How Badly Do You Want a Clear & Healthy Skin?

how to naturally get healthy glowing skin. How to get clear skinI’m writing this post at 6 am. I was sitting on my bed at 5 am watching “The Bachelor” and wishing I could just get up and fold my laundry rather than lay by it in bed – #RealLife. As I sat there, I somehow rubbed my face and realized it wasn’t smooth. I was “shook”. Then it hit me, my skin isn’t as healthy as it was just 10 months ago. I have been dealing with breakouts. You may have read this on my blog before but I never started breaking out until last year. My skin has been as smooth and clear as can be. So when I started breaking out, I just didn’t know how to handle it. No matter how many “how to get clear skin” posts I read, things weren’t changing.

As much as I love skincare and have a huge section of blog designated to skincare, I sometimes don’t even take good care of my skin. I wear makeup (foundation & lipstick) on Sundays when I run most of my errands and meet more people so that is naturally a very exhausting day for me. This means that by the time I get home, I am knackered and don’t feel like washing my face. As much as I read “don’t sleep with makeup”, I still somehow slump on the couch with makeup on. I wake up the next morning promising to do better. That’s the cycle. This and some other disastrous habits are some of the things I do that have hurt my skin.

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how to get clear and healthy skin naturally. How to get clear skinLately, I’ve been feeling the need to wear complexion products to cover some blemishes that I have. After recovering from my Hyaluronic Acid experience, I have been having major hiccups with my skin. I can’t seem to pinpoint what the problem is (well, sorta). Idk if Vegan Acne is really a thing but my skin has been off since I started eating plant-based. I won’t entirely blame it on my going plant-based tho. I know that I do truly make some major skincare mistakes and need to do better. So I want to rectify this

Asking my self “how badly do you want a clear & healthy skin” was a reality check. I have asked myself this question before but today, it really hit me when I felt just how textured my skin had become. I know I want a healthy skin, I want the skin I once had. At this point, I am willing to do whatever It takes to get my skin back to being healthy and clear. So as badly as I want it, here are some skincare resolutions I personally will be making to get my skin back to that point. Let’s just call it….

my skincare manifesto

  • I will never go to bed with makeup on. This one will be hard, but I want healthy skin badly enough to make myself do this.
  • I will keep it minimal. Being a skincare blogger has some cons and this is one of them. I desire to try a lot of products and find myself trying too many products all at once. Even before my blog launched, I was skincare obsessed. Trying too many products at once affects how ingredients work. Different ingredients are formulated to work differently and some may overpower others. It makes no sense to pile on products and lose the benefits of each one. natural glowing skin routine. How to get clear skin
  • I will be consistent with my skincare and stick to a routine. The urge to try as many products makes me less consistent with my skincare. I don’t like having to use a product less than 3 days in a row but sometimes I am not consistent with this. I am resolving to use the same products consistently for 3 days before switching This is for most of the time unless There’s a new product I want to try, then I will break this cycle. So this means, I will use the same AM cleanser for three days and the same PM cleanser for 3 days. Same goes for moisturizers etc.
  • I will eat foods that boost healthy skin. This includes foods that boost collagen production, skin cell regeneration etc. Often times we depend on skincare products to do wonders for our skin. What you eat actually plays a bigger part in your skin health than the products you use. My skin is healthier when I eat healthier
  • I will drink water. Yup, I drink water but not a lot of water. With this new manifesto, I am resolving to do better. Water intake is the best thing you could do for your skin. It’s hydrating and a great solvent for flushing out toxins that clog the skin.
  • I will wear sunscreen. Black women can get skin cancer.  We need to throw the idea that dark skinned women don’t get skin cancer out the window. I am committing to finding a sunscreen that works for my black skin- one that doesn’t make me ashy.
  • I will exercise. Exercise is a great way to clearing out your skin. When you exercise, you increase your heart rate which increases blood circulation to organs. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so it needs even more nutrients. More blood circulation means more nutrients are being transported to your skin. This means your skin is nourished and revitalized!

There you have it. I want a healthy skin badly enough to commit to everything in this post. I wrote this post as I was seriously thinking about my skin. Good thing I wrote this down. It makes for a good blog post and I hope someone finds it useful.

PS: I’d love to do this with others. If you’re interested, I could turn this into a fun skincare challenge for us and hold each other accountable 🙂

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~ Asakemi

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  • I love what you say about the complexion hazards of being a skincare blogger; you hit the nail on the head so articulately! With so many products in rapid rotation, it can be hard to tell what’s working and what’s not, and like you said, you never know how different products/ingredients may interact. Great post and hope you’re seeing progress!

    The Beauty Librarian

  • Increasing water intake definitely helps. Water flushes out toxins from the body and improves blood circulation which inturn has positive effect on skin. Lemon + water is an efficient combination to purify blood and weed out toxins faster.

  • Yes, I’m definitely down for a skincare challenge! I’m trying to be minimal and consistent with my skincare routine as well. Asking yourself how badly you want clear skin is always an eye opener and energizes you to take adequate steps towards it 🙂

    Coco Bella Blog