Re-Embracing My 4c Natural Hair

I have been natural for about 5 years now; my last relaxer was in January 2012. Interestingly, as early as 2011, I had sworn off going natural. So it was shocking even to myself when I started transitioning (that story is for another day. Haha)

I transitioned for about 5 months and then cut my hair in summer 2012; it was exciting. I wore wigs for the first few months after which I embraced my natural hair. It was a love relationship. I truly loved my natural hair. I started experimenting like (almost) every new natural and ended up damaging my hair. First when I colored it. It looked cute, but biggest mistake ever!


My hair health basically went down spiral from here. I enjoyed the color for a while. My hair even grew well months after the color.

I think I got busy with school and didn’t pay much attention to my hair anymore. Eventually, my healthy hair began to deteriorate and I became very dissatisfied with how my natural hair was. I decided to chop it off.


After cutting it, I still wasn’t satisfied, so I kept cutting. Before I knew it, I had cut about 4 years’ worth of growth. That’s insane! My last big chop was march 2016. I was happy for that big chop. It was my opportunity to enjoy the TWA which I never really did and a second chance to hopefully get it right. I ended up not enjoying the TWA so I ended up with protective styling. For the first 8 months, I work wigs none stop. I naturally have a very sparse hairline, the wigs seemed to be snagged on the little I had so I switched to crochet braids. This worked okay; I am tender headed and dreaded the first few days of crocheting. My plan was to grow my natural hair out to a certain length then start rocking it. Or so I made myself believe. The truth was, I didn’t love my hair anymore.

Fast forward to las week, I stumbled on NappyfuTV on YouTube and my perspective changed. I have watched over 100 of her videos since then. Seeing her and just how much she loved her hair reignited something in me. She reminded me that my hair is beautiful and I had no choice but to love it. Watching her made me realize that I was hiding behind my wigs and crotchets because I just didn’t feel beautiful with my own hair. It was clear that I had gotten used to how the wigs and braids framed my face and that was beautiful for me. I didn’t feel beautiful anymore with my own hair.

                    “To have healthy hair, you’ve gotta do healthy things” -NappyFuTV

I had convinced myself that the protective style was just for protecting my hair. Then it hit me; I wasn’t necessarily protecting my hair but I was doing those things because I didn’t want to put in the work to actually care for and nourish my own hair. How then was I supposed to have healthy hair let alone long hair? This was particularly crazy to me because that I had convinced soooooo many people to go natural and now I was struggling with loving my own hair? From watching NappyFu and seeing Chizi Duru and Ijeoma Kola Instagram, I was inspired.

I picked up a pair scissors and started taking down my braids; I was done! I was ready to be free again, no longer hiding under protective styles but will rather feel beautiful with my own God given hair. My life is about to get crazy with school, life, work and this blog but I am determined to actually wear my hair and care for it!After I took out those braids, I went to the store and bought some much needed products to nourish my neglected hair. I did a twist-out which ended up being very successful. Taking this selfie make me realize just how beautiful my hair. I AM OBSESSED!

I’m excited to be back on the natural hair grind. I’ve been natural for 5 years but my current tresses are 14 months. Today, I Love my hair- the length, the density, the texture, everything. I will enjoy styling the hair, and encouraging more people to love their natural hair like I have always done. Protective styles will be just that-protective styles. So thanks to NappyFuTV, Ijeoma and Chizi for inspiring this move. Especially NappyFuTV whose video is not only informative but also entertaining. Also, thanks to my sisters Mimi & Ij, my friends Chi, Oge, and D. who all now have natural after I nagged them. I will not fail you guys this time!

Here’s for more natural hair post! I’m very excited to find natural/organic products that actually work on my hair.

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