June Under The Microscope : Blog review and July Goals.

I’ve always wanted to do a monthly review but never thought it to be necessary. Partly because I am and have been extremely nervous and wary of sharing too much of myself online. However, each time I see Linda’s monthly Under the Microscope reviews, I love reading it and it has inspired me to give it a try. Even Linda nudged me to get this ball rolling.  So I’m going to attempt my own version of June under the microscope following her outline.

June was a particularly weird month for me. Earlier in June, I had some issues with my blog’s host and that shut my blog down for a few days. Then I went camping for a friend’s wedding and didn’t have any network service for an entire weekend. So Asakemi was neglected for a good week.

July marks my 3rd month blogging and I am so impressed with myself for sticking with it. I can tell you that sticking around for this long is a sign that this is something I will be doing long term. (Not full time, lol, I LOVE the medical field too much to quit it).  

So here’s June in Review….. 

Personal Achievement:

  • I successfully registered for classes for Fall Semester. This was a battle for me because I couldn’t decide how much courseload was ideal for me and I think my academic advisor was a little too pessimistic about how well I would handle working full time and enrolled in a rigorous program as well. If only he knows there’s also blogging which is another job. haha.
  • I lost 8 lbs… down to 151 lbs from 159 lbs (gained 11 lbs while on medical leave, still got ways to go. My goal is 130lbs ) I am quite muscular so most people don’t even believe I am over 130 lbs.  I resumed running this month and enjoyed the scenery. My state has over 10,000 lakes so I challenge myself to visit a new lake each week. Here’s Lake Phalen captured by my iphone 6s 🙂

Lake Phalen

Blog Achievement:

  • I changed my blog’s theme for the 3rd time. haha. So far, I like it. I would tweak a couple of things if I had the technical know-how. But since I don’t I will accept it as it is and enjoy the content. People seem to like the new layout so that makes me comfortable and happy.
  • My blog was having page views even without me actively promoting posts. This made me sooooh happy! My blog had a surprising amount of views even on days when I was off social media.
  • Signed up for Board Booster to up my Pinterest game. Now I need to actually utilize it.
  • I also created a Pinterest group board to support Nigerian bloggers (other bloggers are welcome too). You can follow it and join HERE to share all your contents!

July goals:

  • Work on adding a “start here” page on the blog. This will feature resources for new readers and everyone else interested in a snapshot of the blog.
  • Improve my “contact me” page and also work on my disclosure page since this blog uses affiliate links.
  • Actually utilize the Pinterest tool I purchased and schedule at least 20 posts per day.
  • Work on a monthly favorite blogs/bloggers post. (This First One was such a success. I’d be delighted to share more and do so frequently or at least, monthly.)
  • I NEED TO define my blog. While I enjoy writing about skincare, beauty, clean and conscious living, I am often confused by what the “lifestyle” aspect of my blog is all about. What can I and can’t include?What makes a lifestyle blog? Am I gonna focus on just product reviews? Skincare education? what? I feel quite confused. While I am enjoying taking it one day at a time and letting time show me what needs to be refined, I feel like I need to be more definitive to better enable me to create better contents. However, this scares me because I don not want to put myself in a box. So all suggestions and advice are welcome!
  • I also want to add an “inspiration” category for my blog to share faith based posts for those who need it. This blog isn’t “faith-based” but I never pass any opportunity to lift others up spiritually. I mean, if I am advocating for green beauty and taking care of yourself, it only makes sense to also pay attention to the spiritual aspect which is an integral part of who we are. What I like about the prospect of including this category is that It will allow featured posts. Allowing featured posts allows for other’s perspectives. Again, suggestions and whether a yay or nay is welcome!
  • I will be having a “brand spotlight” post at least twice a month to celebrate and introduce new brands (primarily indie brands). I noticed that these new brands often struggle to grow because people just don’t know about them and if no one knows about you, no one will patronize you. There are so many organic brands out there that I have discovered and would love to share!

That pretty much sums it. I do feel like I am missing something but I will go ahead and publish this. haha.

Love, Asaake!

oh… Happy July 4th to my fellow Americans.


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  • Lake Phalen is so beautiful! Can’t believe you just started three months ago! Also, don’t worry too much about what to or what not to include because that takes the fun out of blogging! My blog is mainly about skincare but sometimes I also write about food or even some apps/website I come across when I think they are fun to share. I’m thinking this can make it less boring for my returning readers since all skincare every week won’t be fun to read haha. Hope you figure out yours soon!

    yanrula x

  • This is such a nice post, what a lovely snapshot into your life! I do a similar sort of layout for my monthly review in my bullet journal. I’m not brave enough to post it online though haha beautiful!

    • It took a lot for me to do it tho. I am a very private person. But I thought just these two info is okay. I don’t think this will be ongoing tho as I definitely want to keep my private life private. ahah. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Great article! I’m also a new blogger and working to expand out of strictly e-commerce and tie it all together. It’s wonderful to see other people with very similar goals not only in the blogging world but our fitness goals are pretty much exactly the same!

  • WOW! Some seriously great goals for July but let’s not forget about about June! Love this style of post, kind of inspires me to want to do the same! Definitely will be checking back for your next post 🙂

  • I love these posts, they’re just so inspiring for beginning bloggers!
    Also, that lake looks wonderful!

  • I’m a huge fan of these kinda posts. Whenever I see one on social media I have to read it. That’s how I found yours (hello pinterest!) Your gorgeous photo made me click on it. And I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed reading this post! Good luck with your July goals xx

    Valentina from https://psminimalist.blogspot.com

    • Thank you! And oh, the power of Pinterest. hahha. I LOVE your blog btw. Had to follow you on Bloglovin’ so I don’t miss anything. 🙂

  • I really enjoyed this post! You’re doing so well, especially with all the changes you’ve made to your blog already xx

    Velvet Blush

  • Whoa Asaake! ?
    As expected – I adored reading this post!
    And despite going offline for a week, you have still achieved so much in the blogging space!
    Also – you go get em in regards to your studying workload. Only you know what magic you are capable of.

    Here’s to an amazing July wrap up to come ??