Experiencing Galveston: Midweek De-Stressing.

All I heard was “Let’s go to Galveston” and my immediate response; “Sure, let’s get going”.

It’s been a super stressful week. Some things about the direction of this blog were also stressing me out. At some point, I just didn’t know how much worse it’d go.

While having our usual mid-morning chit chats, my sister mentioned how much soaking one’s foot in water and sand is soothing. It was completely random. Suddenly, we were on our way to Galveston Beach to sooth ourselves; it was almost 2 pm. About an hour later, we were in Galveston. Amazingly, my body was soaked in the water barely two hours later.

Everything about the drive to Galveston was soothing including the road trips. It was calming to just sit in the cold water. Having the waves push me back and forth ashore literally felt like my stress was being blown away from me. Dipping my foot in the beach and letting my feet rest in the soft sand was very much soothing. I felt instantly de-stressed. There’s definitely something about the waters that’s calming and stress relieving.

Moreover, It was quite scenic. I did my best enjoying the moment with family and myself and almost forgot to take pictures. This is bittersweet because I wish I could share way more scenic photos but on the other hand, I am glad that I focused on relishing each moment and rather than picture hunting for the blog or social media.

Ultimately, we left Galveston about 4 hours later. By then, I was ready to take on the world again. I realized this is part of my My Eco-Friendly Resolution– to enjoy nature more.

How do you de-stress? What instantly helps relieve stress? I’d love to know!

The day ended on a good note and the rest of the week has been bearable.



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  • Oh my goodness Asaake!
    I adore this post and your photos!
    How loving your family looks. And that wild hair of yours, incredible. ❤️

    Yes, I think exploring more, getting lost in the world around you, will compliment your blog amazingly.

    Just got to keep doing you. Trust in yourself. There aren’t many blogs that talk natural, organic. And in a world saturated with beauty and makeup content creators. You have already differentiated yourself incredibly.

    • Thank you! That means a lot to me! I think I got that idea from your blog as well, to explore more and keep my life more lively. I’m definitely too much of a home buddy kinda girl but definitely going out and exploring will not only be good for my blog but great for me as a person! it was one of my 2017 set goals, definitely excited to get it rolling for real now. Yes to living life to the fullest! ??
      (Now if I can have a photographer partner. haahaa ?)