Brand Spotlight & Organic Skincare Products Revew: KUDU Cosmetica

Background Story

I discovered this brand when they followed me on Instagram. I was intrigued and followed back immediately. If you know me, you’ll know that I am always looking for organic skincare products and brands from Africa. I feel like there are so many skincare treasures in Africa that aren’t being showcased and I want to do my best to showcase African ingredients and brand.

I am also a sucker for products made in small batches. Kudu employs this production approach. All products are made in micro-batches which guarantees quality and potency. They source and manufacture their products organically, ethically and sustainably. Also, their products are vegan and the brand is cruelty-free! 

Honestly, I ended up buying these products because I just wanted to try out the brand. I’m glad I did because the squalane has become a skincare staple for me. I’ll be reviewing theMoringa Oil ($10), The squalane ($26.13), and the purifying masque ($18). So let’s dive right in! 

Skin Type

Moringa Oil: For All Skin Types

Squalane: Good for all Skin Types

Masque: Normal/Oily Skin Types


Moringa Oil

Great moisturizer, promotes skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, is anti-inflammatory, good exfoliating properties, May be beneficial for dry skin and conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.


I noticed that most of the claims for this product have been true. These claims include: promoting skin’s elasticity and retaining moisture, improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and evening out skin tone, restore skin’s balance, has antibacterial properties and boost cell regeneration.  


Draws out impurities, reduce the appearance of pores, mattifies skin, reduce redness, soothe and replenish skin, infuse skin with antioxidants, clarifies skin.

Best organic skincare productsPackaging/Appearance

Both the Moringa Oil and the Squalane come in a dark bottle with a dropper which I love. I hate plastic. 

Masque Comes in a little glass jar. It comes in powdered form which means you’ll have to mix on demand. This sounds cumbersome but it is my favorite way to use face masks. I reviewed powdered mask and why they’re my favorite. Be sure to check that out. It’s truly a great post.

Overall, I love the packaging. It’s very simple, minimal yet thoughtful.

Key IngredientsIngredients 

Moringa Oil: Moringa Seed Oil.

Squalane: Squalane made from Italian Olives

Mask: Morrocan Rhassoul clay, Green Rooibos Extract, African Potatoe, Chinese Kaolin clay and Bentonite Clay. All these ingredients have incredible benefits for the skin! 


All three products are synthetic fragrance-free. Any scents in them are very mild. The moringa oil has a slightly nutty scent from the Moringa seed.


Moringa Oil: Moringa is a very light oil. I apply it after cleansing and toning my skin. I like the light consistency and how easily absorbed it gets into my skin.

Squalane: This also has a very light consistency like a typical serum. It glides on the skin like a luxurious melted butter (my imagination). Also gets soaked up into the skin very quickly.

Masque: The masque comes in powder form. You need to activate (mix) it with water or your choice of solvent into a paste of your own consistency. I make mine slightly more watery because I don’t like the hard feel of clay masks. One thing I’ve noticed is that when I mix it, I get a sizeable amount of chunks in it. Not sure if I just don’t mix it enough but yeah. I haven’t been able to mix this into a perfectly smooth consistency like my other powdered masks.  However, this does not affect how well the product works. Perhaps that’s how it’s supposed to be? I’ll have to ask the Kudu team.

Appearance/Reaction on skin

Moringa Oil: This has a semi-matte finish which is strange for an oil. LOL. but my skin doesn’t feel oily at all which is a plus for someone like me with super oily skin. It is moisturizing and sometimes I wear it alone without a moisturizer or a serum.

Squalane: The squalane doesn’t leave me matte but it gives me a nice natural dewy finish. I use this day and night because I love how my skin looks after application. My skin feels soooo soft and supple for hours after this application. I don’t know that I ever want to live without this product.

Masque: After application, I find that the mask gives me a tingling feeling. I’m not sure which of the ingredient causes this but it’s slightly uncomfortable for me. I leave it on for 10-15 minutes but itch to wash it off because of that tingling sensation. It is bearable, I just don’t like tickles and tingles on my skin. So this is something to watch out for.

Other Details

Moringa Oil: Vegan, Organic,  Free from fragrance & preservatives.

Squalane: Vegan. Squalane can be made from either olive oil or from Shark Liver. This one from Kudu is made from Olive oil which I love!

Masque: Vegan, Contains no alcohol, preservatives, fragrance, essential oils, synthetic chemicals & obviously no water.

Final Thought

I absolutely love all the products from Kudu Cosmetica. The star of the show for me is the Squalane. I will be sharing a post soon on why Squalane is a must-have skincare ingredient. I love the Moringa oil for its semi-matte finish. If you’re looking for a good face oil, I definitely recommend this one.

After my not so great hyaluronic acid serum experience, I have been looking for another trusted brand to try. Granted the squalane is not a hyaluronic acid, it has some amazingly similar qualities. It softens the skin and retains skin’s moisture leaving you with a smooth supple youthful skin! When I apply this product, I feel younger, my skin looks healthier and more glowing! There are very few products that I’d repurchase because I’d rather try too many other products but this one is one that I can guarantee you will be repurchased. It leaves my skin feeling luxurious like I visit the spa and get a facial every day! I never want to run out.

The masque is also a favorite. I find my pores to be cleaner after each use. I use it once a week because I have other masks that I use and this one is a top competitor for me. I’d do away with the tingle feeling tho if I could but it works great so I suck it up. Personally, I won’t repurchase this product because when it comes to clay masks, I prefer to make mine. But I highly would recommend it to anyone who’s not into DIYing their face masks.

One thing I’ll say is that Kudu is based in South Africa to shipping to the US took a little longer than a week. Overall, this brand is Asakemi Approved!

Best organic skincare products

I love Kudu Cosmetica! I hope you guys decide to give them a try! You’ll love their products.

~ Asaake ♥

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