This is My Blogging and Social Media Philosophy

Phew! Finally, a blog post! I must say tho, this post is so so overdue. 

I’ve gotten some blogging questions from people who are interested in starting a blog. I’ve also been asked questions about how I manage my Instagram etc. Not that I’m an expert in any of these things tho. What I do know is that I have some golden rules that I love to follow. These rules or personal principles keep me in check as I continue to navigate the ever so changing world of blogging and social media.

When I started blogging, one of my biggest fear was sharing too much on the internet. I am thankful every day that I don’t feel the need to post things online for validation. However, as my blog has grown and somehow my vision has been refined to where it is now, I have found that having my own philosophy is so so important. So I thought I’d share some of these with you. Hopefully, it helps as you navigate your own blogging journey. 

Don’t get carried away by the numbers

If you’re blogging for business, numbers seem to be everything; it’s not. It’s become easy for those doing it for fun to get caught up in it as well. I have personally found myself caught in the number game where I pretty much sleep, dreamed and imagined a world where my follower counts were in the hundreds of thousands. By the time you find people with more page views, more followers, more mailing list subscribers, you too want that. This is what often pulls people into doing some things that honestly lack integrity- like buying followers. 

My philosophy on this is to focus more on the quality of audience I am attracting and less on the quantity. I’d rather have a more engaged following and audience than millions of followers who don’t value my content or care about my message. I want people who are consistently interested in most of what I have to share and not just one time readers. I’m also more concerned about building a small but dedicated audience who are inspired by my message and the bits of life that I share, who also inspire me by their comments and lifestyles, then I’m good! I don’t read certain blog posts for this reason. I must protect my vision, my sanity and my love for blogging. 

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Define What Matters

For me, I have to remember why I started blogging and ultimately social media. My main goals were to challenge myself, learn new skills and connect with like-minded people. I initially started this blog when I was at a place in life where I wanted to embrace a more wholesome life. This was meant to be my accountability tool. So I must not forget that purpose. It’s great that there are people interested in my journey to minimalism, organic beauty, and slow living but I must always remember what matters. 

This one is so so important because it’s so easy to get sucked in. Understanding that social media is a (great) tool, I can’t base my worth on it. Neither can I seek validation from social media or from those who use it. So, I must be intentional with my every word, photos and blog posts just like I strive to be intentional in my own daily life. In the end, my tribe- those who are interested in my message- will come along. 

Make a Difference Micro Blogging

I think it’s so important to remember that you can still make a difference with a small following on social media. I can’t even begin to tell you how many DMs I get on Instagram about how people feel inspired by some of my posts and I barely have 8000 followers on Instagram. This matters. I don’t have to wait until I hit 50k followers before adding value to people’s lives. I can start now, and it’ll matter. The few people who follow and read my blog deserve the best content I can put out.

Redefine my own success

Earlier on in life, I have had to define what success means to me. I once thought success in blogging meant lots of PR mails, sponsored contents, and collaborations with brands. Is that a valid definition of success? Sure. Is that the only meaning of success? Absolutely not! I cannot define my success by how many PR mails I get, or the number of sponsored contents I can churn out in a month. I choose to define it by the solidity of my tribe, and the progress we make in embracing a life that’s slow, simple and intentional.

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Define my work and contents by these four words:

Quality, Authenticity, Consistency, and Value are four words that I truly hold dear. Even before I could identify fully with these four words, I knew the concepts and what each of them entailed. Reading it from Mini Ikonn fully helped me when it came to blogging and social media. 

For me, my vision and goal for this blog and for my social media usage revolve around adding value to people’s lives and improving my own life too.  It’s important to me that I challenge myself to create the highest quality content I possibly can. I also must create contents that add value to people’s lives and do this consistently. Most importantly, I must be authentic through it all.  I must be unapologetically me and stay true to me, always. 

Stay on my path

I redefined my blog and knew it was time to start blogging for me again. While there are bloggers I admire, I don’t want to be anyone else or blog like them. I am very mindful of the blogs I read and who I take advice from for this reason. I cannot attempt to walk in the same exact path as everyone. There are tons of advice in the blogosphere. People somehow think if we all put in the same effort as they do, we’d be as “successful” as they are. But we forget that there are other factors that play here. I had a vision when I started out, I remind myself of that vision regularly to keep myself in line.  I have to figure out my own path and not try to imitate what someone else is doing. My blog is unique and it’s unique to me. This is my space, my voice, my message and my tribe. I respect that!

Real Life vs Online

While most of what I share on this blog reflect different aspects of my life, I have to remember that I do have a “real” life to live offline. This helps me detach from the stress of social media. As mentioned earlier, I like to keep the personal details of my life private. What you end up seeing online is only bits of my life that I’m comfortable sharing online. I often remind myself what life was before social media and what would happen if social media is taken away today. I enjoy my offline hobbies like photography, cooking, eating, and just chit-chatting with my sister. Social media is great, it’s a powerful tool but it is not my life.

I have to live. Savour each moment in real life even if its not instagram worthy or social media worthy. I don’t have to post my every move on social media or wait to share things online before enjoying them in person.

So there you have it! My own credo for my blogging and social media. These are important to me. I hope it inspires you to maybe blog differently, or use social media with more meaning. Most importantly, I need to always remember that social media is just a tool for me to share my message. It’s an absolute bonus to a great life that I have to live.

I hope this post added some meaning to your life.



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  • Quality, Authenticity, Consistency, and Value
    These words have rang true with me!! I think sometimes we all lose sight of what should be most important when blogging. Thank you!

  • This is the best blogpost i have read in a long time. I will honestly say this has definitely added a little bit meaning to my life and thank you for sharing this wise words with us.

  • Love this post ❤️ I think it’s so important to not be like other blogs etc and try and be like them in terms of followers etc. I think it’s awesome you just share some of your life, I don’t share much of mine whereas most of the blogs I love and follow they do, I’m trying to find in between not too little but not sharing too much. I just started my own blog a few weeks more for fun sharing my favourite hobby though I would like to monetize it eventually.

    This is my favourite blog u don’t post too little (1-3mths) or too much (everyday) but when u do post it has a lot of quality, meaning and hard work put into it.