put: these weekly roundups will contain links to read/watch and things I love for that week. I considered limiting this to just links. However, I am realizing that this can become an opportunity to challenge myself weekly and step outside my comfort zone. Although these posts may be shorter than my regular posts, I hope the contents that add value to your life like they do to mine each week.

I am still in search of the perfect title for this series. The perfectionist in me isn’t quite happy with what is now. But I won’t let it stop me from starting

So here we go with taking 1

How to live simple and slow inspiration live simplyThis week, I was challenged by this question: Can You Lead a Meaningful Life Without Taking Risks? What truly stood out to me was the notion of “exquisite risk” which is “daring to live from a place of true openness, a place where we aren’t shielded by our pre-existing ideas of who we are and what is acceptable. Operating from that place — a place of “unconditional presence” — is a risk, yes, but also the only way to discover both what we are capable of and what we truly want. Risk is the path by which we become more fundamentally ourselves.”

Just as I was putting this post together, I headed over to youtube to find good classical music for the background and youtube suggested Dottie James Changing My Life In One Year – ‘Trying Change’ Chapter One video. This video really resonated with me because I am realizing that it is March yet I haven’t put in as much effort into achieving the goals I set for myself. This video left me asking myself “have I really tried trying?”. Like Dottie, I have some accomplishments that I am proud of myself for, like starting this blog or transitioning to living slow, letting go of unwanted things and switching to a plant-based diet. However, I need to actually try trying- harder.

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The last link I’ll include in this post is this article by Zoe Kim on how we are Broke in Our BusynessAnyone who knows me would easily describe me as “always busy”. I used to be happy with that until recently. This piece reminds me of a different side of busyness which is “any use of our time that habitually distracts us from meaningful connections with people and from a mindful pursuit of what we want most in life.” I am forced to re-evaluate how I allot my time and the value of time and challenge myself to be Unbusy.

On lighter notes, I’ve been loving this custom hyaluronic acid serum and the Custom Precious oils Serum by Activist skincare. Both were gifted to me by the brand to try and I have since fallen in love with them. I have had an unpleasant hyaluronic acid experience and was nervous to try this one but I couldn’t be happier. Together, these serum and oil keep my face so hydrated and soft. I love that with Activist Skincare, you get to customize the products to fit the needs of your skin.

inspiration to embrace minimalism inspiration live simplyLastly, after hearing so much about how plants can purify the air in your home, I knew it was time to invest in indoor plants again. I’m down for anything that makes breathing a little easier.

That’s it! I hope this post encourages you somehow. Do share if you enjoy and lets spread the inspiring links around! Also, share what your weekly highlight is. I’d love to know and celebrate with you 🙂



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