Recommitting to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

This will be fairly brief. I’m not really sure which direction this post would go so I might just end up rambling. Bear with me.

I am overweight. I weigh 159 lbs (about 72kg) as at Sunday. That may not be considered overweight for most but for me and for my history, it is. This is the heaviest I have ever been and it makes me extremely uncomfortable in many ways. I’ve always been the girl who prides herself in leading a healthy lifestyle so this weight gain has a weird effect on me.

I am 5’4″ tall. According to a lot of the weight charts available online, I have exceeded the normal weight range for my height and age. In fact, my current weight is the maximum weight in the weight range for  a 5’7″ woman according to the chart on weight watchers. Moreover, my BMI is way over 25 which is scary!

Franky speaking, I’m not exactly sure how I got to this point. I mean, I know how I got here, but you know what I mean? Haha.

I had a surgery about 7 weeks ago. Everything pretty much went down the drain from there. Prior to the surgery, I was in a reasonably good place; I was living healthy, eating well and working out consistently. After surgery, I was limited to lifting no more than 15 lbs, no bending, and just staying off anything that has the potential to raise my blood pressure. Definitely, working out was out of the equation for me.

Also after the anesthesia and meds wore off hours after the surgery, my appetite changed. I’m not blaming it for the appetite change, but everything changed when I left the hospital (that’s all i’m saying). I only craved bread and tea (Nigerian style). I pretty much ate bread and tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a good 5 days if not more. It seriously was all I was craving and because I didn’t really have the energy to cook, I settled for it. In my mind, once I was off the health restrictions, I would return to the regular me.

Since the surgery, my eating habits have gone downward spiral. I’ve been on medical leave since my surgery and haven’t really eaten anything healthy. My eating habits have been so bad that even I am shocked by how far I’ve gone. I mean, I ate McDonald’s meals and drank sodas for the first time in years and can count how many cups of water I drank on my fingers. It’s insane.

The effects this unhealthy lifestyle aren’t subtle. Obviously, I have gained a lot of weight, My skin looks and feels terrible, I am out of shape and literally always tired etc. Something has to give.

I am medically clear to return to my routine. So here’s my commitment.

* I will work out at least 4 days/week.

* I will only eat organic/all natural meals (No matter what; this is hard when my friends and I go out to eat).

* I will ensure that I eat the right proportions for everything; no more overeating because some things taste good.

* I will track my progress on this blog for my own accountability.

* I will make healthy eating a lifestyle rather than just a temporary thing to lose weight.

* I will eat more fruits and veggies; eat more fresh produce and less processed foods including cereals etc.

* I will drink more water and get back on my daily tea routine.

Fitness Goal

My goal weight range is 128-130 lbs. This is the range I feel most comfortable in. Now I am a fairly muscular gal and tend to look slim even though I have put one a significant amount of weight. I am looking to lose around 25 lbs. I don’t want to go drastic with this. So, I am giving myself until December to get to my goal weight. Not a bad weight loss goal for 6 months. In all, I am hoping to drop to at least a size 4 or size 6. I currently between size 8 and 10. And strangely still a size Small in most clothing collections.

Now, this is one of those times when I start obsessing over the number on the scale. So I am challenging myself to only weigh once a week. Ideally, I want to get to a point in life where I completely ditch scales. I want to get to a place where I am more concerned about my overall health and wellness than judging myself based on the number on the scale.

That’s it for now! I thought i’d pen this post down and publish before i changed my mind and got complacent. I know that in publishing this, I have at least one eye looking; that’s essentially the accountability I need and the amazing thing about having this blog. With this out of the way, I will have a more in depth post focusing on my goals, routines and a way to track my progress.

If you’re on a weight loss or any kind of fitness journey comment below! We could motivate each other from across the globe!.

Thank you for reading!



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  • I give you props for posting this as it will hold you accountable now. Something about making a public statement definitely makes you wanna stick to your word 🙂 One recommendation I also have to motivate you is to carry a picture or change your phone wallpaper to a picture of yourself at a time when you were at your healthy stage (ideal weight). This will remind you that you want to be back at this stage every time you look at it. So anytime you don’t feel motivated this may help you wanna push yourself. Also check out this article ( as it worked for a lot of people. As a fitness junkie I had to share this article to help you. I know it goes directly against your love for bread, but you got this one girl!!!!

    • I totally agree with you! I have a picture of me at my ideal weight as a screensaver on my phone. I think that’s a great motivation. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  • I so need inspiration and accountability right now to get back on track to healthy eating and fitness. I was banned from most activity last fall due to a neck injury and still don’t have the go ahead to run which I miss so so much. Walking and gentle exercises are not the same. I love yoga and must stretch every day to keep limber. Faced with multiple chronic illnesses but I don’t intend on letting them get the best of me. I wish you all the best along your journey and will check back to see how its going!

    • Aww! Thanks so much Lisa! I appreciate this. I’m so sorry about your injury and I hope you recover fully soon.

  • THis is very inspiring! It is awesome that you are focusing on lifestyle and not in a one time diet thing. I started a healthier lifestyle about a year ago. My boyfriend is a bodybuilder as a hobby (no pressure, haha!) and I got into the swing of training about 5 days a week. Which is insane because I would define myself as sport-allergic type!
    Although I am no expert, I would recommend not to obsess with your weight, specially if you will be training and lifting weights, because you will lose fat but build muscle, and muscles are heavy. Focus on eating wholefood and moving your body, and you will feel amazing sooner than you think!
    Also, have you heard about Deliciously Ella? I recommend her books to everyone (I own all of them) because she has the most amazingly healthy, tasty and EASY recipes! Look her up if you don’t know her, she started as a UK food blogger.

    Lots of love and encouragement for you darling! xxxx

    • AWWW this was great! Thank you so much, Elisa! I will definitely take all you’ve said seriously. I think I will challenge myself to focus less on the numbers from now and skip the weights. I know how much I hated working out so hard but not seeing any change with the numbers on the scale. I will check Ella out. I need all the encouragements I can get. haha.

  • I love you’re committed to lifestyle change not just a random diet. Keep going if you need any motivation just ask me I went from 80kg to 60kg in less than a year about 2,5 years ago it was a drastic change for me. I had gained a lot of weight in such a short time that it shocked everyone around me. Not anymore though!:)

    Love always,


    • Thanks so much Zineb! I will definitely be peaking your blog for inspirations here and there! And congrats on the weight loss! Now I know my goal is totally achievable ?

  • These are all really awesome goals! It’s always the best to have a set routine & to work on it everyday! You got this girl! & Remember you are beautiful!

  • So excited to follow your journey. I love the fact you are making a lifestyle change and not on a diet. I to am in the process of a lifestyle change as I have 6 children we are all done and I want to be healthier and feel better for them. Good luck and excited for you!

    • Thank you so much Brandy! Let’s do this together! I think making it a lifestyle change allows you more room for errors and also makes the change long term rather than the quick fix thing that reverts pretty easily.