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Organic Makeup & All Natural Lipstick CollectionLipsticks! Where do I start? I love lipsticks. I was never a fan of lipsticks until I discovered matte lipsticks. When I was young, I could never understand why people wore lipsticks- especially shiny red lipsticks. I started wearing lipsticks when I was 20/21 years and I believe that was when I discovered matte lipsticks. I just love how matte lipsticks look, they appear effortless to me. Can’t really explain why I prefer them.

I’m not into makeup (you’ve probably noticed since I mostly write about skincare) so I don’t have a lot of makeup but I do have lipsticks. I’ve had requests about makeups that work for me, so I’ll be sharing more makeup posts. Today, I thought I’d share the lipsticks in my organic makeup collection. I’ll try to categorize them by brands. Please forgive me, I don’t know much about makeup so I won’t even try describing these.

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This post is one of those posts that make me wish I have an active youtube channel. I think it would be more fun to actually wear the colors and show you have they look on my skin. Writing about them won’t do them justice but I’ll try.

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Organic Makeup & All Natural Lipstick CollectionOne of my favorite lipsticks brands is Clove and Hallow. I discovered C & H on Instagram and had to purchase them. I love how matte the lipsticks are and I find them to last very long (actually the longest lasting makeup I own). These lipsticks are perfect for my more “put together” looks. I mainly wear them on my special occasions since they’re very pigmented. Often times, I wear them on Sundays but only dab a small amount so it’s barely there.

I have the lip velvets in colors Uptown and Napa, both retail for $18 each. These lipsticks are very creamy for easy application but finish matte. They’re not drying at all. Nappa is a deep purple color and honestly does not smudge! If you need to touch up throughout the day, it’s so easy to do and does not clump together. The same is the case with Uptown which is kinda my favorite. I really like this color. It is my nude. I dab just a little on and go about my day.

The vapour organic siren lipsticks are more my everyday lipsticks. They’re not as long-lasting as the clove and hallows. They’re actually creamy and feel more like a tinted lip balm to me- but maybe lasts a little longer than lip balms. I really love them and want to try more colors. What I love most about the siren lipsticks is the color selection. They have about 26 colors to choose from. So you are sure to find a color that works for almost any skin tone. I love them for my more nude looks especially. They retail for $25 each on the Vapour organics website.

Axiology’s lip crayon formula is one of my favorite ones. It’s so hydrating and actually lasts longer than I expected. I have this in the color Valor ($26). It’s very moisture rich and has a silky finish- not quite matte but it’s not glossy. I also have the lipsticks in color Worth and Infinite. These ones are $30 each.

Worth is a red color with a mild orange-yellow undertone. It glides on creamy but has a soft matte finish. This really compliments my golden undertone. Infinite on the other hand is a berry color but has hints of brown in it which I think makes it work so well for my skin and most skin tones. I tried it on my sister who is much darker than I am and it suits her so well.

One of my favorite lip colors is this deep red color from Jane Iredale. It’s the color Cindy from their pure moist collection. It’s a semi-matte with a very hydrating feel and lasts quite a while.Organic Makeup & All Natural Lipstick Collection. Affordable organic makeup

Also on my everyday lip wears are the Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bombora ($26). This is a sheer pinkish red color. It has natural SPF 15 which I really appreciate. It glides on so smoothly and gives a rich moisture without feeling glossy. I use this when I am running errands and need more than a regular lip balm (which I wear 90% of the time. My only problem is how easily it broke up the first day I used it.

Another lipstick that I own is a lipstick from Root pretty in the color Foxy. It’s one of those lip colors I own but don’t wear as often. It’s a dark plum color with brown undertones. I find it to be quite dull on my skin so I don’t reach for it as much. Most likely will give it away to any friend who wants it.

Lastly, One of my top favorites. Undone by Kosas. This lip color is my everything. I am so so obsessed with it. It’s a nude pink that doesn’t leave m ashy. I think it will work on any skin type really. I love how minimal the Kosas brand is in general and that is evident in the products they design. This lipstick glides on weightlessly but lasts for a while. It’s also a soft matte finish. Kosas has lots of other lip colors I’d love to try.

My only issue with the brand which is why I am hesitant to spend on them is the lack of representation of black women in their brand. I just hate that you hardly find black women on their Instagram page. Yes, it’s a big deal for me. other than that, great product!

affordable organic makeup for black womenAnd that’s it! I’m sorry I suck at describing makeup. I’m still learning. haha. But this post definitely made me see the need for a youtube channel to compliment my blog. For topics like these, I’d rather just show it than write about it. I didn’t quite talk about all the colors I have so if you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer!

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