Product Showdown: Comparing Top Moisturizers For Oily Skin

All Natural Moisturizers for oily skin Osea Malibu Compare MoisturizersThis post is not sponsored. Affiliate links are used.

I am excited to write this post because I get another opportunity to share my current favorite moisturizers for oily skin with you guys. But I am also dreading it because It’s like putting up my lovely siblings against each other. Nonetheless, this should be a good and brief one.

I have about five moisturizers for oily skin. However, the two I will be comparing today are my top two and the ones I reach for 97 percent of the time. These moisturizers do different things for my skin and I love them differently. So this products showdown is between the Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer and the OSEA Malibu Blemish Balm. These two moisturizers are my top two. I thought it’d be fun to compare them seeing that they’re so similar yet slightly different.

I would love to do a side by side comparison but I just couldn’t figure out how to get that into wordpress so Until I learn that for future posts, I will just do one at a time. 

All Natural Moisturizers for oily skin Osea Malibu*Before we start, I’d like to remind you all what my skin is. I am combination/oily skin. I am mostly oily during the summer and more combination during the dryer winter months. My oily skin is strictly oily and no acne. I have never had acne issues. I only get hormonal acne once in 2-3 months which is usually just one pimple that fades away within a few days if I don’t pop it. If I do pop it, I get dark spots that clear out fairly easily too.*

Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer ($105 – 1.7 fl oz)

All natural Moisturizer Tata Harper Rebuilding MoisturizerAfter trying out so many of Tata Harper’s products, I knew that trying out a moisturizer from this brand was inevitable. So when I needed an extra moisturizer to add to my regimen, I decided to give this a try. I had fairly high expectations for this moisturizer because, well, it’s Tata Harper. However, with the price tag, I wasn’t too eager to purchase. Eventually, I found at 20% off and decided to give it a try -_-.

This product is very silky and lightweight. It has a very fresh scent. A little seriously goes a long way on this one. I have also found this product to be very hydrating and nourishing without causing my skin to be greasy.

So here are some claims from the Tata Harper’s website about this product and my response to each claim.

  • “Lightweight, matte-finish Moisturizer”: Definitely lightweight, didn’t give me a matte finish though. More of a dewy finish actually. But then, I’m quite oily so that could be a factor. This is for oily skin tho, yeah?
  • “Contains hyaluronic acid and natural humectants that deliver optimal hydration with a matter finish.” : my skin definitely felt hydrated and plumper but I still didn’t get the matter finish. Again, not matte for me but dewy. Read more about benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in Skincare in my posts HERE and HERE
  • “Fast absorbing- restores a balanced look”: This is true! My skin soaked up this moisturizer as soon as I rubbed it on.
  • “Exfoliates the surface of the skin to help decongest build up”: Idk how to answer this, perhaps it’s true. My skin has been bright and clean looking since I added this moisturizer to my routine. My skin feels free and not clogged at all.
  • “Minimizes the appearance of pores”: Err…. didn’t notice this one. My pores still look the same.

Overall, I like this moisturizer. A little does go a long way so this small 1.7 oz bottle will last you a long time. I literally only use a pea size for my face and neck and it works. For me tho, this product might be better during the winter when I am less oily and more of a combination. But paying $105 for it is not something I will be doing >_>

OSEA Malibu Blemish Balm ($44 – 2 fl oz)

All Natural Moisturizers for oily skin Osea MalibuIf you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I rave about the Osea Malibu products. I mean, this is the first brand I have encountered that actually works for my skin! Since trying out the samples in their Starter Kit which they have for all skin types, I have been sold on their Sea Minerals Mist and definitely the Blemish Balm. I have reviewed a lot of their products in This post. 

The blemish balm is an “ultra-lightweight blemish balancing botanical moisturizer”. This moisturizer is truly very lightweight. It smells slightly herbal- not overpowering howver. I was initially slightly nauseated by the scent (but that’s because it contains lavender and lavender nauseates me). After a few uses tho, I have gotten used to it and it feels more refreshing to me now. I really loved that this moisturizer keeps me moisturized without the shine.

So here are the claims for this one….

  • “Provides perfectly balanced hydration while effectively targeting blemishes and future breakouts”: I definitely got a balanced look and feel from this moisturizer. Again, I don’t really have blemishes so it’s hard to say on the blemish claim.
  • “Minimizes the appearance of pores and oily shine”: I did see (very) slight change to the appearance of my pores.. nothing drastic but visible difference. And yes, this definitely minimizes my shine throughout the day.
  • “The potent formula leaves skin feeling clarified, moisturized and refreshed”: Absolute yes to all three claims here.

So in Conclusion. These two products are very similar. The Blemish Balm is definitely great if you have oily skin and I am sure it’ll work well if you have blemishes and/or acne. While the Blemish balm doesn’t have any claim to keep you matte, it kept me more matte than the Rebuilding Moisturizer did. The Blemish balm gave me more of a semi-matte finish while the Rebuilding Moisturizer gave me a dewy finish. Both products leave me with a clog-free, radiant and naturally glowing skin. They both claim to be lightweight

They both claim to be lightweight. While the Blemish Balm claims to be ultra lightweight, I find it’s consistency SLIGHTLY thicker than the Rebuilding Moisturizer. I mean, the difference in consistency is very minute and can easily be missed. I find the Rebuilding Moisturizer to be lighter to touch and on application. However, the OSEA Malibu soaks up faster and keeps you “drier”. With the rebuilding moisturizer, I feel my shine come on sooner.

Finally, when it comes to repurchasing, I would definitely repurchase the Blemish balm unless I find something else that I’d love to try (I’m always looking). I will not be repurchasing the Rebuilding Moisturizer even though I like it; I just don’t think it’s that stellar for the price. So if you’re on the looking out for a great moisturizer for oily skin, I would recommend these two but would certainly nudge you more towards the Osea Malibu Blemish Balm because that’s currently my #1 moisturizer. They have other alternatives for all skin types so be sure to visit their website and learn more!

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    • I like the OSEA Malibu way better and if you’re on a spending ban but need a moisturizer, I’d definitely recommend it. It kept me more moisturized and oil free than the Tata one did.

  • I’m always looking for products that work well on oily skin, since I’ve got crazy sensitive, oily skin. So I love knowing that there are two higher end products that I can check out cause skincare is sooo important! Also, love your theme! it’s soo nice.

    Ashley |

    • Thank you Ashley. I totally agree! Having oily Skin is so tricky. You want that hydration but most products leave you even more oily. I am on a mission to find lower end and mid range products that actually work. Stay tuned.

  • Wow the Tata moisturiser is so expensive, that’s some price tag! It’s a good job you found the OSEA blemish balm, if you can find a cheaper product that works just as well I think it’s a win win situation 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

    • I totally agree! As much as I love the Tata Brand…. the price tag can be cray! So i’ll stick with my OSEA and continue scouting for new products like i always do.