Powder Masks: My Must Have And Best Organic Face Masks

Up until earlier this year, I wasn’t really into masks. For the longest time, I slept on masks. I would only apply DIY masks sparingly. This year, I decided to make them a part of my skincare routine after learning of their amazing benefits. (Speaking of benefits, new post about this should be up next week).

Since trying out my first mask which was the Plantain Purity Mask from Sanre Organic (one of my favorite masks btw). I have fallen in love with masks. My glowing skin game has changed tremendously and I can’t imagine going a week without at least 2 mask sessions. My mask collection has also grown and I am so excited to share it with you guys in a later post.

As if enjoying the benefits of masks wasn’t enough, I discovered powder masks. I didn’t even know that brands sell powdered masks. My biggest joy came when I not only discovered that brands sell powdered mask but it was discovered that my favorite mask recipes come in powdered form. I have since favored having powdered masks over “regular masks”. 

You may be asking what’s the point and benefits of powdered masks; well, I’ll tell ya.

Less or No preservatives

So the majority of your typical face masks are mixed with water. The issue with having water and other solvents in your masks is that it makes the masks more prone to housing bacteria etc. Brand use preservatives to prevent any unwanted material from entering and residing in these face masks. Preservatives are not usually the most skin-friendly ingredients and even “natural” preservatives have their pros and cons. 

Nutrient Density

Water is a solvent. It is used to break down and activate these masks. Masks that are already mixed and ready to apply have been dissolved and activated. With powdered masks, you dissolve and break them down when needed. This makes the masks even more efficient. Thereby increasing the concentration of the ingredients in your masks. 


While a lot of people think using powdered mask can be cumbersome, I like to appreciate the freedom it gives me to customize it. You are able to customize it to the texture you want -whether light or thick. For my clay masks, I like it lighter because clay dries on quickly and so the lighter  I have it the less I feel like the heavy weight of the product is drying out my skin. Another benefit of customization is that rather than mixing with water, you can mix with your favorite toner (as long as the ingredients work well together) for added benefits.

They last longer and fresher 

Of course with the lack of water disintegrating the product means you can have a product that lasts longer. Most masks have a 6-12 months shelf life. With the powdered mask, the shelf life is significantly longer. So that’s great! Having to mix your mask when you need them ensures that your ingredients remain fresh for each use. 

Now here are my current must-haves  & best organic face masks. I am only including the three powdered masks that I’ve been loving. (I will share my mask collection and reviews soon.) Because this is not necessarily a review, I’ll avoid going into details. But I promise there’ll be a review post ASAP in the coming week.

* This post contains some affiliate links. Read my disclosure

Facial Detox Mask by Laurel

This is a brightening mask. Made with 100% whole plant.  It simply brightens sun damaged, mature and scarred the skin. It is great for lightening discoloration. My skin loves this stuff and I definitely want to continue adding it to my skincare. This face mask is definitely a must-have.

Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Brightening Mask by LilFox Miami

This is also a brightening mask packed with antioxidants. It clarifies and brightens skin- I literally saw a difference after first use. This is great for all skin types including sensitive skin. I absolutely love this stuff and never want to run out.

Kudu Cosmetica Mask

This product all the way to South Africa was my first official powder mask. This mask purifies, repairs and replenishes skin. It works for oily and normal skin types. It also firms skin and minimizes pores. I saw a difference in the appearance of my pores on first use. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really live it.

So yeah guys, that’s about it with powder clay mask. I promise to review in-depth the products mentioned here and every other product listed within the next 1-2 weeks. If you haven’t added masks to your routine yet, don’t sleep on it! They can be a major skincare game changer.

Have you used powdered masks before? what are your thoughts and what are your favourite ones?

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  • I’ve also been sleeping on facial masks too because I’m sooo lazy!! I have tried a powder face mask (bentonite clay) but It was sooo drying. I’ll check these ones out and see how I can add it to my routine. Great post!!

    Pearl || http://thepearlylife.com

    • My secret to bentonite clay: never let it dry! Continue to spritz with water or a hydrating toner and leave it somewhat moist. You can also add drops of oil for a little hydration. Or add a little honey which will keep it from drying fully. 🙂

      Btw: loving your new self hosted link!! Its so fresh 🙂

      • Wawu I didn’t know I could keep it wet, would it still be effective if it doesn’t dry? Cause I thought it would be sucking out the impurities as it’s drying.

        And also thank you!! Feels so good to not put .wordpress.com anymore ?