Aloha, Honua Skincare Beauty Water Review

organic skincare products reviewI posted it as an empties post on Instagram with this beauty water bottle in it and quite a handful of people asked for a full review. Since I liked this product a lot, I thought it’s a good idea to do a full review.

This review is about the Beauty water from Honua Skincare. A product I have fallen in love with! I actually received this product in one of my beauty box subscriptions. I have since followed the brand on Instagram and love learning about their other products!

Product Type

This is an exfoliant/toner.


$24 for a 2 fl oz bottle.

Skin Type

This product is good for all skin types. 


Organic Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Water (Aqua), Organic Rose (Rosa damascena) Hydrosol, Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa), Organic Witch Hazel (Hamamelis), Ko/ Hawaiian Sugar Cane(Sucrose), Willow Bark (Salix alba), & Papaya (Carica papaya) Enzymes

                                    organic skincare products reviewPackaging/Appearance

The beauty water comes in a small glass bottle. It also has a spritz tip for the application. The spritz applicator got me confused and I initially was using it as a spray toner but I learned from the Honua tea that it is to be used with a cotton round as a toner.

Side note: learning that I was misusing this product was part of my inspiration for writing the How to reap the benefits of your skincare routine and products. Check it out if you’ve ever wondered why certain products are just not working for you. 

The packaging is a bit confusing tho. However, Honua ran a poll on Instagram asking if this should be changed into a pour type packaging that way people don’t keep assuming it’s for spritzing. I’m hoping they’ll work on this.


This is a toner with a liquid consistency like any other liquid toner.

Recommended Use/How I use

Apply with a cotton round 3-5 times/week for oily skin and 1-3 times/week for the dry/normal skin. I apply it as recommended. I might have used it more than 5x/week. Shhhhhh doesn’t tell anyone.


Has a really mild tropical scent -more like roses actually. The scent is very mild and not overpowering at all. 

Appearance/Reaction on skin

This product does leave the skin looking fresh and pores look tighter. It is an exfoliant which means it helps remove dead skin cells to reveal new younger looking skin. My skin reacts very well to it.


I’ve noticed that this product seem to balance my skin. I don’t find my skin overproducing oil throughout the day. My pores also look tighter for the first few hours after application, however, they get pretty clogged up a few hours later as usual. Consistent usage has improved the degree of this “clogging” tho. 

Final Thought

One of the things I love about beauty boxes is that I am able to try out new products and discover brands I wouldn’t know otherwise. When I received this product in my beauty box, I thought it was a toner so I was in no rush to use it. I was feeling like my skin needed a break from my regular toner so I pulled this one out. 

Honestly, I use this product pretty much everyday before applying my serum and moisturizer. It works very well to soothe, calm and hydrate skin. It is also very good for prepping skin for makeup application. When I’m running late for school and not able to wash my face in the morning (it happens), I use this product to clean my face and then apply my moisturizer. I found it to be sufficient for that purpose.

My favorite part about this cleanser is the quality and caliber of ingredients it contains. It is packed with antioxidants, skin-friendly acids, and enzymes. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, and Enzymes all of which are from the plant ingredients. Together these all work to freshen and tone the skin, leaving it softer, brighter and with tighter pores.

The beauty water is an exfoliant. This to me takes the whole “toning” function to a whole new level. It makes sense for it to be a toner because of the acids which work to remove dead skin cells and prevent dull looking skin. All of these VERY gentle exfoliants are from natural ingredients like the Papaya Enzyme, the Ko (Hawaiian sugar) and the willow bark. You really do get a healthy glowing skin using this product (in addition to a good skin care regimen of course).

Being an exfoliant doesn’t change the gentleness of this beauty water. It is very hydrating and soothing thanks to the organic coconut water and organic rose water. Lastly, this beauty water is packed with antioxidants that help the skin recover and fight free radicals.

natural skincare productsThis beauty water by Honua Skincare is Asakemi Approved! I hope you find this helpful! Please share!


Asaake ♥

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