Are you Making These Skincare Mistakes?

Skincare Mistakes you're makingIf you don’t know yet, I am obsessed with clear skin. (Duh, that’s why I love skincare and skincare products so much). But who doesn’t love clear skin tho? My obsession with having clear skin started when I was in my late teens. In retrospect, my skin was very clear at the time but teenage me didn’t think so.

As I grew older I started learning a lot about skincare. What shocked me the most in what I learned was that I was making a lot of heinous skincare mistakes in my quest to have perfectly clear skin. What was consoling or rather shocking was that there were so many other women making the same mistakes?

So I asked some other bloggers what their major skincare mistakes have been; I’ll share them in this post as well.

Skincare Mistakes for oily skinFor me: I made a whole lot of mistakes. I’ll try to list the major ones

1. Wrong products for my skin type

When I was younger and knew nothing about skincare, I was using products for acne when I didn’t have even one pimple. I’ve never battled with acne though I have extremely oily skin. However, I misinterpreted the whole “Acne-prone skin” phrase. I assumed that just because my skin is extremely oily, I had to use acne prevention/treatment products. It doesn’t even help that a lot of products for oily skin are also marketed for acne/blemish prone skin. I wasn’t trying to treat or prevent acne, I just needed to control oil. Ugh.

To know the ingredients that are best for your skin type, you’ll need to accurately know your skin type. Read this Finding Out Your Skin Type post to help you decide 🙂

2. Taking extremely hot showers

I must confess, I love hot showers. I mean showers hot enough to peel off a chicken’s feathers. Hot enough to set the smoke/heat alarm off right outside my bathroom door. Oops. Anything cooler than that is not for me. Even when I’m not intentionally washing my face with that ridiculously hot water, my face takes on most of the steam.

I have since learned that too hot steam is detrimental to your skin’s overall health. First, too hot water can overdry your skin by washing away the skin’s natural oils. It can also cause inflammation of the skin by inducing excess circulation. So skin experts recommend using lukewarm water. I am still learning this. When I was much younger, I used to only shower with very cold water… idk what happened. Gotta get back to that place.

3. Not drinking enough water

The skin needs to be hydrated in order for it to thrive. Water is a good source of hydration. When you don’t take in enough water, you leave your skin dry, thirsty and dull. I generally drink a lot of water and lots of tea throughout the day, but sometimes I am just too busy and end up not even drinking a cup. Yes, I have had periods where I’d go as long as one week without drinking water. It’s terrible.

I must confess, my skin looks a whole lot better and healthier when I drink a lot of water. So now I challenge myself to drink a gallon a day. You can eat fruits high in water content to substitute for gulping glasses of water. Your skin will tell you when the thirst is real!

Skincare Mistakes to avoid on dry skin

4. Sleeping with makeup on. *eye roll*.

I still make this mistake on days when I wear makeup (which is like 1-2x /month). I get lazy every now and then and it so happens to be on days when I wear makeup. ugh.  This is one of the reasons why I don’t wear them. I forgot or get lazy and never bother to wash them out. This is even worse for someone with large pores as the products can penetrate into the skin even more. I try now to be consistent with my skincare with cleansing and following a routine twice daily. So far, so good!

5. Overdosing on ingredients

So I have oily skin. Every product I own is either strictly for oily skin or combination skin. The problem is that often times, each of these products contains high concentrations of certain ingredients. Using these ingredients concurrently often leave your skin super dry and irritated. Most of these products don’t just lack added oil but they have ingredients that combat your skin’s natural oil. If you use an oil free cleaner, alcohol toner, oil free moisturizer and oil-free everything, you leave your skin deprived.

My solution now is to add some other forms of hydration to my skin like hydrating oils (suitable for oily skin) as well as hyaluronic acid or other forms of humectant. Not sure which ingredients are best for your skin type? Check out my Finding The Best Ingredients For Your Skin Type post.

Now over to some of my Girl Boss bloggers on some of their skincare mistakes. Don’t forget to click on their names and check these bloggers out as well!

Katie From Brewingupstyle 

“One of the skincare mistakes I made as a teenager and young adult was over-using harsh chemicals to try and treat acne. I would use scrubs, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid treatments (sometimes all before bed) without using any moisturizer! After college, I finally went to see a dermatologist and am on a much simpler regimen with my face looking clear and better than ever.”

Lauren From EllDuClos

“I was using too harsh of an exfoliator too often. Knowing that I didn’t have the “best” textured skin, I thought by exfoliating often it would help to even it out. I was sadly mistaken. Instead, exfoliating often caused, even more, breakouts and my skin became drier than ever before! Now I only exfoliate twice a week and apply a toner after. This seems to be working the best! Skincare is important!”


Andreafrom Moonlight Sweetness 

“I was not using a sonic cleansing brush and only just washed my face with a face wash. That wasn’t cutting it for me. I used to have lots of breakouts and my skin looked meh. Once I started using Clarisonic I noticed a huge difference and an overall improvement in my skin: minimized pores, less dullness, and best of all, no breakouts.”

Louisa from Reallifewithlou

“I was wearing makeup all the time. I was so self-conscious about my bad skin that I would always wear makeup to hide it, which in turn made my skin worse! Eventually broke the cycle and it’s made such a massive difference.”

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you made or still make any of these skincare mistakes. Or share yours if it’s not listed here.

Loves & Hearts,                                                                                                                             Asaake ♥

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  • Great read! Over the past 12 months I’ve made a real concerted effort to learn more about skin generally. What makes it tick, you know? I’ve been learning in depth about ingredients and I really think it’s reflected in my skin. Sadly, for me, stress is my skin’s biggest trigger. I was first diagnosed with acne at 18 whilst sitting my A level exams, it cleared up, and it recently came back a few months ago (I’m 21 now). Guess when it was – when I was sitting my uni exams. So for me, my priority now is keeping my body and mind healthy. I’m taking fish oil tablets like no tomorrow (I’ve googled it – you can’t overdose on them, its fine!) and drinking water like I’m about to run out!

    xo Millie

    • I’m curious to know your progress with the fish oil? Do share when you have time! And my sister is the same in that stress causes her to break out. As someone in the science field, I sorta understand the science behind it all. ugh.

  • What you’re saying about overdrying oily skin is soo important. So many people are still afraid of using oils on oily skin and as a result completely strip it from the natural oils by using too many drying products. I’ve never understood why dermatologists recommend oil-free and drying products in bulk for acne-prone and oily skin – it’s so logical that if you strip your skin from oil, it will work twice as hard to replace it. It’s just a pet peeve of mine:)

    • Using Oil on oily skin is probably one of the underrated things in the beauty industry. I found oils and balms that work wonders for my skin! You are so on point!

  • So I think I am guilty of doing all of these No-No’s. LOL. Although I am good with my water intake. Everything else I need to work on. 🙂

    • Girl! I feel you tho. I need to take my water intake seriously as well. ugh. I was doing so well.

    • I’m not a pro but if you have any specific questions about skincare, i’ll be glad to help or refer you.

  • I had acne growing up – not fun O.o – but as I grow up it slowly disappeared. Yay! I love skincare as well! I love when I wake up and my skin is glowing and clear. Loved this post; you had some amazing tips!

    Just nominated you for the Liebster award. Deets on the blog 🙂

  • I’ve always been a fan of hot showers, even when I lived in Nigeria. I never took cold showers unless I was extremely hot. Nowadays, I tend to wash my face with cold water in the sink . That way, I can have a hot shower but I make sure the water doesn’t touch my face.

    The skincare mistakes I’ve made in the past include not taking off my makeup properly and scrubbing/exfoliating too often. Now I know that less is more. Great post Asake! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • LOL I tried this method but then I thought, What if my face looks nice and firm but then my whole body is sagging. *wails*. I got used to cold showers in boarding school back in Nigeria. I need to go back to those days. Will start out warm. This is a challenge now. Let’s do it, Demilade.

  • I love hot baths too, lukewarm just feels too cold to me. I know you’re not supposed to, but I really can’t help myself. I always forget to drink water too, bu then again when I was driving around 5 water bottles a day I still didn’t notice a difference because certain air conditioners can draw the moisture out of your skin xx

    Velvet Blush