Changing My Life in One Year – Chapter 1

If you’re wondering what this is about, please check this post on inspiring links from last week. In that post, I mentioned a video by Dottie James that has inspired me to commit to changing my life in one year. You should check the video out; you just might be inspired. 

When I started my blog, I started it just wanting to be happy. Because I felt like I was just constantly coasting through life. At that time, I felt like I was always busy and never had time for anything else. This blog was to be a motivation for me to get out there and experience life. By keeping this blog, I would be challenged to create content for me, which would mean getting out there and finding inspiration. So I thought. Essentially, I just wanted to live and enjoy living rather than coasting through. So Dottie’s message resonates with me. 

So Dottie’s “Trying Change” resonates with me because like her, I really see that I need to start trying. Trying at everything I do and putting in 100% effort into everything. It’s so easy to go through life doing the mundane stuff and never actually putting in effort into things. So I am challenging myself to do things that actually cost me energy. 

See, we all desire to be better humans but never really put in the effort to be better. With committing to trying change, I am finally owning up to things. No Longer will I live life and allow myself to say “it’s just how I am” when situations that require much of me presents itself. I am a good person and I love who I am but I think there’s a better version of me and I need to actively embrace her.

Over the next 365 days, I will commit to changing some things about me. I will let go of some habits and embrace new ones. Some of the things I want to try harder at were mentioned by Dottie (Gosh, we are so much alike). My guiding principle for the next 365 days is this: “If I can fathom a better way of doing something, I have to do it that way; or at least try”. Does this ring a bell? The nursery school rhyme “whatever you do, do it well!” or the popular phrase by Nigerian parents “maybe if you do it well the first time, I won’t have to call you back to do it again!”

[clickToTweet tweet=”If I can fathom a better way of doing something, I have to do it that way; or at least try” #selfdeveloptment #selfcare #tryingchange” quote=”If I can fathom a better way of doing something, I have to do it that way; or at least try””]

how to change your life in one yearSome things I definitely want to try harder at include:

1. Speaking to strangers (one of my toughest struggles)

2. Keeping in contact with my siblings more regularly (especially my brothers)

3. Keeping my house minimal and clutter free

4. Reading more

5. Taking time for my friends and nurturing our friendships

6. Looking put together (dressing nicely, Dottie would say)

7. Doing my makeup (at least put on powder and a lipstick)

8. Eat healthier

9. Be consistent with being fit

10. Manage my time

Most of the things I need to do are quite personal so I may not share them here but I will do a weekly update on how this process is going. I hope that by week 52, I’d see a change.

Everything I need to do can be broken down into these three categories


There are three main things in this category which I can’t quite share online yet.

I hope to have achieved the level of minimalism and slow living that I dream of.


  • Post at least 2 blog posts to the blog
  • Write my update on the journal/post here
  • Read ahead of time for school
  • Find somewhere new to visit- anywhere
  • Plan blog and social media contents


  • Get at least 6 hours of sleep every single day. On days off work, get out of bed at least by 8 am.
  • Read at least 30 minutes
  • Post to Instagram and blog socials each day
  • Comment on at least 10 blog posts.
  • Daily devotion and read bible

These are obviously just some of the things that I am comfortable sharing online. The more personal things are in my journal but you get the idea.

It’s time to break out of the numbness and actually start living. Quite frankly, I am nervous about how my life will change now that I am actually giving it 100% of my time. This is like my intentional living goals but on a different level. I am excited for what like would look like 365 days from now. 

self improvement and how to change your life and lifestyle habitsI hope you decide to come along with me! Try trying. Try change! 365 days from now, You’d wish you started today.

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  • I like the to do lists.. Big to do, weekly and monthly. 8 and 9 from your list are also top goals of mine. I recently tried going Vegetarian cos a place just opened up close to me. Man, seems like that lifestyle would be expensive to keep up with! We’ll see how it goes…