How to Reap The Benefits of Your Skincare Routine & Products

A few weeks ago, I was looking through an account on Instagram and in the comment, I realized a lot of people were having Eureka moments. Basically, People found out they had been misusing a skincare product the whole time. For one of them, She was already on her second bottle of the product only to realize she had been using the products wrong. Last week, I also realized I had been using the beauty water from Honua Skincare as a face mist not knowing that it is a face toner (to be used with a cotton ball/round). 

Seeing that comment on Instagram made me think of my own skincare mistakes in that regard. It also made me wonder what the effects of misusing a product could be. I’m not an esthetician but it’s pretty common sense to assume that misusing a product can result in two things: On the one end, you just don’t get the product to work. On the other end, you may find your skin react adversely to a product. This could actually be very bad.

With this in mind, I thought I’d try to share some simple ways to help you (and I)  get the best out of your skincare product. How do you ensure you are reaping the full benefits of your skincare routine and the products you use? Well, I’ll share some tips.

Read the labels!

I can’t even stress this enough. For the most part, most of what you need to know about a product will be on the labels. If you need to know the ingredient list, manufacturing and expiration dates, any claims on allergens and how products were tested, all these info will be on the labels. This should be your first step when you purchase a product. No matter what you’ve previously heard about the products, verify it on your own. I take it a step further to visit the brand’s website to see if there’s anything else I want to know about a product. 

Follow instructions

You know what I find interesting, people read instructions for how to use electronics and appliances but do not read instructions on how to use skincare products. This is perhaps the biggest mistake we make when putting skincare products to use. All skincare products are different- even skincare products in the same category are different. Many of these products are formulated with different intentions. You cannot expect to apply all face cleansers on damp skin. Some face cleansers are designed to be applied on dry skin. So before you use a product, pleas read the label and follow instructions. 

Know that all skincare products are not created the same

Just because some products contain similar ingredients doesn’t mean they should be used in the same manner. Different manufacturers formulate different ingredients differently and probably intend for their products to work a certain way. I learned this with certain kinds’ of mask that I used. These makes were formulated for the same purpose but the instructions for each mask was different. If you don’t pay attention to how a manufacturer intends for their product to work, you might miss a major benefit of that product.

Be aware that formulas may change

A major mistake we all make is assuming that we already know a product and so we don’t even bother reading labels when we repurchase. Manufacturers change formulas and tweak ingredients in products all the time. Many times, buyers are not notified of these changes. Tweaking ingredients may affect how your skin reacts to a product it once loved. So, it’s important to always treat each new bottle/jar/tube of product as though it’s your first experience with each repurchase. 

Understand your skin type and use the right ingredients

Here’s a pointer to help you Find your skin type and figure out which ingredients works best for your skin type. Knowing your skin type is a critical step to ripping benefits of a skincare routine. Certain products work best for different skin types in different conditions. If your skin is dryer in the summer/humid month, your favorite moisturizer for winter season just might not work. Even though some products state “for all skin types”, I find that they typically just don’t work for mine. I know ingredients my skin love and try to stay away from those ingredients that don’t cooperate with my skin. 

Prep your skin

This goes along with following instructions. It’s important to prep your skin for different products based on manufacturer’s instruction. Some products require you to use them on clean skin. Some require you to damp your skin with warm water. There’s a reason for all of these. Some ingredients may contain enzymes that function better on certain skin conditions. Prepping your skin for the right ingredients is a sure way to maximize the benefits of skincare products. Most of my face mast require clean skin but one of them specifically instruct using on freshly exfoliated skin. Skin prepping is key!

Use products in the same line

Some manufacturers will formulate certain products to work well along with other ingredients in their product line. Basically you reap the full benefits when you use the ingredients in the same line. For example, Certain toners work best to prep your skin for the moisturizers or serum in that line. This is usually rare, but watch out for things like these when you purchase your skincare products. 

So that’s about all I can think of. These sound minor, but it can actually be the secrete to getting the wow factor from your products. If you have any tips on how you make your skincare work for you, do share below and let’s help each other GLOW! 🙂

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