Things I Got Rid of to Embrace Simple Living

2017 was an incredible year for me. It was the year I really got serious about minimalism and challenged myself to truly embrace simple living. It was the year I realized that things don’t make me happy like I expected them to. I talked about my journey to minimalism and simple living but didn’t really go into details. I’m hoping to be more detailed and open with my journey to minimalism here.

I haven’t totally decluttered everything I want to but I made some significant moves in 2017. So, in this post, I’m going to share some of the things I got rid of. By getting rid of these things, I freed my space and gave myself renewed opportunity to live simply.

Here we go…..

Bedside table

I realized that my bedside table was becoming an extra storage space that permitted me to accumulate stuff. Getting rid of my bedside table meant that I was eliminating things I stored there and preventing myself from storing unnecessary things. I bought a stool instead and that’s where I keep my daily essentials- bible, journals, water- for easy access. The stool has a very small surface area with no additional storage spaces so you’re forced to only keep the essentials. 

Clothing items that I don’t wear

Never in a million years would I imagine myself living with a minimal closet. But I knew enough is enough when I just couldn’t find what to wear from my huge pile of clothes. So in 2017, I was determined to let go of clothes and accessories that I didn’t wear. I let go of clothes, underwears, socks, shoes, and handbags. What sucked was just how many clothes I owned and never wore- brand new witht tags *eye roll*. I had enough clothes to last me two years without me repeating any of them (except for jeans -which I had about 30 pairs even though I mostly wear skirts & dresses -_-).  It was such great relief tho and I wouldn’t have it another way.

More than just decluttering clothes, I made sure that I was letting go of clothing that didn’t fit my style or flatter my body type. 


Furniture & home decors that don’t fit my style

I love pieces of furniture. Like clothes, I went overboard with my furniture. In 2016, I wanted to do over my apartment and thought I needed to fill my apartment with furniture to live the life I wanted. But As I embraced simple living, I knew that I needed to minimize my apartment and keep my furniture to the barest minimum. So I let go of the things like the extra colorful area rug. Now I just stick to my minimal simple and rustic decors with minimal essential pieces of furniture. 

Books I haven’t read, won’t read or care to read

A few years ago, I went ham on books. I bought so many books with hopes of reading them. I mean, I wanted to be a book lover so badly. I never got to read those books. They were overflowing in my car and my apartment. So I decided that it was time to let them go. I donated them all and left just about 5 that I truly have a strong interest in reading. 

Makeup and skincare products that I don’t use

For the longest time, I dreamed of loving makeup like most girls do. I watch hundreds of hours youtube makeup tutorials hoping to pick up the courage to start wearing makeup but it never worked. Plus, I had a lot of products that weren’t 100% natural and clean like I love my products. I made the decision to let them go. I am still hoping to learn at least a neutral makeup look but until then, I’m good with having a powder and a few lipsticks.

Products that aren’t nontoxic- perfumes, hair products

I had been transitioning to my green/all natural beauty lifestyle for the last 4 years. I knew that 2017 was the year I wanted to make the full switch. So I slowly let go of my favorite conventional fragrances, hair products that weren’t clean, as well as nail polishes. I am glad to say my beauty products are currently 98% green beauty. The remaining 2% is the foundation I keep for emergency breakouts since I haven’t found a clean foundation that matches my skin tone.

Teas I don’t drink

I love teas! I love teas a lot! So I bought a lot of teas. My biggest mistake was buying them in bulk. I ended up having so many teas in my house than I want to drink. There are just tea flavors that I don’t care for anymore. So rather than kept them hoping to love them again one day, I gave some out to a friend before they expire and threw away the rest. I created space to store teas that I truly love.

Unnecessary electronics

Last year, my interest in watching TV decreased even more. I decided to give up my TV fully. I have lived without cable for the last 4 years and only used a basic antenna to watch the bachelor on ABC and Survivor on CBS. But those shows are easily accessible online so there wasn’t any point keeping my TV and DVD. I sold most of my electronics for a few bucks (and ate sushi with the money :)). I also recycled my old router and modem that I was keeping for life in the future -_-.

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Plastic items

I hate plastics. The more I learn about the dangers of plastic to my health and the environment, the more I never want it anywhere near my house. I wanted to be more eco-friendly and knew it was time to let go of my plastic Tupperware and any product that was stored in a plastic based container. First of all, plastic looks cheap and makes everything look so unattractive. Secondly, they’re very bad for our health & environment. I just couldn’t stand seeing them at my house so I sent them to recycle. I love using compostable wood materials and stuff made from bamboo which is the most eco-friendly source. I also really love glass.


Gosh, where do I start? I hoard magazines and had over 200 of them in my home. Many of them I never even read. They cluttered my entire space and I just couldn’t stand seeing so many of them anywhere anymore. Moreover, the thought of magazines being paper items that mostly don’t even come from eco-friendly trees bother me so much. The good thing is there’s a hospital near me that always ask for magazines for their patients to read during hospital stays. I gladly donate them there. These days, I opt for digital magazines and books.

So that’s it. I did let go of a lot of things in 2017 but these are the biggest categories that contributed to largely to my quest for simple living. I’m happy for where I am in my journey at the moment. I am on the journey to live my best life and simply letting go of things that don’t improve my life is a huge part of this journey. 

Let me know your thoughts. Did you declutter in 2017? If so what did you let go of? Does this post inspire you to consider decluttering? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, please share this post if you found it helpful 🙂

Until next post…..

~ Asakemi

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  • I need to get rid of so many of these things! I finally cancelled a magazine subscription that was SO cheap and has good info, but I never read. Now I just need to get rid of the magazines. Same goes with makeup and body products – so much unused around here. We actually drop off bags and boxes to goodwill monthly but never seem to get rid of enough.

  • Such a great article. I made big changes last year, I use more Eco products getting rid of plastic bottles (other than the kids 1s they have to have for school), glad wrap, u buy soap in bulk container I can go and get refilled. Clothes I decided to give myself a yr to fit into all of the ones u wanted to and donated the rest, it went by and I kept them – but I’m glad I did cause I’ve lost 6kgs since then 🙂

    I think every little bit counts to reducing waste. Good on u about the tv- I have 1 but I don’t watch it other than with my children or partner if I was just me I’d get rid of it lol.

    I got rid of all of my beauty products except cream for my cracked feet and sunscreen. I still have foundation but I hardly wear it now. I also got rid of shampoo and went no poo using only water.

    Must feel amazing to have gotten rid of somethings even if ur aren’t finished 🙂 I’m not finished either.

  • I have a lot of magazines in my bedroom back in Nigeria and I don’t think I could ever part with them. I’ve been building my ‘collection’ for so long now.

    Wow, you really did have a lot of clothes Asakemi. I can imagine how overwhelming that felt. I got into decluttering last year and got rid of a lot of stuff I wasn’t using anymore, it felt so good. In 2018, I want to be more intentional with my purchases.

    PS: A bedside stool instead of a bedside table is such a great idea! xx
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