This is What Slow Living Is About

what slow living is aboutSlow living has been getting a lot of buzz on the internet and quite frankly, I love it. While I love seeing slow living posts make rounds on social media especially Instagram, I can’t help but notice a trend on Instagram. When you look up the two most popular hashtags on slow living, you’ll most likely find pictures of people holding coffee cups, steaming teacups and people lounging in warm sweaters. (This is most prevalent in the winter time).  I honestly don’t think this Instagram trend is all that slow living is about. Interestingly, Even with the rounds, slow living is making, many people are still wondering what slow living is about. I’ve been asked what slow living is about, so I am dedicating this post to sharing my take on this lifestyle and why I am learning to choose it every day.

The reality of living slowly is more than just lighting candles every morning or sitting in a sweater with a cup of coffee overlooking the trees. It sure isn’t just the fantasy of owning fairy lights in your bedroom and unrealistically draping them on your couch while you lounge. Slow living is more than just warm and cozy aesthetics. It is a decision to change and live life meaningfully.

So What is Slow Living?

Firstly, slow living and simple living are not the same. They are often used interchangeably but there’s a distinction between these two terms/lifestyle. We’ll explore that distinction in future posts. For now, let’s focus on what slow living is. Click this link for some of my top simple living posts. Like I mentioned earlier, Slow living is a decision- a life-changing decision. Slow living prioritizes a deep connection with people and encourages living for more than just ourselves.

what slow living is about

Slow living is a lifestyle that’s deeply rooted in slowing down the pace in our everyday life. This lifestyle apparently started with the slow food movement. The slow food movement began when Carlo Petrini, an Italian political activist protested against the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant in Rome in 1986. Essentially, as fast food was becoming mainstream, the slow food movement advocated that traditional food production in Italy be prioritized.

The movement saw food beyond just eating for satiety. The advocates of the movement sought for a deeper connection- between food and the people. They cared for the people eating, the culture and the planet/environment. That deep connection is what slow living is about. That approach has caught on today. It has spread beyond food to other areas of life such as beauty, travel, living and even medicine.

Evidently, thousands (if not millions) are trying to (if not already) embrace the slower life. Finding a slow rhythm is crucial in today’s society where everything is so fast-paced. Slow living encourages taking steps back to consciously enjoy and live in the moment. In my time exploring slow living, I have found it going hand in hand with other aspects of life such as minimalism.

Many people often tag slow living alongside minimalism. Understandably, both lifestyle approaches focus on “less-is-more”. They stress the importance of quality over quantity in every area of life. There’s also a slight distinction between slow living and minimalism, but I love the point where they converge. That point where you establish and seek “groundedness”. Well,

This is What Slow Living Is About

  • Slow living pushes you to lead a balanced and wholesome life. You are challenged to live life to the fullest- literally.
  • Slow living challenges you to take the time to enjoy the little things in life. You learn to find beauty in the mundane stuff rather than rush through them to get on to the next thing. You see beauty in these things; things like cooking, brushing your teeth, or the process of making your morning tea/coffee.
  • It teaches you to value mindfulness. You begin to care, for more than just yourself. What you wear, eat and even the beauty routines and products you use and who made them begin to matter.
  • Slow living emphasizes connections. It challenges you to connect deeply and savor each moment. You connect with and acknowledge people. You also find meaning and joy in those connections.
  • Slow living advocates for intentionality. It encourages you to do everything with intention.
  • Slow living is about finding YOUR OWN PACE AND STICKING TO YOUR RHYTHM. This pace is where you are able to thrive without fear or missing out or being overwhelmed with things to do.
  • Slow living allows you to find rest without feeling stuck or saddened by the thought and reality of doing “nothing” sometimes.

Living slow allows you to actually live the moment. You may be feeling like you are missing out on a lot in life because of how everything seems to be. Slow living encourages you to take a moment, catch your breath and make time for the things that count. In doing this, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed by the need to partake in everything. Essentially, slow living allows you take control of your life and your time. All of these doesn’t mean you always have to be “slow”. You can lead busy lives and live slow. You can have busy days/weeks and months, but still, find moments to just slow down and live in the moment.

It’s easy to get carried away by the slow living fad on Instagram. please believe that there’s more. This is a way of lie. This is an approach that allows you to live life more beautifully. It encourages you to JUST BE. Be here, in this moment. To be mindful and present.

Its so true, slow living can really make life more beautiful. When you slow down, you focus on what matters,  you build relationships, and you focus on what brings you joy. Slowing down allows you to acknowledge the little things in life that we would otherwise overlook. You begin to see purpose and beauty in them. In the end, you find true purpose and fulfillment. This is what slow living is about. This is why you should care to live slow.




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  • Can I say I love you a hundred times? This write up is wo beqitifully woven together I could feel myself gently reading to take in everything. I love how intentional your life is and I’m just in love with you. Lol, it’s meedah. No homo.

    • Oh girl, thank you so so much! U appreciate the love and support! You’re awesome too 💛💛💛

  • Wonderful post and I love your definition of slow living- you sum it up well. While I’m happy slow living is gaining popularity on Instagram, it’s easy to miss its real meaning in our everyday life.

  • This is a really beautiful post love! Thank you for sharing. I really want to live slow you know.

    • Thank you much, babe! You can! It may seem daunting in the beginning because it really goes against everything we grew up being but one step at a time, you can get there!

  • I love your blog! To me, minimalism is an example of “less is more”. Will definitely go stalk your instagram page right now!