Muesli Cereal vs Granola + Easy Muesli Recipe

how to make muesli

This homemade muesli recipe is one of the fastest things on my recipe list. It’s so so easy and quick to make so I’ve been making it a lot lately. It’s like a fresher version of granola. Don’t get me wrong I love my granola but I’ve just been making muesli a lot more lately. There’s just something nice about the combination of raw oats/grains with chewy dried fruits and seeds that make Muesli so enjoyable. Muesli and granolas pretty much pack the same ingredient. What you do with those ingredients is what makes all the difference.

Muesli is originally a Swiss-German breakfast which was developed by a Swiss physician who introduced it to his patients in the hospital. It was developed as an alternate appetizer packed with fresh fruits, nuts, oats, and seeds. It has since grown to belong to the breakfast aisle and ingredients modified in different ways to fit your dietary preferences.

The main difference between granola and muesli is in how they are made. As you can see, muesli just has all the good stuff- fresh/dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains and that’s about it. They tend to be eaten raw too or lightly toasted. With granola, you tend to add more stuff to your recipe- like the chocolate chips, sugars, oils, coconut flakes, etc. I love this distinction because while I am very careful about how much oil I bake my granola with, it doesn’t change the fact that there is oil in it and there’s none in muesli.

easy muesli recipe

Don’t forget, you can use any grain or choice and any nuts of choice. It is not limited to oats at all.

Here’s the key to a healthy muesli recipe:

  • Stay as true to the original recipe as possible
  • be mindful of the ingredients. While dried fruits are great for texture and longer shelf-life, they often have added sugars. So make sure you are only buying and using fruits that haven’t been dried with any added sugars.
  • Skip on the oil
  • Use grains you love. There’s no point making muesli with ingredients you don’t like. You won’t eat it.

Simple ways to enjoy Muesli:

  • As a cereal on it’s on with added fresh fruits
  • It makes for perfect overnight oats!
  • In parfaits for snacks, breakfast, appetizer or as desert
  • You can cook it with milk or water and enjoy like you would enjoy oatmeal. Here’s some delicious oatmeal recipes
  • Just eat it alone for snack. I carry a little snack jar with me to munch on when I’m not really hungry but my mouth wants to chew on something

Here’s a video on How I make this Muesli and how to easily turn that into granola. I hope you love it! Follow my food page on Instagram for simple seasonal food inspo.

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