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Since my first Favourite Blog/Bloggers post, I have discovered other blogs/bloggers that I love following and reading. My goal for July was to find blogs that push me towards bettering myself. While I enjoyed lots of makeup, "beauty stuff" and miscellaneous posts, I wanted to focus on blogs that actually contained key pieces of information to better my life.

So here are my current favorites in no particular order.


Sunkissed Kate is a blog run by a sweet lady named Kate. he blogs about hair, makeup, body, and skincare, remedies, cleaning alternatives and having/keeping a green home.  I randomly found this blog while searching for green beauty bloggers on Pinterest. Finding Kate's blog gave me all the excitement that you'd experience when you find one of your favorite things. As a green beauty and lifestyle blogger, I have been needing to follow more people in my niche for inspiration and just encouragement.

 I want to help you create a lifestyle that nourishes your body instead of tearing it apart. And I want to introduce you to companies that are committed to quality ingredients instead of disrespecting your body with questionable chemicals to make a quick buck. - Kate

Kate's blog does just that. She shares tips to keep like simple and cut out toxins. Reading her blog always inspires me to know more and do better. And as a wife and mom, she shows me that this conscious toxic-free life is sustainable even through motherhood. So if you're a mom, you can find some great mommy info here too. (P.S: this is not one of those boring "money blogs".) 

Must read blog post, eco-friendly lifestyle, ethical fashion, melanin Melanin And Sustainable Style.
Melanin And Sustainable Style (MelaninASS) is an online platform that not only discusses but also celebrates people of color in sustainable fashion and within the beauty community.

This website has become my new obsession! It is my current favorite blogs/online magazine to visit and I don't think that's changing soon. Basically, MelaninASS Is an online magazine covering beauty, fashion, style, and lifestyle. Their whole mission is “to bring melanin to the fore front of beauty, fashion, and living”Can we Get an Amen for this?

According to them: "We care about sustainable development, social innovation, and holistic living. We elevate discussions of pioneers who stylishly empower communities and cultivate change. In sharing a global perspective of new industry standards, it's imperative that we pay homage to the beauty and style of MELANIN around the globe! In a world of layered toxicity, we are proud to be a safe space promoting non-toxic style and diversity at the 

If you live anywhere in the world then you know that misrepresentation or lack of representation of black people (and POC) in fashion, beauty etc is an issue. This issue of misrepresentation and lack of it is what this online magazine strives to solve. This website is amazing for everyone! Wherever you are on the melanin scale and looking for inspiration to live sustainably, start here! If you’re lacking in the melanin department and need to learn more about these issues, this is a great place to start!

What I love about their articles is how non-judgmental it is. This is a great place to learn how to lend your voice if you’re a white person looking to join this conversation without feeling judged. It’ll take a collective effort to start seeing changes.

One of my biggest fears with transitioning to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle was the fear of doing it all alone. MelaninASS has recently reassured me that that there are lots of POC on this journey. It has also given me hope that there will be thousand and million more to join! More so, it has boosted my confidence to speak out on issues that matter to me as a black woman. These are issues I have shied away from for fear of misperception. Look out for a new post on black representation in green beauty community which I have held back for long.

Eluxe Magazine

This is another online magazine that I’m absolutely loving! It is similar to the MelaninASS in some ways but also very different. While I’m not a fashionista, I am very much now mindful of what I wear, who made my clothes as well as how the ingredients in the product I use are being sourced. This magazine is for anyone curious about living more consciously. It is also for those needing the motivation to continue on this path of consciousness. Reading this magazine inspires me every day! It opens my eyes to the urgent need of lifestyle change and challenges me to let go of that selfishness of only worrying about myself.

Minimalist Beauty

Okay! I could rave on and on about this blog! It is run by a beautiful lady named Dawn. I randomly found this blog as I searched for minimalist beauty and lifestyle blogs (not a magazine). I’ve always loved simplicity but somehow found myself accumulating stuff. Lately, as I sought more conscious alternatives, I have realized that having so much stuff was causing me more stress. I was very scared that with having my blog, I will be forced to accumulate even more stuff.

With that in mind, I needed inspiration from bloggers who were on this minimalist path. Dawn is amazing and shares honest realistic posts. She writes about conscious living, beauty, and DIYs and also encourages environmental minimalism which the world needs! She is a mom so there are posts on motherhood, home, health and wellness etc on her blog! Her blog is loaded with tons of info and inspo for everyone. 

So there are my current faves for inspiration and everything in between! Do check them out. Share your favorite blogs/bloggers. I'd love to check them out!

Loves & Hearts…..




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    • Yes! I absolutely love finding other bloggers. It’s becoming one of my favourite things about blogging

  • I’ve never read these blogs and magazines before but they sound so interesting! I’ll definitely be having a look through these later xx

    Velvet Blush

    • Let me know what you think when you check them out! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. ??

  • Your so sweet Asaake! Thank you for the mention ?? I’m going to have to check out those other blogs and magazines, they sound amazing!