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Oragnic Beauty, All natural makeupHello, my dears!

I thought I’d officially introduce a new series that I will be starting on this blog. It was briefly mentioned in my June Review & July Goals. I started writing the first post in this series but decided that I’d put out a post to share what this series is about, the idea behind it and why I think it’s necessary. 

There is widespread knowledge that our skin absorbs more product ingredients than was previously known. People are also more aware and showing concern about serious issues in the beauty, food and clothing industries. We want to know what’s in our food, beauty, and household products. We have questions about who made our clothes as well as how certain lifestyle choices affect our planet. Few things are apparent as a result. One of those is the increased demand for natural and organic beauty products and just organic products in general.

For me, switching to this toxic-free lifestyle has shown me the abundance of organic/ all natural/ conscious brands out there. And I mean high-quality brands and products on different price points. Granted, I wasn’t expecting to only find 10-15 organic brands, especially with skincare. But definitely not as many as I currently know.  I mean, my wishlist for products and brands I want to try keeps growing and that’s crazy.

Organic beauty pinterest. However, one of the things I also noticed in discovering certain brands is how inaccessible they are. I’m learning that the accessibility problem is partly due to lower marketing opportunities by these brands. Obviously, nobody will buy products if they do not know that such products exist. Neither will anyone patronize a brand if they’re unsure that a brand caters to them or solves their problem. With lower sales, “smaller brands” will not thrive. As a result, many small organic businesses fold up and/or are acquired by “larger brands.”

In recent years, conventional brands have been in the news for acquiring “smaller organic brands”. (Think TOMS acquisition by Bain Capital and Unilever acquiring Seventh Generations). These “smaller brands” like Seventh Generations often require that the large corporations respect and retain their core mission. Still, I don’t support some of these acquisitions.

While I desire for smaller companies to grow, I do not support the opportunity for “green-washing” that these mergers present. The two-faced nature of these deals concerns me. Will Unilever continue to manufacture household and personal products containing toxic ingredients while parts of “their compnay” remains eco-friendly? I’m sorry, it’s either you’re eco-friendly and sustainable or you are not.

It is critical for me to support sustainable indie companies who care about me and not just profit.

My goal for this blog is not to make any one guilty of their lifestyle- far from it. My goal is to show people that there is a sustainable alternative. Showcase more brands is a way for me to show these alternatives. This will allow people to see that there are incredibly high-quality organic brands comparable to conventional ones.

The least I can do to support brands I love and trust is to share them with you guys! In so doing, I hope to help conscious brands get their names and mission/vision out there. You’re under no obligation whatsoever to purchase the brands I showcase. I just want to show you all the amazing brands with incredible products. I hope you all see that there are amazing toxin-free alternatives.

As many of these indie brands grow, they are able to be more inclusive and cater to a wider demographic. Many organic brands could do better with their inclusivity (e.g producing makeup that actually works for black women). However, I understand that they need funds to make this happen. If a brand does not sell or make money, then they do not have the funds to conduct more studies. This limits the audience they are able to cater to.

Each brand spotlight post will give you some background info about a brand and their products. In essence, It’ll be like a review of brands/products. However, it’ll mostly feature brands that I have tried and actually love. I am open to suggestions as well as recommendations for brands to feature. So send me your favourite non-toxic, green beauty brands!

Here’s to discovering new brands and supporting better business together! *clink clink clink*

Asaake, xo.

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