November Intentions

Well, It’s another intentions installment. For my November Intentions, I am going to keep it simple and quick. I think I’ve spent most of the time pouring it all out in my journal. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes and I look forward to when I can unveil it all.

I spent most of my time studying for an exam that I didn’t pay much attention to my October intentions. So I’ll spend some time in November getting those worked out while also working on the new intentions set for today.

Diving straight into these intentions

The woman I want to become

Okay, so I have been thinking a lot lately. We’ve heard a lot about becoming better versions of ourselves, but what does that even look like? It got me thinking. Last week, I took the time to write out what the better version of my self-looks like; what kind of woman is she? what are her attributes, what makes her better than the woman I am today? Two pages later, I realized that the woman I am now and the woman I want to become are so so far apart. I’ll share more on this in a future post but bear in mind, November is where the journey to becoming a better me began. Yes, I have previously tried changing my life and desired to be better, but this is the month where I have actually visualized what that looks like.

No more Mindless consumption

Last week, I spent 9 hours on my phone looking at my screen. I was shocked when I learned this. 9 hours is a ridiculous amount of time to spend on my cell phone. I could accomplish a lot in 9 hours and to learn that I spent that amount of time weekly on my phone really bothered me. That’s a total of 36 hours of cell phone time in October. Insanity.  My commitment this month is to spend less time on my phone. To work on consuming fewer media and creating more. No more mindless scrolling. I also noticed that I am becoming addicted to my phone all over again. Not a good look and I need to nip this in the bud before it spirals out of control. This is actually part of my digital declutter process.

Prioritize health, fitness, and wellbeing

I realized that even though I eat healthily, I eat more fruits than I do vegetables. Fruits are great, but they pack incredible amounts of sugar too. By not consuming enough vegetables, there’s a host of healthy micronutrients that I am completely dismissing. My goal is to make my plate more colorful and eat more colors- literally. I want to take the time to drink more green juices and consume a lot of fresh healthy vegetables. Also, I need to be more consistent with my workouts and start yoga, for goodness sakes!

Take Self-care seriously

Good self-care habits can enhance my wellbeing. I’ve learned the importance of being gracious to myself. Making self-care a priority is at the top of my number to-dos. First, I’ll need to figure out what self-care means to me beyond the usual install worthy self-care photos. Then I need to develop a plan and then commit to those plans. It’s all about simplifying and intentionally doing what needs to be done.

Blog consistently

I really miss the days when I had and stuck to a blog schedule.  This has been super busy over here but I am ready to get back to my old blogging schedule of posting twice per week. I plan to write more, create more, and hopefully create enough content to schedule out in advance. There’s a lot to say on minimalism and simple living. As the new year approaches, I want to be able to support and encourage anyone interested in decluttering and simplifying life.


There’s still a deep desire in my heart to make youtube videos. I started in the summer but somehow fell off the wagon due to some technical issues. My goals for November is to get back on the youtube train and JUST TRY! I do think I have a lot of thoughts to convey that I may not necessarily be able to do via blogging. I do think it’s another way to try something new, learn a new skill and keep my mind and self busy. I have almost 50 subscribers and that means a lot to me. I will commit to posting at least one video a month. If you’d love to subscribe, here’s the link.

Final Declutter

One of my unofficial 2018 simple living goals was to finish my declutter and reach my minimalism goal by the end of 2018. I still have a few things to declutter before hitting the maintenance stage. Hoping to get it all decluttered by the end of November. I am sooooooo excited about this!

Start 2019 planning

2018 is just about wrapping up. I am looking forward to starting my 2019 plans. From getting my planners together to reviewing last year’s goals. November is a great time to start so we aren’t rushing to get things done and set unrealistic goals in December just before the new year.

That’s about it. Looks like a lot on this list so I better get working.

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  • I love your blog and have since I started reading it. Sending big hugs and hoping that all of your intentions are met 🙂

  • Hey A, Your Blog is the literal definition of Fresh breath of Air. I enjoyed reading your November intentions. I think i need to swipe the Fruits for even more Veggies and add more green juices in my regime. I am here rooting for your blog consistency. Because we all could use a good old nudge. Wishing you the very best of everything. All my Love <3