Let’s Talk Deodorants and Why I Prefer Natural Deodorants

all natural deodorantsSo today, we will be talking about pits! Yup, underarm or armpit- whatever you call it. Initially, my plan for this post was to give you the real tea on whether or not deodorants and antiperspirants are safe. But that trajectory shifted as I found the science to be quite ambiguous. 

        PS: Before you check out: I am not against Deodorants… 🙂

On this blog, my goal is not to intentionally speculate notions that aren’t true. For that reason, If I am unsure of a subject or if my interpretation of a subject is unclear, I just refrain from sharing it as perceived fact. So rather than tell you that your favorite deodorants are bad for you and you should completely eliminate them, I will just share my own deodorant story and then share some of my go-to favorites and alternatives.

First of all…..

I’ve always wondered why we actually use deodorants. Do we use them because they’re truly a hygiene necessity or just a social routine that we’re used to? My curiosity got me to learn about the origin of deodorants. Here’s a quick post on how advertisers convinced Americans they smelled bad and introduced deodorant and antiperspirants to us in 1988 and 1903.

A quick look at my own deodorant journey

I started questioning deodorants around 2014 when I was still new to the natural beauty life. Initially, I was carried away by an info I saw that most ingredients in conventional deodorants were harmful to you. So I decided that it was time to quit using deodorants. For about a year, I didn’t use deodorants. -_-. I was happy that I was saving money, and I have to confess, I didn’t stink too bad unless of course, I was super active and hadn’t showered all day.

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Here are some helpful things I’ve learned about deodorants:

  • Not all deodorants are harmful: What you need are deodorants WITHOUT harmful chemicals such as parabens, aluminum, phthalates, triclosan all of which are hormone disruptors.
  • Sweat itself doesn’t smell bad; there are bacteria however that breed in those sweater areas that give it the funky smell.
  • Genetics play a major role. So also does environments and external factors; Hot and humid weathers create more breeding space for odor-causing bacteria. Certain foods can play a role in how we smell. Yikes, Asparagus- my fav veggie. 
  • Not everyone needs deodorants! There are people who do not produce these odor-causing bacteria and as a result, do not need to mask any odor- Lucky you!
  • A good personal hygiene is still the best way to look your best and smell you best. Truth is: If you’re not a neat person, you can only do so much to mask odors under your arms if everywhere else stinks (>_>)

organic deodorants

Deodorants vs Antiperspirants

Deodorants do either of two things:

  1. mask the odor
  2. kill the odor-causing bacteria.

Antiperspirants, on the other hand, prevent you from sweating by clogging the pores in that area. This is why many people think that the clogged pore and accumulation of sweat in the area leads to breast cancer and infection of lymph nodes. I am yet to read of any definitive study on this and so my opinion remains, to keep it as natural as possible to avoid “stories that touch“. (Find a Nigerian and ask about that phrase. haha)

I haven’t really seen a need for antiperspirants. Sweating is a biological process- our body needs it to regulate body temperature. So why don’t we just allow the body do its thing? The thing about antiperspirants and the deodorants formulated to kill bacteria is the ingredient they often contain toxic ingredients like Triclosan which affects hormone regulation. Even Johnson & Johnson seem to have removed some of them from their ingredient list.

Some of my favorite Deodorants: Mostly under $10.


I love this brand because not only do they product organic and clean beauty products, they also do a lot for the community. You know that when you’re buying anything, you are indirectly supporting communities. They are cruelty-free and all their deodorants are free of the following:

Propanediol, Parabens, Phthalates, Aluminum, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Triclosan, Silicone, Synthetic Fragrance, Petrochemicals.

Lafe’s Natural Body care

They have quite a range of body care products! So many different kinds of deodorants to choose from and they keep you fresh for a long time! I have the Crystal Rock Deodorant which is only $7. it’s made with natural mineral salts (Potassium Alum) that eliminate odor-causing bacteria. This one doesn’t stain your clothes or leave any white residue underarm.

I love Lafe and their mission to create an affordable natural personal brand and promote sustainable living. They also donate a portion of their profits to organizations that work to eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer.

This was the first natural deodorant brand I used. I loved that they keep me fresh literally all day! Their deodorants are usually under $10 but the quality is great! One of the things I also love about this brand is their recycle program. If you send back 5 jars of empty deodorants to them, you get 1 deodorant jar free! They sanitize these jars and recycle them for new products. Not many green beauty brands do this and I think it needs to be encouraged.
the best organic deodorants

When I first purchased this deodorant back when the brand was starting out, it was around $12. I see the price has gone up now to $29 (although it’s currently on sale for $15). What I like about this brand tho is just how simple their ingredients are. It is also one of those deodorants that I truly trust to keep me fresh all day!

Stinkbug organics

This is another brand I’ve discovered. I haven’t used their deodorant yet but I love the range of scents they come in. Their ingredient list is very simple and organic. They are scented with high-quality essential oils! I’ll be sure to share my thoughts once I use this but I really like the brand! They are also very affordable at around $8 each.


This is my second go got deodorant. It’s $18 but it’s so large it lasts you a long time! On my more regular days, this deodorant lasts me all day! The Mint & Eucalyptus scent is so mild but strong enough to mask the odor. It has NONE of the harsh chemicals including silicones. I also like that some of the ingredients like grapefruit oil and lemon extract can help prevent your underarm from darkening.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what your thoughts on deodorants are!

the best natural deodorants

Until next post :)….

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  • Wow, thanks for sharing Asakemi. I certainly learned something new from this post. I’ve always used antiperspirants without thinking too much of them but now I have new information. Thanks girl! xx
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