2019: Seeking Wholesomeness and Simplicity

how to embrace wholesome living

Wholesome living is something I have desired for a while now. Like minimalism, even before I knew what it was called, I desired what I know now to be a wholesomeness. With everything I learned in 2017 and in 2018, I knew 2019 is the year it all comes together for me.

As I went through my end of the year review, I decided on my word of the year for 2019 and I made the decision to make 2019 my best year yet. I’d been thinking of all the ways I need to improve in 2019. I finally feel like I have arrived; I’ve figured out what I need to do and how to go about them. 2019 is the year I am choosing to live wholly. It’s the year of work, and of challenges. It’s the year I put my best foot forward to live my best life with no hesitations.

I have been thinking a lot about the best version of me. I realized that most of us conjure up and desire this bogus “best version of me”. When most of us are asked what the best version of us looks like, we really don’t know. Personally, I was tired of constantly working towards a “better” me but always feeling like I am never reaching there. I had to I sit down, think, cried and write down all the qualities I desired in my future self. I realized that the best version of me is living her life with ultimate simplicity and she is wholesome. She is healthy and thriving. Wholesomeness is her mantra.

You may be wondering what “wholesomeness” or wholesome living is all about.

Well, according to Cambridge dictionary, “wholesomeness is to improve your life either physically, morally or emotionally….. it is indulging in habits that are good for you, useful and advantageous”.

What does and wholesome living entail?

  • to be wholesome is to be holistically well.
  • wholesome living is living a life that’s full – of love, affection, care,
  • it is to live life out of fullness; the fullness of love- for self, for others, and for the planet.
  • it is to live on a spiritual abundance. For me, it is in my belief in the God of the universe.

In short, wholesome living is taking a holistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle. THAT is what I desire and will be working on in 2019. It is acknowledging your values and making sure that the daily choices you make, align with that value.

wholesome living

Wholesomeness is intentional living. It is fully embracing a way of life that is more than just yourself. It is to live mindfully; mindful of what you eat, when you eat, who makes your food, who makes your clothes.

Wholesomeness comes in many facets; body, soul, spirit and mind. With so many facets towholesomeness, It can be quite complicated. While I’d love to explore all ofthese facets in 2019. I am challenged to seek this in the most simplistic waypossible.

Embracing wholesomeness is embracing ourselves in all of our fullness. It is not that weare perfect, but rather than we know these imperfections and we work with them. When we embrace this fullness, we begin to see the effect: a life that is joyful, that cares, that does what needs to be done when it needs to be done. We begin to nourish our body, mind and soul.

In 2019, We will seek wholesomeness and we will know it and live it.

If you’ve always desired a healthy happy life, I want you to know that it is possible. Set it as a goal for 2019, I am doing it and I want you to do it with me. So here’s to wholesomeness. Here’s to simplicity.

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