Revive Tired Skin With Aveseena Honey Active Beauty Mask

Purify your skin naturallyThis review is sooo overdue so I won’t even bore you with unnecessary details. If you’re new to my blog; I tend to follow a structure with my reviews. This allows me to stick to the point and give just necessary details without rambling off point. 


I first discovered Aveseena on Instagram. I had been wanting to buy the Honey mask from May Lindstrom ($90) which had soo much raves and reviews in the green beauty community. Normally, I love a DIY honey mask but my schedule has been so busy with school, work, blog and life, I just needed a honey mask that I could easily slap on. I decided to go with the Honey Active Beauty Mask. After comparing it to the May Lindstrom’s I found that they’re way too similar and I didn’t need to spend that whopping $90 on May  Lindstrom. (I still might tho. LOL just because I’m still curious to try it). 

Skin Type/Concern

This mask is ideal for ALL skin types. Use it if your skin needs (gentle) exfoliation. It also works well to draw out impurities from the skin as well as nourish and hydrate. This mask will definitely help revive tired skin. If your skin is looking dry and congested, this mask will definitely help clarify, nourish, smoothen and hydrate your skin!

Packaging/ Cost

This mask comes in at $67 for a 3.34 fl oz (100 ml). I love the solid dark glass jar that it comes in! You know I’m a sucker for anything in dark packaging that’s not plastic :). I absolutely love the packaging. It’s so luxurious! It also comes with a small spoon-like spatula for scooping out the product. The price aside, you’ll definitely get a good use out of this one. I have used it consistently yet I still haven’t even gone through 1/4 of the jar yet.

I have not found a cheaper alternative to recommend. A DIY honey mask would work well tho for anyone looking for something more affordable. If you want a DIY recipe, let me know 🙂


The main ingredient is honey which is amazing for anyone looking to hydrate and restore skin’s moisture since honey is a powerful humectant. It also contain’s China clay, an ingredient known for purifying and exfoliating skin. Some other key ingredients are shown in this simple image that I got from Aveseena’s website.

Revive tired and congested skin


The mask is incredibly thick! At first, I was nervous about whether or not I’d be able to effectively apply this on my face. However, once you start the application, it warms up upon contact to the skin making the application smoother. The last time I applied this mask, I used a face mask brush and it honestly glided on so smoothly. So if you have a face mask brush, that can make the application process easier. I also love that that it doesn’t drip all over your face, neck, and clothes due to the thick texture. 

Dextox skin naturallySmell/Taste

So this literally smells like heaven! I’m not even kidding. It has such a strong yet subtle medley of honey/citrusy/botanical scent. It’s like Hawaii on your face. Yum!  It’s not overpowering but it definitely is pleasing to the senses. I did taste this product >_>  and it is sweet! Very sweet! Duh, it’s honey. haha, I don’t advice you taste it tho.

Appearance/Reaction on skin

This product smoothens and truly brightens my skin. I see an instant difference in my skin’s texture and appearance as soon as I wash it off. You could see a visibly clean and vibrant skin that’s so soft to touch. I’m always amazed!

Final Thought

 So THIS MASK! Gosh, where do I begin? You guys know I love love love skincare and I often gush over products I love. When I tried this product for the first time, I was not impressed. I tossed it to the back of my shelf and forgot about it for over a month. I picked it up a while later when I wanted a honey and oat mask but didn’t have time to make one. After the second use, I was shocked by how amazing my skin turned out! I literally was staring at my skin in the mirror for a good 10 minutes- shocked!

I realized that what had happened the first time was that I hadn’t prepped my skin properly which was the reason why I wasn’t reaping the benefits of my products (I think). Read my How to Reap the benefits of your skincare products.

As smooth of a consistency as the mask has, it has some very tiny grainy texture to it as well (from the china clay). However, this is unlike any exfoliant I have ever used. It is so gentle and the grains are not noticeable on the skin. Obviously, this is a mask; so you apply it and leave it on to do it’s magic for 10 minutes! In 10 minutes your skin will literally be bright like a diamond and glowing, sis! 

I can’t even start to tell you how glorious my skin looked compared to what it looked like before I use this mask! I apply it at least once a week and each time, I am blown away by how transformed my skin looks! If you follow me on Instagram you’d see all my facemask and weekly skincare routines on insta stories 🙂

This mask is Definitely Asakemi Approved! I hope you found this review helpful! Would you try this product?

How to revive tired and congested skin

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  • Wow! Thanks Asaake for this beautiful review of our Honeyactive Beauty Mask! You are so right that our customers love the way it feels on their skin and how their complexion looks/feels after application. They tell us this all the time. You so nailed it! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed using our Honeyactive Beauty Mask, and we hope your fans love it too. Unfortunately, fires in CA and decrease in the number of honeybees make this fabulously delicious honey we use, harder to get at the high quality we want. Although these unexpected factors pose quite a challenge, we decided to keep this product in our line with a minimum price adjustment because our customers love it so much and it is so good for the skin. If there is ever anything that I or my company can do to answer any of your questions, or any questions your fans may have, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Now, off to share this review and your awesome blog on all of our social media!

    • Thank you so much For this info! My hear goes out to all of you in California. Totally enjoyed this product and would repurchase with no hesitation!