Minimalist Wardrobe: Why I Wear a (Mostly) Neutral Color Palette

Since i’ve professed my love for minimalism, I’ve often been asked why minimalists stick to a color palette. Or why minimalists almost all look so similar in that they only wear whites and nudes. People often wonder if I find it boring wearing the same color and having a home decorated minimally. I’ve actually been asked by someone if they can adopt a minimalist lifestyle even If they don’t wear whites and nudes. So today, I’m writing this post, to give 5 simple reasons why minimalist stick to a color palette and wear the same nude colors all the time.

Let me start by saying that minimalism isn’t some cult and you don’t have to love whites and neutral colors to be initiated. You absolutely do not have to subscribe to wearing the same color palette with every self-proclaimed minimalist. There are no laws of minimalism with stated rules on what you can and cannot wear. If you ask any minimalists who have adopted this color codes, you’d get a wide array of reason why they choose the colors they choose. I’m attempting to only mention the top 5 reasons why I personally choose to stick to a strict color code when it comes to what I’m wearing.

Looking at my current closet, you’d notice that there are three main colors and 2 accent colors. My colors are white, brown and grey. I compliment those colors with black, light blue and olive green. You may find random pop of colors here and there like gold and mustard yellow but that is often rare. Also, I am quite Afrocentric and absolutely love dressing up in Ankara fabrics and styles. Ankara materials are very rich in color combinations and patterns. When it comes to Ankara, I try to keep the colors simple and mild. Nothing too bright or too busy.

So why do minimalist tend to wear or stick to the same color palette? Well, here’s 5 reasons:

why i wear a neutral color palette

1. Makes Shopping Easier

When you go shopping for your closet, your options are almost limitless. There are so many styles and colors to search through, it’s almost exhausting. I don’t really enjoy shopping and definitely don’t love going through shopping racks. Choosing to stick to a color palette means when I go shopping, I cut my time in half by not going through the entire racks. While shopping, I’m only looking through the hangers that hold white, brown, grey, nude clothing items. It makes it a whole lot easier not worrying about all the red tops and purple shorts starring at me.

2. Makes Getting Ready Easier

Having a color palette means having a smaller number of things to style. There’s only so many combinations you can have with nude colors. For someone like me who really isn’t into fashion, I don’t have to worry whether pairing two colors make sense. I work with a color palette that’s easy to pair with each other. This also comes to play when you are getting ready for certain events. Unless there’s a very specific color code for an event, my color palette is very versatile and the pieces I own can work to any event.

3. Reduce The Need To Have Too Many Things

There’s really only so many brown, grey and black tank tops you can have; unless of course you have a hoarding problem and care about having as many things as possible. This was my problem before I embraced minimalism and made the decision to simplify my life. When you don’t have a color code to follow, you’re tempted to have everything in every color which is just too much stuff. Imagine having your favorite top in all the 7+ colors there is, and that’s just one top. But, when you only have 2 white tops, you are forced to not just buy tops you like, but tops that are very versatile and classic.

minimalism wardrobe benefits

4. Helps Refine Your Personal Style

And may I add that it also helps you buy things you will actually love and wear: Choosing to stick to a color pallet means sticking to your favorite colors. These are not just your favorite colors but colors that compliment your skin tone as well. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never really loved pink and red and so I never really bought anything pink. The colors I’ve chosen to stick to are colors that make me happy and colors that I know I will wear. Choosing a color palette has also allowed me to begin to form my own personal style. After years of looking, I’ve learned and embraced my simple, relaxed, minimal, clean and effortless.

5. Make a Statement With Your Style

It took minimalism to help me realize that I could make a statement no matter how subtle. There’s a misconception that statement pieces and styles have to be extravagant with bright colors. This is so far from the truth. We all know Mark Zuckerberg’s and Steve Jobs’ personal style. I can’t say if these men consider themselves minimalists but their style could be argued to be. Choosing a personal style allows you to make your subtle style statement. Not all statement pieces and styles need to be bold and colorful. For me, I want to be predictable in that sense. It takes off the expectation to put on a show with what I wear.

When you know what my color palette is, you know that each time you see me, you’d most likely see me wearing the same thing or the same color. There’s no need to impress anyone anymore. No more asking the question “how soon is too soon to repeat clothes”. It’s never too soon. It’s your clothes, you paid for them, WEAR THEM as often as you want.

So there you have it! This is in no way asking that you overhaul your life to heed to the “minimalism code”. I have seen colorful minimalist homes and colorful closets by minimalists who are happy with their lives and style. It’s all about preferennce. The reason why people choose minimalism vary and that affects how they choose to dress. I hope this gives insight and hopefully answers any question you may have. But if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! I love having these conversations.

benefits of a minimalist wardrobe color palette

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