May Favorites – Organic & All Natural Skincare Edition.

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This is my first Favorites post. I’m still trying to figure out the format to follow for the favorite posts so do bear with me :). I feel like I will really enjoy writing monthly favorite posts because I really do love sharing the things I love and enjoy learning about what other people are loving. However, I am super excited for this post (I know I say this a lot but really, but I really do get excited over the littlest things). Even though this month flew fairly fast, I have low-key splurged and indulged in some amazing products.

So let’s dive in 

To start off, the Tata Harper’Regeneratingng Cleanser has been my go to face cleanser. After using up the small jar from the discovery kit which I reviewed HERE, I kinda forgot about this product (or maybe I just wasn’t ready to invest in something too expensive ?). Sometime this month, I was helping my sister curate a skincare routine and I thought about this product! 

For face wash, I decided to order this cleanser for her and I. It has since become a major game changer in my Skincare Routine as I use it Day and night. I realized that I still love it just like I did when I did the initial review. I love that it works as a scrub and as a cleanser for me at the same time. Using this day and night makes me not have the need for a face scrub.  My skin feels very clean without feeling moisture stripped. Dare I say, I absolutely love the citrus scent? That’s the highlight of having it on my skin each day. 

As the month progressed, I caved in and ordered the Osea Malibu Starter Kit. In the kit was the Blemish Balm. After using it the first night, I have not reached for any of my other moisturizers. Quite frankly, I had been looking for a great face moisturizer. Though I have one or two that I was using, they either go on too sticky, don’t feel to light or they just feel a little too greasy for me (Could be the Texas humidity too).  When I tried the Osea Malibu blemish balm, I was in love. This moisturizer is so lightweight yet packed with great ingredients. It feels so light to touch and also light when applied. I love just how fast it absorbs into the skin. I notice a plumpness when I apply this which is even a plus for me. 

Deodorants are a big deal for me! I’m not a very sweaty person but I don’t like to feel musty or sticky. I quit using antiperspirants over 3 years ago and don’t care to use deodorants with harsh ingredients either. Discovering the Honest Beauty Deodorant Spray last month on a random trip to TJMaxx was a huge blessing. I have quite a number of all natural deodorants I love but this one from honest beauty is one I have used pretty much this entire month. The one I have is scented with lavender. I love this deodorant not just because it keeps me smelling fresh but it’s also like a perfume for me. I lowkey love when I hug people and they say I smell like lavender. It’s soothing, just like lavender. Haha! 

Now when it comes to makeup, I am a barefaced kinda girl. I rarely wear makeup. When I do, it’s just powder, eyeliner, mascara and a nice Matte lipstick! Finding matte lipsticks have been tough for me. A lot of the all natural/organic lipsticks either have a satin finish and I’m just not into that. Some are just too expensive for me (I’m not into makeup to the point where I care to pay so much for a product). Another struggle is not finding ones that actually look good on my skin tone. I discovered the Vapor Organics lipsticks and they have been great! I love the brand; their lipsticks are seriously amazing! I have been loving two colors; Holiday and Intuition. They are not drying at all and give you a Sami matte finish which is okay as I can just blot the extra shine off and enjoy my matte finish :). 

Like I said earlier, I’m not big into makeup- though I am learning to love it especially after reading a post by Jasmine about What Makeup & Beauty Means to Her. However, Alima Pure’s Powder Foundation has been bae. Literally! I will review this brand soon. This powder foundation doesn’t feel like a foundation at all which I like. It also doesn’t feel like I have any makeup on but does give me an overall even tone. It’s basically a powder to me really. I do however go over it with a finishing powder. Simple and easy 🙂

Another thing I’ve really been loving is Dr. Bronner’s chap stick. I don’t like crusty lips; I really don’t know anyone who does haha. When I let go of my Carmex lip balm addiction, I knew that I needed to find a lip balm asap because I definitely don’t want my lips crusty or chapped and my lips tend to be dry fairly easily especially during the winter. This chapstick has been great! I have the mint flavor and I love the soothing feel when I apply it! 

Finally, finding products that work for my hair became a priority after the liberating experience with my natural hair. The Shea Moisture situation happened and I decided that for the first time I was gonna intentionally support businesses owned by a black woman. More than just supporting a business owned by a black woman, I wanted one that actually cared about my natural hair and not just concerned about getting my money. I discovered Thank God I’m Natural (TGIN) on one of the threads on Twitter. I fell in love after using their Daily Moisturizer for the first time. I have been using it every single day since; in fact, every girl in my household has been using this product. It keeps our hair super soft and moisturized. I really don’t remember the last time a product left my hair so moisturized on and soft on its own. 

That’s about it. If you’ve tried any product listed in this post do let me know how you loved them.

I’d love to know what products you’ve loved this month!

Stay toxic free



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