July In Review + August Goals

Asakemi.com Organic Skincare bloggerJuly flew by fast. I think I said this in my June Under the Microscope post but it’s true. Perhaps, it’s the “fact” that the second part of the year seems to always fly by even faster than the first? *I made up that fact >_>*

July was an interesting month. Quite frankly, I felt quite a lot of hesitations and lacked motivation when it came to making my blog work and just didn’t think I was doing a lot of things right. Side note: I’m a recovering perfectionist. More so, I had quite a long to do list for August.

I must say, I am beginning to like the whole monthly review and future month goal setting thing. I feel as though it sort of keeps me in check. Having an overall vision for the next month and setting daily tasks to meet those is becoming something I enjoy. Surprisingly, I don’t do this often even though I am a planning freak.

Welp… Blogging is really changing my life for the better in many ways. Do note that I only share reviews of things that pertain to the theme of my blog. I may share bits of my life as it relates to my blog but I really don’t enjoy talking about myself too much or sharing too much of my life online. So don’t expect anything too personal! (Thanks for understanding ?

Let’s dive right into it! 

July Review

Personal Achievements:

  • I worked out an average of 5 days a week at the gym with each session varying from 1-2 hours. I love the post workout soreness which pushes me to want to work out some more. My friends and I are planning a trip to Antigua next summer so we all have a pretty ambitious fitness goal.
  • Oh, scale! Well, I have decided last minute that I will focus more on my overall health rather than aiming for a particular “ideal weight”. I mentioned this in my Recommitting to a Healthier and Fit Lifestyle Post. I found that I was becoming too obsessed with the number on the scale and that was affecting how I eat and pretty much breathe. Haha. So I am letting go of my scale and focusing less on the numbers.

Blog Achievement:

  • My blog is 4 months old on August 1st. It Crossed 1k on Instagram, 300+ on twitter and Pinterest views over 30k/month. Now, this might be minor for a lot of people but it’s a big deal for me. The number of page views I got was astounding. It meant that in the month of July, that many people clicked/saw the jargons I put together. LOL. All of this without much promotion. I mean, I didn’t have the time to create and promote as much as I should or have done in previous months.
  • I am finally figuring out Pinterest. Still got ways to go and a lot to learn but so far so good.
  • Phew, I purchased some new backdrops for the blog and social media pics but yet to set them up.
  • I decided to go with Tailwind rather than Board Booster for my Pinterest scheduling. It is a lot easier to use and that ease of use is what I need in my already complicated life. I pin about 60-80 pins/day with Tailwind. And my account is seeing a major difference.
  • I have added the “start here” page as well as a “disclosure page”. They still need some tweaking but at least I’ve got it started. I have also added more categories to encompass what I want my blog to be about. At this point, I am quite satisfied with my blog- I have finally found a font that I think works for the blog so woohoo!

beauty blogger , green beauty blogger.

August Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Throw my scale away. This is very important for my personal life and sanity. (I have a post coming up about this one).
  • Strictly eat healthily. With my Instagram, I used to mostly post my healthy food pics. This helped me follow a healthier diet. You may be seeing more food pics on my Instagram. LOL lets be real, food plays a key role in your skin’s health and I’m always chasing that glowing skin.
  • Focus on refining what minimalism means to be and set a plan for decluttering.
  • Use a productivity calendar to plan my day. While I am always “busy” I feel like I’m almost busy not doing much.

Blog Goals:

  • Stop customizing the blog. LOL, I seriously will try not to do anything to “improve” the blog for the month of August. This will help the blog remain consistent plus help me as I combat this damning perfectionism.
  • Set up the backdrops for blog photos. Phew! I have three backdrops that need to be set up. My entire apartment is going to become a photo studio. *wails*
  • Attempt to publish my posts at the same time on posting day. I’ll aim for 6 A.M CST. Whoomp! (Remeber I switch to posting 2x/week- Tuesdays & Saturdays! And some bonus in between post if needed)
  • Do a Collab post with another blogger.
  • Put effort into promoting my post/blog… So that means, you will see me sharing more of my own posts on social media (especially twitter, cos that’s my territory).
  • Step up my Instagram game (whatever that means… Do follow me on Instagram if you’re aren’t already!).

August’s to-do list seems like a lot already. This will be challenging as I will also be revising a lot of biochemistry materials to prepare for the fall semester of grad school. LOL. Pray for me!

Let me know what your August goals are! I LOVE reading your comments ?

Loves & Hearts,


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  • Wow, awesome! Perhaps you could share blogging tips as well. More content creation for you. Lol.

    As far as your blog goals are concerned, I believe you’re doing pretty good. Well done!
    Perhaps we could do a faith collabo, just saying. 🙂

    • I will definitely share some tips that work for me soon. LOL and I love how you made that about me tho with the “more contents creation for you”. Smart move, girl. haha.
      And yes, I am all in with the faith collab! Your blog and contents are amazing!

    • Hi Sabrina, sure! I’d be interested in a collab! Can you shoot me an email with more info? Or a message on any of my social media accounts. 🙂

  • Congratulations on your blog goals, you’re doing so well! Good luck on your goals too! I would love to see a post on how you work with Pinterest, as it’s so difficult!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Congratulations on your blog goals, that’s really amazing! I’m also trying to eat more healthily this month, especially after watching this documentary called What The Health. I also want to be super consistent with my blogging this month and promote more. I hope you achieve all your goals this month 🙂
    PS: Followed you on Twitter and Insta! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Hey! Thank you so much! We can do it! I’ll definitely be checking in on your journey! One month at a time!! I couldn’t find you on either twitter or insta. Will check again. Or just send me a dm so I can follow. Thank you so much for stopping by ???

  • Those blogs achievements are certainly not minor by any means, they’re amazing! Well done! I would love it if you had some pinterest tips, I might give tailwind a go, but I struggle finding so many pins to pin a day x

    Velvet Blush

    • Hahahaha! I can definitely share some tips. I still have so much to learn but you could take the little I have so far. Maybe we can chat? And finding can be hard, I tend to just search around for keywords related to my niche. Pinterest begins to suggest similar pins based on what you’ve previously clicked/saved.