Brand Spotlight & Review: LXMI – (All Natural Skincare Brand)

LXMI, (pronounced Luxe-me) was founded by Leila Janah. She launched this all natural skincare brand after discovering Nilotica at a Ugandan market. Nilotica is the brand’s signature ingredient. Nilotica which contains fatty acids and Antalonin is a good source of vitamin A. It works well to keep the skin plump, hydrated and refreshed. It also contains high moisturizing and healing properties which make it great for dry skin. 

They have built their brand on three key tenets (quoting from their website):

  • Pure, rare ingredients from unique terroir
  • Going beyond charity to provide work for women, and
  • Natural and organic botanicals, often safe-enough-to-eat

Honestly, when I first saw that they source their ingredients from Africa, I thought “great, another luxe brand exploiting Africa”.  I had gotten sick of brands who “sourced from Africa” but never give Africa enough credit or speak up against issues affecting the communities where they source from. I eventually realized that LXMI is different. The level of transparency on their end tells you a lot about their brand. It’s impressive.

Why I love this All Natural Skincare brand

  • Expanding on their three tenets, Lxmi’s helps their producers earn a fair wage.
  • Their key ingredients – the Nikolitoca is USDA certified organic.
  • They focus on quality. Their product is all natural, pure and potent.
  • The products are natural, ethically sourced and produced sustainably.
  • They include their bioscreen result. (Study testing for irritation and sensitization).
  • I love love love that LXMI gives you the option to track the origin of your product. Each product has a harvest number, you can put in this harvest number on the harvest number search on the website and trace the origin of your product. Pretty cool. I really love the feeling of connectedness to the source of things I own and use. It is why I enjoy going to the farmer’s market and connecting with the farmers who grow my food. If you input your tracking number, you can find key info such as how much the harvester was paid etc.

You actually get to meet the women who harvest the ingredients in your skincare. I almost cried seeing the women and listening to their interview. As a young African who grew up in Africa, saw and know the sufferings first hand, it’s hard not to love this business and their effort to empower these Ugandan women. Supporting brands making a difference is a no brainer for me.   

The brand currently only have two products. I received both in my July Pearlesque box. The two Products are: 

  1. Crème Du Nil ($58/36 mL) | 2. Pure Nilotica Melt($48/30g)

I will be reviewing both products simultaneously as they are very similar. Any difference will be noted.

Crème Du Nil is daily moisturizer formulated to hydrate skin and diminish pores. The Pure Nilotica Melt seem to be targeted for dry and damaged skin but my oily skin loves it as an overnight mask, an eye creme and as a cuticle oil.

Skin Type/Concern

Creme Du Nil is great for all skin types (including us, oily gals). It is a “pore-refining moisture veil”.  I assume it is great for those with enlarged pores.

The Nilotica Melt is “ultra hydrating and soothing”. So, really good for those with sensitive and irritated skin.


Both products come in a very fancy luxurious small containers. They are my favorite product packaging so far. They both come with a wand to stir and for easy application. Each package comes with detailed info about the product, ingredient and how to use. I do wish the Crème comes with a pump tho. However, the wands compensate for that.


Crème Du Nil is really silky smooth and light. It’s quite runny so try not to pour it as you might spill easily. The light consistency makes for very easy application and absorption. My skin soaks it all in so easily.

The Pure Nilotica Melt has a buttery balm-to-oil consistency. It glides on the skin like any butter would- effortless. You are supposed to stir the melt with a copper wand. I don’t even know where my wand is. I scoop and apply with my fingers and it seems to be working just fine… oops!

IMPORTANT: for both of these products, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! You really don’t need a lot! That’s the secret to not looking too greasy.


There’s no artificial fragrance in either product. Crème Du Nil has a very light scent. It’s slightly floral (It contains some hibiscus) but the scent is almost unnoticeable. Pure Nilotica Melt has a very mild nutty scent. Not overpowering either.

Appearance/Reaction on skin

They both glide on to the skin so easily. The Pure Nilotica Melt is oily on application (it’s a butter). However, it leaves my skin soooo smooth and soft. I  use it right before going to sleep and wake up with such a smooth textured skin. The Crème is very moisturizing with a dewy finish.


Both products leave my skin moisturized for long! The Crème leaves me hydrated all day. With this moisturizer, I never feel the need to use a hydration spray through out the day. My face maintains a supple and dewy look. I personally love my face pretty matte so I blot out the dewiness.

The melt left me oilier than I’d love to when I wore it during the day. For that reason, I am sticking to using it only at night as an overnight mask.

Final Thought

The Crème Du Nil replaced my daily moisturizer for almost two weeks. I used it in my AM & PM routine. I love that it doesn’t clog my pores but keeps me really hydrated. It is very gentle especially as my skin is still recovering from the reaction to the hyaluronic acid serum. Read My Hyaluronic Acid Serum Experience.

I love that the melt can be used as a face mask. It makes me super excited to incorporate this into some of my DIY masks. I used this as a cuticle oil, on lips, and as an eye cream and it works amazing for extra nourishment. It is truly multi-purposeful. Each time I use it at night, My complexion looks so clear and my skin looks very bright, nourished and plump.

Both products contain ingredients that moisturize, heal, sooth,  and exfoliate the skin. They also contain a good amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. I honestly love both products. They are relatively affordable for a luxury brand/product. This product is for you if you’re looking to splurge that extra cash for awesome super skin friendly ingredient

Let me know in the comment if this is something you’d love to try! What do you think of the products and brand? Let’s support brands making a difference!

Lots of Love,                                                                                                                                                                             Asaake ♥

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  • I love the fact that the brand is actually showing the women behind the products, and giving you the opportunity to hear their stories. Both products sound really good and it’s something I would try, as I have dry skin so the extra hydration all sounds good to me xx

    Velvet Blush

    • Yes!!! They work so well for my (an oily girl) I can’t imagine how amazing they work for dry skin! You’ll love it.

  • oooh these look cool! I love that you split your reviews into the different sections, so helpful!
    liv x

    • I know! I figure people can find which aspect of the review is most useful for them and focus on that rather than feeling bored reading about irrelevant things.