Simple Living: Things Not to buy + 8 Thing I won’t buy This Year

things not to buy. how to become a minimalistI recently published a post sharing what I got rid of in 2017 to embrace simple living. Never in a million years would I have imagined living life with minimal things. But this is my reality and it is truly the best thing I have done for myself. Letting go of things has enabled me to truly embrace more meaningful living.

This year, I am continuing my journey to simple living. I’m taking it a step further by daring to live my best life. To live my best life, I know that I must continue to keep my space free of clutter and only keep things that bring me joy. Living my best life also means that I must be intentional with my purchases and only spend money on items that I truly need, and that brings me joy. So In this post, I’ll be sharing things I won’t buy in 2018. This is in no way restricting myself from spending. I’m just choosing to not buy anything that doesn’t add needed value to my life.

So here we go…

Kitchen Appliances

There are so many kitchen appliances that I want to buy but I have to be realistic and remind myself that I don’t need any more appliances. When it comes to having a minimal kitchen, it’s important to know your lifestyle and what kinds of food you cook + enjoy. Knowing this will help you understand what kinds of appliances you need in your kitchen. Looking through my kitchen, I think I can survive with what I currently have. There’s a post on my essential kitchen appliances for a minimal & simple kitchen coming next week so be on the lookout for that 🙂

Excess Foods That End Up Going To Waste 

One of my biggest lessons and regret in my life is just how much food I waste. I come from a big family so I’m used to shopping in bulk and cooking bulk foods that last for days. Since moving out on my own, I have not been able to let go of this habit. Even though I live by myself, I shop in bulk and cook in bulk, still. Part of that is my belief that you truly save money when you shop in bulk. However, I find it counterproductive to buy food in bulk hoping of saving money but end up wasting the food because you just can’t finish them on time. things not to buy and how to embrace simple living

This year, I’m challenging myself to be more intentional with my food shopping. I will take on meal planning by the week and only shop what’s required to make a planned weekly meal. I will also not make any food that lasts longer than 3 days. So each week, I’ll plan out my meals for the week, shop and cook on my days off work. I will also have to “mummy” myself and make sure I am eating what was planned for each meal.


I decluttered my clothes by almost 80% in 2017. It’s by far the most significant simple living change I made in 2017. I had enough clothes to last me close to two years without having to repeat any. I still have ways to go with my decluttering. Until I am fully decluttered and made up my mind on my fashion style, I won’t be buying clothes- this is on my simple living goals for 2018 as well. The year 2018 is dedicated to finding my personal style and getting in shape. I am actually on a one-year clothing shopping ban. I’ll share my strategy for surviving this in a coming post.

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I have a lot of journals and notebooks some of which I shared in my must have planners and journals for 2018. While I love planners and always find myself in the stationery aisle often, I won’t be buying any more this year. My goal is to wean myself off journal and transition to electronic planning. I want to be able to have most of my planners and journal on the go. Books also tend to clutter up space easily and I don’t need any more clutter in my life.


I haven’t always been a fan of shampoos. When I first started my natural hair journey in 2012, I stopped using shampoos. I eventually started using shampoos again in 2016 and accumulated quite a few. In order to simplify my life, I have found other multipurpose products I have in my home that also work well as shampoos. I’ll be sharing my favorite DIY shampoo recipe soon- so stay tuned.

Moreover, shampoos often come in plastic bottles and I absolutely hate plastic. Being more conscious and eco-friendly means doing my best to intentionally eliminate or reduce my plastic consumption.

Anything in plastic

You’ll probably hear me talk a lot about how much I hate plastic. But that’s because plastic is one of the most harmful materials to our health and planet. They take thousands of years to decompose (if they ever do) and mostly end up in landfills and oceans.

Will I be able to 100% eliminate plastic from my life? Probably not. What I can do is intentionally steer clear of products that come in plastics wherever possible. I shared some tips on how to be more eco-friendly which included taking your own bag to the store to avoid plastic bags. Bottom line is, wherever possible, I will avoid products that come in nonrecyclable/compostable plastic containers. I’ll do my best at least 90% of the time.

Cheap Items  (Especially clothes)

I am a big fan of quality over quantity. Until last year, I was more obsessed with having more things. The problem with having too many things is this: most of the time, we end up buying low-quality items. These are usually the things that come cheap especially clothes. Fast fashion is a problem; it’s the only explanation to why you can buy so many clothes at barely $5 each. Not many people know the true cost of the cheap items they buy. For me, I am focused on quality items. I’d rather spend $200 on a  good shirt that lasts me years than buy 20 low-quality tops at $10 each.

Anything That’s Not Multipurpose

The key to living simply and owning fewer things is buying things that serve more than one purpose. If an item can’t do more than 1 thing for me, I won’t be buying- unless there’s truly no other purpose for that item. I want to buy a knife that can cut bread, veggies and peal root vegetables. I want appliances that can make juice, nut butter, and smoothies. Truth is, this saves you money in the long run as well. Win-win!

That’s it, my dears! I hope this post gives you ideas and much-needed encouragement to truly focus on only spending your money and time on what truly matters!

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Until next post…

things not to buy and how to embrace simple living

Until next post…

~ Asakemi

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  • I live with housemates but a few times a year I petsit for friends and have to cook for myself. I’m not use to it because in our house we eat family style. But meal planning is very key and freezing meals is a big help. It’s perfect for lazy days when I can’t be bothered to make something and I don’t want to buy food or eat unhealthily.

  • I don’t buy much of anything but skincare.I love supporting small organic skincare companies so every month I buy a bunch of stuff from a few and blog about them. I do believe in quality over quantity as well. Great post!

  • This is a great post. I could relate with buying food in bulk, now that I live alone, I find myself buying food in bulk ?. I def have to plan my meals. Thank you for sharing.