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June Under The Microscope : Blog review and July Goals.


I’ve always wanted to do a monthly review but never thought it to be necessary. Partly because I am and have been extremely nervous and wary of sharing too much…

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10 Reasons Why You’ll Need Rooibos Tea In Your Life


This post is not intended for treatment purposes. Please consult your doctor first before including any form of supplements to your diet. Affiliate link is used in this post.  A…

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My current Favorite Blogs and Bloggers


If you’re reading this post, chances are you have a few favorite blogs. You enjoy reading them and look forward to new post notifications from the blog. When you get…

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Before Adding Vitamin C to Your Skincare Regimen


In this post, I’ll attempt to break down any related chemistry jargons and hopefully highlight the benefits of vitamin C for your skin. This post will be a combination of…

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Ultimate Green Beauty Essentials For a perfect Summer Glow


                                 (This post is NOT sponsored. Some affiliate links are used.) I just noticed this…

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Green Beauty Product Review: Tata Harper Clarifying Mask


Back Story In the world of green beauty, there’s Tata Harper; she’s high up there. She is one of my favorite skincare curators especially being that the company grows most…

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Unique Organic & Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s day is right around the corner. For many of us, this is one of the days we love and enjoy to shower our dads with all the love and…

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Finding The Best Ingredients For Your Skin Type: Glowing Skin 301.


Disclaimer: As you read this post and others about skin type, please keep in mind that the information presented is obtained from my own research out of curiosity and obsession…

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What’s Your Skin Type? Glowing Skin 201


This is part two of 'Getting Your Natural Skin Glow On'. Part one is HERE  to give you a quick round up on what this whole series is about. (I'm goint…

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Recommitting to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle


This will be fairly brief. I’m not really sure which direction this post would go so I might just end up rambling. Bear with me. I am overweight. I weigh…

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