All-Natural & Organic Skincare Travel Essentials

Organic skincare travel essentialsBy the time you read this, I’ll be in Ohio. Currently, road tripping 13 hours to Ohio to celebrate with two of my friends as they marry each other.

One of my biggest challenges is packing for trips. I tend to just throw any and everything in my luggage even for a short weekend trip. Now, as I embrace minimalism and value simplicity, it extends to my attitude towards packing for trips.

For this trip, it was hard narrowing down what I needed to take from my skincare shelf for the weekend. With narrowing down what I needed to take, I knew that I needed to create skincare travel essential kit for myself. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. So I thought I’d blog about it.

So if you’re curious about my organic skincare travel essential, here we go!


For my cleanser, I wanted something I can trust to clean my skin and pores. What I have literally been using every day is the LILFOX Jungle glow rainforest mask ($75) I have a review pending). This is a cleanser I trust to thoroughly cleanse my skin but also very gentle and not drying.


Now you guys know I love love love my witch hazel toners, but I have been using this beauty water ($24) every day for the last month and a half and it’s become my favorite toner. It takes my face cleansing a step further while hydrating my face at the same time. I also like it because I think it’s helping me control my oil production and keep my pores pretty clean.


This Squalane serum ($27) by Kudu Cosmetica has somehow found its way into my skincare routine. I bought it a while ago but didn’t start using it until recently. Since using it, I have come to the realization that I never want to run out of this stuff. This is by far my favorite serum and it sometimes replaces my moisturizer. I do also have a review of this coming soon which will include the benefits of Squalane in skincare. The review will also include everything I have purchased from Kudu.

Organic skincare travel essentialsFace oil/Moisturizer

I was torn between taking a face oil or a moisturizer. I wanted to take my OSEA Malibu moisturizer which is my go to so badly but again, my goal was to take just what’s essential. The LILFOX Prickly Pear Illuminating Nectar ($110) is my favorite face oil of all time! This stuff has been a key ingredient for clearing out my dark spots. I use this day and night in place of my moisturizer. I find that my skin is so supple when I combine it with the squalene serum mentioned above.

Face Mist

A face mist was optional but I chose this Facial Mist ($29) from Elyse Marie which is a risk because I have never used it. I wanted a face mist because I know that even though I have oily skin, my skin can sometimes feel dry. Also, being that I have never been Ohio, I wasn’t sure how my skin would respond to the weather so I needed a mist just in case my skin is drier than normal. You get never have too much hydration, sis. haha

Organic skincare travel essentialsBody

At home, I just shower with my African Black soap which I buy directly from my village in Nigeria. Using raw black soap can be a bit messy and I just didn’t want to deal with that in a hotel. I had a quick run to Trader Joe’s the day before my trip and found the Tea Tree Tingle body wash. I was drawn to it because I use the tea tree tingle shampoo and conditioner for my hair. With so much great organic ingredients and for less than $4/16 fl oz, I had to have it. So that’ll be my body wash for the weekend.

For body lotion, I still use the skin owl body+ oil ($46). This is fairly moisturizing and I love that it’s so lightweight. I definitely don’t want to feel more greasy out here. I’m trusting this to keep miss ashy away. ha!

I also have my fragrance with me which I won’t mention because it’s not “green” and I do my best not to promote brands whose product and business practice I no longer support. I love perfumes and seemed to gravitate towards the higher end brands. These brands don’t have strict ethical practice in place which is now a big deal for me. So, I’m just trying to use up what I already have after which I will transition to a more natural fragrance without synthetic chemicals.


I have deodorants that I love but I decided to take the URSA Major deodorant ($18) with me. It’s one of the few organic/all natural deodorants that I own that actually works. Plus it smells amazing and has a mint scent to it which I love.


I also brought the calming hydration lotion in sample size. This came with my Pai skincare order a while ago. I figured I’d take this again in-case my skin tries to play me here and I need something to calm the storm. Not that it’ll happen, I’m just paranoid being that my skin has been more sensitive lately.

Also had to take the Kiss Me Honey Organic lip balm which was gifted to me. I reviewed it in this post  as one of my organic lip balms that actually work. I love it and it keeps my lips crust free. Eeeek!

I think that’s about it. I did my best to keep it minimal and taking one item for each category. Clothing wise, I also packed pretty basic items and traveled with a super tiny luggage. I am impressed with myself. I could’ve fit everything into my backpack actually but I didn’t want to have anything spill on my laptop.

What do you think of my Minimal and organic skincare essentials? What are your must-have travel essentials?

Side note: Do you guys prefer me adding the price of the products mentioned like I did in this post? Let me know.

Organic skincare travel essentials

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Asaake ♥

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