Journey to Wholeheartedness

Wholeheartedness… This is a word I have been pondering on for months now. Interestingly, I have actually been pondering on the little T’s and I’s that constitute this word but never quite figured out the exact word for them. I stumbled upon this word while reading some writings on ‘learning and accepting imperfections.’

You see, Like everyone else, I love being alive and I love myself (I think I do ???” but I don’t know to what extent. As much as I believe that I love myself, I think there’s something missing. I hadn’t quite figured out what that missing piece was until now.

2015 has been a year indeed! It’s been the year of the most lessons for me. As hurtful and hard to learn as some of the lessons have been, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn! The biggest lesson for me this year was the realization that I am truly imperfect.

Many of us have echoed the famous “nobody’s perfect” phrase time after time. However, we’ve never truly sat down to ponder on those words. We say “nobody is perfect” all the time, yet We expect perfection from ourselves constantly. I now realized that in seeking and expecting this perfection,  many of us have unconsciously allowed ourselves to ignore the vulnerable and tender part of us which in itself is an intricate part of embracing Wholeheartedness.

Today, while in my thoughts, I realized it can be different. I have a story, it is a different story from that of everyone else. I have to own that story. Brene Brown in one of her books said; “owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do”.

Owning our story is truly a brave thing to do. Owning our story is accepting that although sometimes things could be perfect, it’s okay (or will be okay) when they’re not. Owning our story allows us to love who we are NOW”

All of these brought me back to Wholeheartedness. To be wholehearted is to love and live with your whole heart. It is accepting our vulnerabilities and finding the strength and power in them. Wholeheartedness is necessary and it is critical.

So today, I decided that I will embark on the journey to Wholeheartedness. The cool part now is that I will blog about this… Partially (definitely not the deeply personal details). I’ll share what I’m learning in this process, what I’m changing, what I’m letting go of & how I unravel my acceptance of (often unhealthy) life patterns.  I’d like those who read my posts to contemplate on this word too and see if this is a journey you’d like to go on as well (if you already have, woohooo). If you haven’t, and you’d love to, perhaps you can journey with me? Make it your ‘new year resolution’ (if you’re into that sort of thing ?).

PS: for me as a Christian, the core of wholehearted is actually in Jesus Christ. So there’s work to do there.

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  • I think this is for me. I was up all night and after much thinking I concluded that I am not happy as in happy. And I want to be so reading this post gives me hope and courage to embrace the little positive things in my life wholeheartedly and maybe the happiness and escape from depression will finally come.

    Thank you for putting this up.

    • This is true! You’ll realize that those “little positive things in your life” aren’t as little as you thought once you start appreciating them! Choose to be happy NOW. 🙂