The Perfect Gift Ideas For The Minimalists In Your Life

valentines day gift ideas for minimalistsWell, hey there!

If you’ve been hunting for the perfect gift ideas for the minimalist in your life, you’re in the right place. I was initially just wanting to write about some of my favorite things. However, I thought this would be appropriate since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Personally, I don’t see the hype of February 14th but I completely understand how this day means something to most people. It’s a day to show and share your love with your significant other and for most people, it’s all about gifting. So what happens when you have a minimalist in your life but still want to give them gifts on holidays like this?

Yes, minimalist is conscious about not accumulating stuff but they’re not entirely opposed to receiving gifts. This is because most minimalist prefer experiences to material things. For me, after getting rid of most of my unnecessary stuff, the last thing I want is to clutter my space again with gifts. So what should you give the person in your life who’s a minimalist or who’s interested in embracing simple living? Well, let’s find out!

Before buying any gifts for minimalists, it’s important to ask crucial questions that’d guide you. Because minimalists are intentional, you too must be intentional with your gifting.

Four main questions to ask when planning to gift a minimalist is:

Is it something they need? People will be more appreciative if they receive something they actually need rather than a random gift. So as you think of gifting a minimalist, think of what they need? Think back at conversations you’ve had with them and see if there are things they’ve wished to have that’s important to their daily life.

Is it something they want? There are needs and there are wants. Yes, minimalists may want things they don’t really need. There are still “wants” that will be appreciated.  So, ask them! Ask them what they want and would appreciate. What better way to know what to gift a person than to hear directly from them?

Would they Love it and would it bring them Joy? Why gift something that won’t be loved? Most minimalists found minimalism and simplicity as they sought Joy. So it makes sense to give them things they love and things that bring them joy. They let go of things that don’t bring them joy for a reason- don’t try to add these back.

Is it multipurpose? I think minimalism, simplicity, and multipurposeness go hand in hand. The secret to having fewer things is to have items that serve more than one purpose. As you head out to buy gifts, keep this in mind.

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With that out the way, Here are some real gift ideas to consider.

  • Candles! I have to put this in here because well, It’s my favorite and we all love candles 🙂
  • Multipurpose appliances- think juicer that can also make smoothies, butter, ice cream etc. If they’re a coffee drinker, consider a coffee brewer that can also make teas.
  • Food- if they love to eat, you can offer to cook for them or give gift cards to their favorite restaurants.
  • Reusable items- this is particularly great if they’re eco-conscious minimalists.
  • Voucher to their favorite bookstore, a zoo, park and even sports membership
  • Have they been thinking of getting in shape, consider giving them a paid gym membership for a few months or a year to get them started.
  • If they love the outdoors, a camping gear would be appreciated.
  • If you can afford it, a getaway trip to their dream location
  • SPEND TIME WITH THEM! Take them out and enjoy quality time in a good location!
  • If they’re just transitioning to minimalism/simple living, offer to help them declutter. You could also offer to take their unwanted items to the appropriate donation/recycle centers.
  • If they love to read, give e-books! Or a voucher to their library (kindle, ibook etc).

Remember, There are many ways to show love independent of gift giving! If you’re single this holiday, don’t fret it. You’re allowed to gift yourself any of the gifts above. You deserve it!

Are there any other gift ideas You can think of that I haven’t mentioned here? Share in the comment!

I hope this helps! Happy Valentine’s my dears! 🙂

~ Asakemi.

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  • These are all great ideas. I think the best gifts are always personal, practical, and fun at the same time. I particularly agree with the spend time with them option. Personally, I don’t see Valentine’s day as a big event either (I have to confess, we frequently simply forget about it with my boyfriend), but these gifts would work for any occasion!