November Beauty Boxes: Art of Organics & Beauty Heroes

best natural hydration maskSo many of you who follow me on Instagram know that I’m a beauty subscriptions box lover after being a skeptic for so long. I think they’re a great idea if you find the best ones that fit your needs and interests. I love beauty boxes so much that at some point this year, I was subscribed to at least 4 boxes. Now, I finally narrowed it down to two and these are two of my favorites that I am currently subscribed to. This was after I wrote the post a few months back about some beauty boxes you should try.

I decided that perhaps I should start sharing what’s in my beauty boxes each month. I’ll be honest, I have been hesitant to do a post like this one because I thought it to be not so beneficial to my readers. I mean, I receive the boxes around the same time everyone else receives theirs. Often times, by the time we receive the boxes, it’s usually too late for people to sign up. So sharing the content of the box for the purpose of “worth it or nah” didn’t really make sense.

However, I have come to realize that the purpose of these kinds of posts is not entirely on whether or not you should subscribe to the current month. One of the main purposes of subscription boxes is to help you discover new products that you might want to buy in the future. So thinking about it in that light, this post will come in handy.

Do note that these kinds of posts are not an in-depth review, but basically to share what the content of each box is and why I’m excited about each one. So with that being said… My two favorite boxes are Beauty Heroes and Arts Of Organics. I will do a separate post on why I love and have decided to stick with these two.

So what’s in the November Boxes? Let’s peek!


November ’17 box features a brand named KHUS +KHUS. It is founded by Kristi Blustein, a certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner. She uses her own unique plant combinations to create products that are holistically beneficial to you- products that go just beyond topical skin application. The products in the box this month have some pretty powerful high-quality ingredients. They include Baobab, Bleu Yarrow, Marula, Blue tansy Gardenia and Babassu. What I’ve noticed about this brand is that it is quite medicinal- there are claims about it supporting a calm nervous system,  and homeostasis both are which are awesome if true.

The two products included in this box include:

nourish dry skin naturally

BLEU BODY MAX ($78 value)

Beauty Heroes says that it “is an innovative twist on classical body butter, infused with traditional and decadent botanicals…….to deliver the “azulene effect” which is a holistic anti-inflammatory response that calms our entire system, supporting homeostasis”.

I’ll be honest, When I first saw this product, I was more fascinated with shooting it than with using it. I love products that come in black containers because I enjoy photographing dark objects.  When I eventually applied it, It truly made my caramel toned skin look like luxury yellow gold material initially and then it quickly absorbs into my skin. I applied this right before stepping out in the snow to take pictures so I’m not sure if the freezing weather played a part in how fast it dried up into my skin. I love seeing the mild blue color knowing it DOES NOT contain any artificial coloring. Win!

The second product in this box is the Sans Age Face Serum ($48 value) 

When I saw this I immediately thought “Yes, another serum to add to my collection”. My Serum collections continue to grow and I just cannot have enough. Read my current favorite face serums. I have already seen lots of good reviews about this product from other Instagram accounts and it makes me happy to try it. It is apparently great for soothing dry skin, regulating sebum and cooling inflammation. So this means, it’s basically great for all skin types! Wooooohooooo. Oh, add anti-aging to that list too.

Now we move on to the second box which is

Arts of Organics

Kahina giving beauty green beauty brands

This is a themed box and the theme for the month is MoonBeam. It features a brand called Kahina Giving Beauty– another holistic brand with products that are multipurpose and “life-enhancing”.

The products in this box include:

MOISTURE MASK ($88 value)

This is hydration and restorative mask that can be used every night. It’s not a rinse-off mask (I know we automatically think this when we think of masks). This moisture mask claims to “deeply hydrate, plump skin, reduce redness and refine skin tone and texture.” It does this by improving skin’s water content and infusing the skin with antioxidants that fight free radicals. I love that it contains Prickly pear seed oil which I have reviewed in my serum’s post. Also contains Blue Tansy and Geranium all of which have become some of my favorite skincare ingredients in the last few months.

The second product in this box is MOON BOOST ($75 value)

It is a lash and brow enhancing serum. Now, I have been wanting to grow my lashes for years after I shaved them off while shaving my brows with a razor in my teenage years -__-. I don’t need brow help (my brows are just as bushy as the Amazon forest). But…. I definitely need to grow my lashes so I am easily super excited about this product.

This serum contains growth stimulating ingredients like Arginine (I couldn’t help imagine the chemical structure of arginine –which is an amino acid for those who aren’t chemically inclined.) This serum will work for anyone looking to grow and strengthen their brow and lashes.

That’s about it for now! I hope this post was helpful if you were considering subscribing to either of these boxes. I honestly love love love them and you get incredible quality an value with either box.

Which Product/Brand in this post would you most love to try? Let me know!

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