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If you’re reading this post, chances are you have a few favorite blogs. You enjoy reading them and look forward to new post notifications from the blog. When you get that notification, either via email – if you’re subscribed- or through other blog reading apps, you’re excited. Btw, if you aren’t subscribed to my blog, you totally should. You can follow me on WordPress or subscribe via email 🙂

One of my absolute favorite things is discovering new blogs. Before starting my own blog, I would just scout for random blogs to read. I was never attached to any particular blog or blogger. Now that I have a blog, I have learned so much about blogging already that connecting with other bloggers has become something I really look forward to. I connect with people in a lot of ways. For me, a blogger’s tone and style of writing are some of those ways that I connect with them.

You’d be shocked by how easily it is to decipher a blogger’s personality just by reading their posts consistently each time they post. That is something I have come to love. There are so many blogs out there to discover- I’m talking millions of them. So I figured, I’d make this a frequent thing. Not only to share my favorite bloggers but hopefully, help my awesome readers and subscribers discover other amazing bloggers.

So here are some of the blogs and bloggers whose post I’ve been absolutely enjoying lately.

  1. Linda at Olive & Clo.

If there’s such a thing as “blogging twin”, I think Linda is mine. Quite frankly, I don’t recall how we discovered each other’s blog but her blog is definitely one of my favorites. I lowkey feel like she’s sorta living the life I am not brave enough to live. Linda is an adventurist, She pretty many scouts for beautiful places to visit and write about while featuring gorgeous outfits especially dresses in each post. Her photos are unbelievably stunning, thanks to her self-taught photographer fiance, Rhett (Of course I had to give him some credit, Linda). Also, Linda is so fun loving, you can literally tell from her posts and photos. Her Instagram account btw is gorgeous! I know her post schedule which makes me forward to them each time! When she doesn’t post on time (rarely tho), I find her and demand a post. Haha. She’s definitely one to follow.

  1. Helene at  Heleneinbetween

Helene is a sweetheart (am I permitted to say that being that I don’t know her personally?) haha. Oh well. So, She and her husband packed up and moved to Europe and they’ve been traveling around Europe ever since. Her loves for travel and the fun personality she exudes is so contagious. I love seeing her on Instagram because her photos are always so lighthearted- they make you smile and feel warm no matter what. She definitely seems so personable; she takes the time to reply to every single comment on her Instagram posts. More than fun loving and travels, Helene dedicates a big chunk of her posts to helping bloggers succeed. She has the success as a blogger and is willing to share it! I love reading her blog because there is ALWAYS something to learn from each post -including the oldest ones. She also has a facebook group set up to help boost other bloggers. Definitely my top travel blogger. Her travels are so relatable; she does things that the average girl would want to do and can afford to do! She makes you realize that travel and enjoying it doesnt have to be expensive but can still be super fun. Definitely a must follow.

  1. Paula at Thirteen thoughts

I only recently discovered Paula but have spent so much time on her blog already. I just can’t get enough. Paula blogs about anything from beauty to lifestyle to blogging tips and tricks. Like Helene, she does not hold back offering free help to bloggers through her many posts. I feel like she and Helene truly believe that there’s room for everyone in the blogging world. WhilI I am not looking to be a full-time blogger (I love the medical world a little too much haha), if I were to be a new blogger looking to make a career in blogging, I would be soooo encourage by Paula and her blogging posts. I mean, She even goes as far as giving tips and tricks on achieving amazing photography to boost your blog which is a major key to succeeding in some blogging niches. She also has a Pinterest group board to help bloggers share their post and boost their Pinterest and blog presence. Morever, her flat lays… her flat lays, OMG! She is QUEEN of flatlay, okay? Get it? Okay! I aboltutley look forward to her every post for many reasons!

  1. Natalie at Sustainably-Chic

Natalie is an ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle blogger. She is one of the few bloggersIi discovered even before I officially launched my blog. I truly admire her and her lifestyle. Not only am I just transiting to using only organic and all natural beauty and skincare products, I am also transitioning to living ethically and sustainable all around. Some days, I get slightly discouraged but seeing Natalie’s post either on Instagram or on her blog reignites my desires to do the right thing and continue on this path. Natalie truly puts the chic in fashion. She’s a reminder that sustainable and ethical fashion doesnt have to be shabby. Her style is amazing! Her love for sustainability is contagious. I have been introduced to some amazing products and brands through Natalie including my favorite Rooibos tea. Her pictures are also so beautiful and she lights up my Instagram feed every time! I truly admire her and love her blog!

  1. Elisa at Tropikelle

Elisa is a Singapore based ethical fashion and conscious living blogger. She is truly a hidden gem in the blogging community. Elisa is well traveled and has garnered her ideas and experiences into her blog. When I discovered her blog, I had just decluttered my clothing closet after realizing how deep into consumerism I was. I often questioned why I was letting go of so much stuff; Elisa’s blog is always an awakening for me. If you feel like you’re constantly buying and having things especially clothing, You should check out her blog. Seriously, even if you are not a shopaholic, I’d advise you to check out Elisa’s blog regardless. She has some hard facts and truths about the fashion industry that will blow your mind. More than just telling us about the reality of the conventional clothing industry, offfers solution on how to go about correcting the problem on an individual level. She’s a relatively new blogger so I am super excited for more posts from her! Definitely one to follow.

So there you have it! These are some of my current favorites. I obviously enjoy reading many blogs but I can’t list them all. This will be as regular as possible so expect more of this. Also, I think I will start categorizing them- so say fave beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc. I hope you enjoy!

Be sure to check out these blogs and let me know your thoughts! Who are some of your favorite bloggers and blogs? I’d love to know so I can check them out! If you’re a blogger, you can leave your link below, I’d be delighted to check them out.




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