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My Clean Beauty Must Haves


I have been working on creating a skincare routine for a while now. I figured it’s about time I become pretty strict with my skincare rather than the regular “anything…

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Tata Harper Daily Essential Kit Review (Natural/Organic Skincare)


I bought this product before I launched this blog so I didn’t really think to take photos for the purpose of this post. Apologies  Since I found out about Tata…

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Earth Day2017- My Eco-Friendly Resolution


This post was scheduled for Earth Day but then I lost the original file ? so I apologize for the late post. If you live on Earth – anywhere on earth-…

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Re-Embracing My 4c Natural Hair


I have been natural for about 5 years now; my last relaxer was in January 2012. Interestingly, as early as 2011, I had sworn off going natural. So it was…

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Why I Started Blogging


I’ll try to make this as succinct as possible. I hope you read the entire blog ? Writing this post is so surreal! It means I have a blog and…

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5 Tips For Transitioning to The Organic Life


So I thought I’d give a quick guide/tip to encourage anyone contemplating letting go of toxic/harsh chemical products and choosing organic skin care & beauty and organic food. A couple…

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Must Have App For Clean Beauty Enthusiasts 


When I transitioned to this organic lifestyle and focusing on clean beauty, it was undeniably hard. One of the hardest things for me was not knowing which brands I could…

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6 Reasons To Switch to Eating Organic And Living Intentionally


I was going to answer every question I’ve been asked in the course of my transition to the organic lifestyle but that would be a terrifyingly long post which I…

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Journey to Wholeheartedness


Wholeheartedness… This is a word I have been pondering on for months now. Interestingly, I have actually been pondering on the little T’s and I’s that constitute this word but…

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