How to Create The Perfect Spring Skincare Routine

spring skincare secretsSpring is here!! Well, for most people- except for us here in the midwest. I love spring, not as much as I love winter but pretty close. I love spring because I get to layer on clothing and just watch the plants bloom after looking dead all winter. Perhaps one of my favorite things about springtime is being able to actually switch up my skincare and enjoy my skin. I think my skin is at it’s best during the spring season. Every springtime, I do my best to create the perfect spring skincare routine for my oily/combination skin.

When it comes to skincare, spring brings hope! All through winter, our skin goes through a lot so springtime presents the perfect opportunity to bring back some much needed TLC to the skin. For a lot of people, springtime comes with all the allergies. Interestingly, this is also similar to what our skin experiences during this season. There’s a lot of dust (I know because I have pretty bad allergies to dust mites). I also read that climate is more unstable and UV from the sun is much stronger compared to the gloomy winter.

Knowing all these about spring skin woes, It’s so important to be able to give the skin what it needs, deep cleans, detox, exfoliation, good ole moisture and UV protection. This post will be all about how to create the perfect skincare routine for you and there’ll be a second post on some recommended staples you’ll need for this routine.

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So Here’s how to create the perfect spring skincare routine


Your skin is possibly exposed to more toxins and environmental hazards and pores may be more congested so, you’ll need to deep clean. You could also consider double cleansing as an alternative. Double cleansing is basically using oil or balm first to dissolve the impurities from the skin and then going over that with your cleanser to clean out what’s left.

A mask is so important for springtime. You want a mask that is nourishing, brightening and hydrating. As you deep cleanse your skin, you also strip away some moisture and nutrients. A mask can help you replenish your skin with anything that may have been lost in the process. Here’s a list of some of my favorite face cleansers.

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A face scrub is a must! Exfoliation is so important for having a clear and radiant skin. Every day, our skin sheds close to a million dead skin cells. Most of those dead skin cells just sit on the surface of your skin causing it to look dull. A great exfoliator/scrub helps get rid of those dead skin cells to reveal a beautifully radiant skin! One key thing about exfoliation is obviously finding the right exfoliator and routine for you. Personally, I can afford to exfoliate my skin every other day. Other’s with sensitive skin might need to keep it as low as 2x/week. You find what works for you and stick to it!

Moreso, your exfoliation routing will depend on what kind of exfoliation you’re using. Many people prefer chemical exfoliation while others like the good ole physical exfoliation. I find both to work well for me so I switch back and forth. Find which one works for you and get it into your routine ASAP.


Just like in the summer, the sun is out more now. With clearer clouds, we tend to quint more. Squinting so often can stress the skin around your eyes. A good eye cream to nourish that delicate area should be in your routine especially if you’re in your late 20’s. I just started using eye creams and enjoy them. I don’t have wrinkles around my area or have obvious dark circles but I enjoy the process of just applying an eye cream. LOL. I fancy how sophisticated it makes my routine.


You didn’t think I’d skip sunscreen, did ya? Well, I can’t. Even though I don’t wear sunscreen regularly (ugh I feel terrible typing that), I can’t deny that it’s important. Stronger UV radiation in the spring means more protection needed for your skin. You can find a moisturizer with SPF or just find an SPF on it’s on. Find what works for your skin but make sure your skin is always protected when you’re out in the sun. Not only will this protect you from sunburning or from sun damage, but you reduce your risk of skin cancer.

how to create the perfect skincare routineMOISTURE! MOISTURE!! AND MORE MOISTURE!!!

For some odd reason, people think your skin doesn’t need much moisture in the springtime. *insert palm face emoji*. Your skin is still recovering from being so dehydrated through the winter and needs all the moisture lost to be replenished. You’ll need a good moisturizer that moisturizes and hydrates your skin without congesting it or making it too oily. This could be the perfect time to use hyaluronic acid if you’re not into that yet as that can increase the moisture content in your skin.

Hyaluronic acid serum is now a must-have in my skincare routine. It’s one of the serums in m arsenal that I don’t want to let go of. You can find some good options in my face oil/serum collection post.


Serums are my current go-to moisturizers! I think they should be an essential staple in everyone’s routine. Basically, serums are highly concentrated ingredient molecules that are able to penetrate deeply into the skin. They are usually used to target specific problems like hyperpigmentation or anti-aging. Most serums can be used alone while others can be used in addition to your regular moisturizer. For spring, you want a serum that is nourishing, hydrating and/or moisturizing. You can also find a serum that targets any skin concern you have.


I have a face mist that I carry with me everywhere because it is absolutely necessary. When you’re on the go and your skin feels dehydrated, a face mist will come in handy to restore quick moisture to your skin without needing to apply a moisturizer. I often just spritz my skin randomly at home when I feel any dryness. You can purchase a hydrating mist or easily make your own at home. I have reviewed quite a number of face mists on this blog.

That’s about it! I hope this post comes in handy for you as you create a much-needed routine. Stay tuned for the second post where I will take you through what products in my skincare shelf will be staples in my own routine.

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  • Just started exfoliating regularly after reading Fehintola’s blog.. Loving the difference already.. Skin feels smoother. I no longer have those white stuff around my nose and chin.. I want to get a mask next and an eye cream…

  • Have you tried the Hynt Beauty Sun Prep? Other than the scent, which dissipates quickly, I much prefer it to the JR Nutrient Day Cream. Even more black/brown girl friendly, IMO! My wallet likes it better too, & it gets me to apply every single day.