Some Update: My Blog is Going through it

Hi ya’ll

This is really quick post but I thought I’d write this to share with you all what’s going on.

So if you have been on my blog within the last two days then you may have noticed some big changes to the blog. First of all, the blog has a makeup- I am currently trying to redesign the blog to look the way I want it to look. My previous design was very nice, i loved it a lot. However, it was becoming overwhelming. There seemed to be too much going on and it began to feel like clutter to me. My goal for this new design is to have the blog look and feel clean and minimal while being super easy to navigate. I have done my best and still try hard to declutter my life, its important for my blog to reflect the same.

So bare with me as we progress with this changes. I am hoping that within the next week everything will be sorted and we will be back to regular programing.

The loss of contents on this blog is due to some technical issues. I was in the process of having an SSL encryption to ensure privacy for me and for everyone who visits this blog. Unfortunately that required some reboot and I didn’t have the time to save the contents here before the site was rerouted. There is hope tho; there’s a possibility that my previous host still has some of my files saved on their server. If that is the case, then some of those contents will be restored. So fingers crossed that this is the case.

Lastly, Some of you may have known that I launched by youtube channel. If you don’t follow me on instagram, this is my official announcement. After much consideration, I have launched my youtube channel and posted my first ever youtube video. I will talk about this more in detail. This is something I have always wanted to do since I was 18 years old. It’s been way over 8 years in the making and I have finally taking the plunge. I am excited for this new chapter. The channel will be an extension of my blog. I am hoping that we can build our little community here on the internet and encourage each other to building and creating a meaningful and simple life.

I am open to suggestions on how to run this blog and the youtube channel concurrently but It’ll work out perfectly.

This was such an impromptu post. Thank you so much for the continued support! For everyone who offered suggestions, solutions and just a listening ear, thank you!





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  • Love the new design of the blog. Going to check out your youtube now, congratulations

  • Definitely loving the less cluttered blog design. I think that it ties together nicely with the minimalistic theme!
    And congratulations on the Youtube Channel! Theres so many things you could vlog about on Youtube like how you decided to be a minimalist, a room/house tour e.t.c. The sky is the limit because you have so many good posts that can be extended as videos on your youtube channel.

    Pearl ||