How I keep My House Simple, Minimal and Clutter Free

I have gotten such great feedback since I started sharing more lifestyle posts on Instagram. I have also gotten a significant amount of questions. Some of them I am able to just answer directly via DM but others require me to think put a post together for others who may ask later. In this post, I thought I’d answer one question I get pretty frequently, and that is how I keep my house simple, minimal and clutter free.

I haven’t really shown much of my living space because I consider that quite personal. However, the backgrounds on my pics kinda tell on me a little bit. One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is how I keep my home so clean and organized. Let me just be the first to say this: I am not the neatest person on the planet. Neither am I the tidiest individual. However, I try.

I also want to clarify that my home isn’t always tidy. Sometimes I’m in a hurry and leave dishes in the sink or too lazy to fold my laundry so I leave them on the bed. It happens. But generally, I try to be as tidy as possible.One of the things I have noticed about tidying up is just how much of my mood and emotions relate to my mess. When my home is messy, everything else just seems out of whack. So, I do my best to keep things as tidy as I possibly can.

So here we go…

Definitely, keep fewer things

One thing that I’ve learned and that’s pretty obvious is that the fewer things you have, the less you clutter you have and the fewer things you will have to clean. So to keep my house clutter free, I keep fewer things.  With keeping fewer things, you simply keep the items you need and eliminate the rest. That’s the core philosophy of minimalism anyways.

Clean as you go

There are people who swear by scheduled cleanings- schedule a time a week to do your cleanings. I just don’t buy it. As a child, I hated Saturdays because they were out cleaning days. Most African kids can relate. I never understand why you’d basically trash your home only to go through hell scrubbing it on Saturdays. LOL. Now that I am an adult and independent (for 7 years now), I don’t have a designated cleaning day. I clean my house as I go. If I make a mess, I clean up. If I spot a mess, I clean it. There’s no need to wait.

However, this is where you do what works for you. If scheduled cleanings work for you, then, please, do you! As long as you’re keeping your house clean at least in between, life is good!

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘For the longest time, I thought I needed to be more organized. Now I know I just needed less stuff’ #minimalism #minimalist #livesimple” quote=”‘For the longest time, I thought I needed to be more organized. Now I know I just needed less stuff’ “]

 I got rid of magazines

I wish I took a picture of my magazines for ya’ll to see. I had magazines everywhere! Magazines are pretty and all but they can cause clutter! I mean, they were everywhere. In my room, kitchen counter, living room, everywhere. No matter how organized you try when they’re excessive, they cause clutter. To simplify, I donated most of them to a hospital where they accept magazines for their inpatient units. I’m actually at a point where I don’t care to subscribe to paper magazines anymore. I love online magazines and pay for subscription that way. One of my favorites is the Simplify Magazine.

how to bring minimalism into your homeKeep counters Clear & Have a storage space for Everything.

This perhaps made the biggest difference for me. After reading Marie Kondo’s book and learning some life-changing decluttering tips, I realized the value of having a storage space for everything. The kitchen counter is not a storage space. It is technically a workspace that should be kept clean when not in use. We often make the mistake of leaving thins out on the counter mainly because it’s easier for us that way. I’ve soon realized that no matter how much you organize things on your counter, it will always look cluttered. So I challenged myself and found a spot for everything! If I don’t use a kitchen appliance more than 3x/week, it doesn’t need to be on my counter.

The same goes for other areas of the home. Your bathroom counter should be as clear as possible and everything should have their designated home. The chair in your bedroom is not a closet- don’t dump clothes on it. If you don’t regularly sit on that chair in the bedroom, consider moving it out to avoid it being a dumping spot for clothes.

In the living room, find a spot to store your remotes. Don’t just leave them out on the center table. When you have a storage space for everything, you hold yourself accountable for making sure that things are put away where they belong as soon as they’ve served their purpose.

Minimize Decors & Funitures

You’d be shocked by how much difference you’d make in your home with few decor pieces and furniture. I have come to truly value minimal decors and white walls. I’d advice you find your decor style and stick to that. You can also consider bringing natural & organic elements into your home which includes adding more greeneries. Plants have become my current favorite ways to decore. I love the earthy feel of it. Most importantly, I love having plants that help purify the air- I have pretty bad allergies that can make breathing difficult and need all the clean air I can get.

Other principles I live by for this purpose:

  • If I think I need more storage, I try to clean and declutter first.
  • I do my dishes after every meal and wash and clean the kitchen after every cooking. No matter how tired I feel.
  • I do a random walk through to see if there are things not where they are supposed to be and put them away if any.

That’s it! I hope these simple tips come in handy for you. I’d love to know how YOU keep your house clean and tidy. Share in the comments and share this post if you enjoyed 🙂

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  • I came across you from Vincent Desmond’s interview and decided to stalk you. Might I add how envious I am of your simple living. I’m planning on living on my own this year and looking forward to a more minimalist lifestyle out there
    Wish me luck

  • I definitely need to keep my counters clear. Doing the dishes after every meal kills me, but it is true that I feel stressed if I don’t! Loves this post, keep them coming! ❤️

  • I stopped collecting magazines after I realised how much space it took up in my life. I used to purchase it for celeb news ? But now I could easily check it out online ? Thanks for sharing this! Lovely photography btw ?

  • Your space and your pictures are beautiful. I hate Saturdays, I still do. I’m a lazy girl by the way and I get lazier when I see that I have a lot of work to do. So cleaning as I go is the way forward. Nice post and thanks for the tips.