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It’s Time to Start Blogging For Me Again


About a year ago, after almost 6 years of trying on and off, I decided to try blogging- again. This time, my motivation for blogging was different. I wasn’t just…

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Skincare Edit: Natural Spring Skincare Products


Well, It’s been about a week since my last post, and honestly, I do not have an explanation for the unexpected hiatus. I just had a week that was busier…

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How to Create The Perfect Spring Skincare Routine


Spring is here!! Well, for most people- except for us here in the midwest. I love spring, not as much as I love winter but pretty close. I love spring…

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This Week: Inspiring Links, Reads & Loves #2


If you tuned in to today’s “episode” of inspiring links after reading last week’s, welcome back! I got such positive feedback about this and I am definitely excited to continue…

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Changing My Life in One Year – Chapter 1


If you’re wondering what this is about, please check this post on inspiring links from last week. In that post, I mentioned a video by Dottie James that has inspired…

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My Organic Makeup & All Natural Lipstick Collection

Lipsticks! Where do I start? I love lipsticks. I was never a fan of lipsticks until I discovered matte lipsticks. When I was young, I could never understand why people…

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This Week: Inspiring Links, Reads & Loves. (1)


I’m super excited to launch this series that I will be starting on the blog. Many of you who follow me on Instagram know that I love to share some quotes…

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How I keep My House Simple, Minimal and Clutter Free


I have gotten such great feedback since I started sharing more lifestyle posts on Instagram. I have also gotten a significant amount of questions. Some of them I am able…

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My One Year Clothe Shopping Ban: Why + 7 Tips


In 2017, the reality hit me that not only did I have too much stuff, I had way too many clothes. When I started my simple living journey I knew…

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7 Ways to Bring Natural & Organic Elements into Your Home


Hey, my Dears! This is a guest post by Lana who’s article I have always loved. Lana wrote one post earlier for my blog which I love. You can check…

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