Finding The Best Ingredients For Your Skin Type: Glowing Skin 301.

Disclaimer: As you read this post and others about skin type, please keep in mind that the information presented is obtained from my own research out of curiosity and obsession with skincare. I am not a licensed esthetician or dermatologist and the information in this post is not a medical advice or for diagnoses. 

With that out of the way, Let’s roll!

To catch up, please read part one of this series HERE and part two HERE. To those who have followed along in this series, THANK YOU! shares cookies. I will end the series here. Any further post will be an independent one but related posts will be linked of course.

Please keep in mind that skin types are largely hereditary. You can only do so much to alter it. However, there are definitely ways to manage those skin types and keep your skin thriving and glowing for days! That’s what this post is all about. Enjoy!

There are tons of information available on the internet to help you cater to your specific skin type. I will do a highlight with this post and hopefully go more in depth in future posts. If I were to put everything in this one post, it’d be ridiculously long!

In purchasing skincare products, I focus on two things: the ingredients list and overall labeling. I hope to highlight some of the important words to look out for in your product labeling. I personally run from products that don’t have proper labeling or at least provide key information clearly on the company’s website.

Oily skin.

Caring for Oily skin is tricky as with any other skin type. While it’s so easy to want to focus on ingredients that will keep the oil at bay, it’s also very easy to end up drying out your skin in the process which is detrimental to your overall skin health.

I look out for “oil free products” but definitely do not go overboard with this. I have come to find that there are actually oils that are beneficial for oily skin. Yup, you read that right! So I go oil free as needed but I do not run from oils entirely especially if it’s one of the essential oils that works well for oily skin.

Oily skin is most susceptible to clogged pores. With enlarged pores, it is quite easy to have it clogged by ingredients in products as well as with dirt. For this, look for products containing ingredients that will not clog your pores; you want your pores clean and clog free!. The word you are looking for is non-comedogenic. Most products will simply say “Will not clog your pores”. However way this is listed, look for that!

Another great ingredient is Salicylic acid. This ingredient is really great for combating oily skin as it helps soak up excess oil. It is also great for fighting potential bacteria trapped in the skin. The concentration is important; most dermatologists recommend not using products containing more than 2% otherwise, your skin could be irritated and dry out. Salicylic acid comes in natural forms which I love. One of my favorite natural sources is Willow bark. I pretty much get excited to buy products that contain willow bark extracts often in toners and in cleansers.

Sulfur is another great ingredient to look out for. It has antibacterial properties and helps fight bacteria that could potentially cause acne. You also want to look out for products containing alpha and beta

You also want to look out for products containing alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid. They after often labeled (AHA and BHA) and work well in removing dead skin cells as well as excess oil.

Vitamin C and Glycolic acid also work well in keeping your skin vibrant and clear.

Another great ingredient is clay mask which helps rid your skin of impurities keeping it clean and clear! I have a DIY Clay Mask recipe if interested leave a comment and I will have it posted. 

There are tons of other great ingredients. These are just some of the basics. Again, over time, I will go more in depth so be sure to sign up for my mailing list. 😉

Combination skin.

For combo skin, look for products containing BHA in the right concentration of course. From my research, I like to use water soluble products. You also need non-comedogenic products because remember, combination skin also has visibly large pores in some area. So you want to ensure that those pores are always clean and clear and free of bacteria.

I care for my combination skin the same way I care for my oily skin except with a lot more strategy. I have to ensure I am controlling oil without drying out the dry parts of my skin. So I ensure that I am controlling the amount of “oil-free” products that I use. I often focus on products that hydrate and put back moisture into the skin without causing excess oil production. Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin works great for me as these are powerful humectants that benefit my skin without causing it to be too greasy. I have a DIY Glycerin and rose hydrating spray. IF interested, leave a comment! 

Normal Skin.

For normal skin, the focus will depend on general skin care as well as other skin concerns you may have. For example, you may have normal skin but also suffer from hyperpigmentation. In that case, your skincare routine will include treatments for hyperpigmentation.

Just because the skin is “normal” doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some TLC. So give your skin some hydration and moisture boost! Include hyaluronic acid in your skincare as well as glycerin. Vitamin E oil is great for the skin, So is vitamin C. Serums containing these ingredients work very well. frequent hydration is also great!.

Dry skin.

Because dry skin is more susceptible to aging, you should focus on anti-aging ingredients. The good thing is that these products come in pretty natural forms and so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals.

For dry skin, You want to hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin. These are some of the keywords you should look for in your skin care products. Vitamin A helps with anti-aging. There are natural oils and butters that work great as well. (Hello, Shea Butter?). Shea butter, Aloe vera, and coconut oil are great.

Just like oily girls have to often blot throughout the day, you may have to moisturize and hydrate through the day. So carry a hydrating spray in your purse as well as a good moisturizer. Glycolic Acid is a good exfoliator that will help rid the skin of the dead skin cells. Lactic acid is also a good ingredient. It works well in soothing the skin for those with extremely dry skin. Often times you’ll see toners containing both lactic and glycolic acid which are marketed to those with dry skin.  Don’t forget the hyaluronic acid which is a great humectant (draws moisture to the skin).

Sensitive Skin.

Sensitive skin is tricky and it is my least researched one. Caring for sensitive skin will vary depending on what the perceived cause. If you have sensitive skin alongside oily or combination, You’d have to take those into consideration as well.

Some people with sensitive skin have extreme itchiness and redness. You want to find products that treat and soothe that. A good one I know is chamomile. Even with my oily skin, I love chamomile. So look for products containing this extract or Chamomile oil. If you’re into essential oils like I am, you could mix a few drops of these with your moisturizer and use on your skin.

I have also read that oatmeal masks and balms work well for sensitive skin. As an oatmeal addict, I approve this message. hahaha.  Shea butter is also great for sensitive skin because it is a great source of vitamin  A and E. A LOW concentration of BHA is also good for you as it helps unclog pores and even out skin texture.

So my dears, that’ts it for now. Like I said, There are tons of info on each skin type and I only skimmed the surface otherwise this post would be as long as my Thesis. I will be writing more posts about topics like this so please subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on any future post.

I try my best to only use all natural and organic products, especially with skin care. Almost everything listed here has natural alternatives. The world of natural and organic skincare is so amazing now that there’s literally a plethora of product. With this, you can have skincare that is 100% natural and TOXIC FREE!



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