Mindful Living & August Intentions.


Not really sure how to start this post other than with “HI”. LOL. It’s been a while. I took a break. It was supposed to be a short break but here we are! I will talk about this break more in details soon but for now, I’m back. I’m here and I really miss being here. Since returning from my break, I have been quite unsure on which posts to write or publish first. So I thought I’d start out with a post on mindful living and sharing my august intentions.

After many deep thoughts, I have decided to focus on writing more lifestyle based posts (for now). I really want to focus more on mindful living and I want to be able to share that more. I have grown so much in the last year, but I also see ways that I can improve on. So paying more attention to that and truly focusing on that aspect of my life is most important to me now. I might go into more details on this but for now, let’s get back to my August intentions and how I plan to live more mindfully. t

This month, as I made up my mind on what to focus on more on this blog and trying seeing to live out my blogging and social media philosophy, this quote stood out to me:

“There is a lion inside us all. It reigns over pace and time and intentions, and it lingers in the room of our hearts daily. It roams, searching for the reason we were plced on this planet- our passions, dreams, abilities- and it scoffs at the demand of our daily lives- our chedules, responsibilities……. we feed it- so much- but if what if we are feeding it the wrong thing?. So it’s time to offer the lion less “

This quote stood out to me and tugged on my heart for many reasons. For one, I am a very ambitious person. I am constantly looking for ways to be better and always trying to be busy. My schedule can be crazy at times and I am often very hard on myself. Perfectionist also is a big problem for me even though I like to consider myself a recovering perfectionist.

This quote challenges me to be more mindful, to focus more on what matters and truly appreciate all facets of what it means to “live for more with less”. While I have a huge pile of things to do and change, I am challenging myself to simplify my intentions. I could choose to focus on everything that crosses my mind on to add to a to-do list, or I could choose to simplify things, aim to achieve less but do so well. I chose the later. So here are my simplified august intentions.

live mindfully

1. Be Present

I want to be “here” and now and be present, wholeheartedly. I need to learn to wander less in my mind, to stop wishing so much, to dream but not be carried away to the point where I am forgetting to live for now. Lately, mortality has crossed my mind more than usual. While it still scares me a bit, It has forced me to realize that our time on this earth is limited. So, for every breath that  I have and for every moment that I find myself here, I must learn to appreciate it. To be here and to enjoy now. Tomorrow isn’t promised, today is all  I have.

2. Offer Less (But more Quality)

I need to offer the lion less. I must allow myself the freedom to slow down in every area of my life, especially with social media. While there are so many things in my head to share with you all, I would much rather scale down on the number of things I put out to allow myself share more quality posts and works that truly add value to your lives. This has been my mission since day one, It will continue to be so.

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3. Wander & Enjoy Nature

While I’m not an outdoorsy kind of gal, I find inspiration when I’m out in nature. This summer, I have been out in the woods more than I have in a while. There’s a certain kind of calm and peace that comes from the stillness of nature. The birds chirping and dew on leaves dropping while I walk through gives my heart so much joy. Everyday that I’m out for a walk or run through the woods, I tell myself “I must do this more.” And I will.

4. Stay Active and Fit

This one is a big struggle and one you’ll most likely see in every monthly intentions post. I really want to be fit and I’m doing my best to get there. Yes, I want to shed a few pounds of fat and pile on some muscle mass, but most importantly, I want to stay active and just be fit. I want to be my best self. To be able to run 5 miles one day through the woods I so love without panting or losing my breath. I know I can, I just need to focus and try a little everyday.

wander, slow living mindful living

5. Document the Journey

I love this blog and all the ways it has helped me document my journey and track progresses. But I want to be more intentional about documenting my journey. Whether it’d be through blog posts here or in my own journal for the more personal things, I want to document. There are days when I’m not sure I’m making progress only to look through old journal entries and see just how far I have come. It’s beautiful. I highly encourage anyone who doesn’t journal to get into a routine of doing so.

You’ll find more of my entries here as I plan to share some of them with you guys so that we can grow together. Mindful living is possible. We can mindfully live and we should all choose to pursue simplicity.

I’m glad to be back here and thank you to all of you for sticking it out with me.

PSA: I created a facebook group “Simplify. Live well”. My goal is to create a safe space where everyone interesting in slow living and mindful living can come and share experiences. Let’s create this community and help each other thrive. Feel free to join in.

*My feature image for this post is my sister, Oge who is one of the sweetest, lightly person I know! Love ya, girl.

Lots of love!


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